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  1. Rock N says:

    My guess is your motivation for chasing after THIS guy is that he’s got a
    good income am I right? I bet he’s not flipping burgers at McDonald’s for
    minimum wage.

  2. Cora Nelson says:

    So many poor, poor comments. FYI, if you leave your number, email, or a
    link…your comment will be deleted. Where’s my girls at?!? Hang in there
    ladies! You deserve a good man if your man aint good enough.

  3. Derta Lara says:

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  4. Efrain Marcel says:

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  5. Dale Kenny says:

    How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast

  6. hailey lanteigne says:

    Good for you girl that makes me so happy for you

  7. jaron gil says:

    Nice and effective video.

  8. preorderdisorder says:

    Yeah dude! I was actually using that program
    also because I want to bring her back but I
    did! It helped through the most difficult situation
    Ive ever gone through.I really appreciated it.
    PS= you got the site name misspelled. here’s
    the correct one:
    *www **GettingBackTheEx** info*
    *of course, put dots in place of spaces – I hate the new YT filters!*
    am i right?

  9. XxSpace~GypsyxX says:

    OMFG Im 5 minutes into the video, WHEN DOES THE IMPORTANT SHIT COME IN?!

  10. RandomBethanya123 says:

    Why has my ex boyfriend said he doesn’t want to lose me completely and he’s
    fine talking to me as long as we don’t full into old habits (flirting) but
    he won’t speak to me?

  11. Cindy Clare says:

    WHAT did YOU do to make your ex walk away?

  12. Steve Mahy says:

    Hey i really like your video and it is very impressive as well!

  13. Win Back Ex says:

    You’ve probably got a good point there regarding making the mistakes that
    actually push them further away from you. Most people do it. Heck, I even
    did it before I learnt that it was actually repelling them instead of
    winning them back.

  14. Savannah Pineda says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me for another girl today. I hate him. But I’ll
    try this

  15. The time is nigh says:

    SO SAD! This woman is just hawking a money making program. Shame on
    her. Hope the BLOOD money is worth it!

  16. ImaginaryZombie says:

    This girl got dumped because shes too clingy! Just from the description of
    her relationship it’s obvious shes too clingy 

  17. Mehmet Yilmaz says:


  18. breanna aj says:

    I split cause he was saying very sexual gross things I have a very brocken
    heart I cant STOP thinking about it

  19. emie Presh says:


  20. Win Back My Love says:

    9 times out 10 we let our emotions after a break up get in the way. Once
    you know what it is you´re doing wrong, it easy to turn things around and
    have your ex wanting you back again. Knowing what you need to do is key…

  21. Abbey Mayo says:

    Stupid guy

  22. 100percent100ab says:

    This is pretty good. Thanks for posting this video. You have gained
    another subscriber. I’m from El Paso, Texas.

  23. Abigail Huaranga says:

    Thank u i need my ex back he broke up with me and i still Love him so much
    and this girl is wow AMAZING for me

  24. Preshemie Sencil says:

    @Cora thank you!

  25. Online Dating says:

    Awesome video! Well done!

  26. Bos Douven says:


  27. Rova Jurpi Sidiy says:
  28. Julba Mawot Rardil says:

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