How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – The Complete Guide

Part II Of This Guide: I’ve done a Part II of ‘How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – The Complete Guide’, just click the link above. I get a lot of…


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  1. dany124989 says:

    Hi Essy, I hope you can help. About a week ago, out of no where, my live in
    boyfriend just left. I’m talking about out of no where. We were just fine
    the night before and even that morning. I didnt have any idea until his
    family showed up and started packing him up. He told me that he was leaving
    and breaking up with me. I had thought that we had the perfect
    relationship. We rarely argued and we had alot in common. How long do you
    think it would take to get him back? Please help me. Thank you

  2. mtan5586 says:

    thanks Essy for your great advice! it makes me feel so much better after a
    breakup. I think getting back my bf is not that important after all. the
    more important thing is to be myself. and not to get hurt.

  3. EssyRedfield says:

    @drhys88 Hey girl. Don’t be afraid that by not contacting him he’s going to
    forget about you. It works the opposite. By not contacting him, you build
    up tension and this gets him thinking about you in new ways. If you contact
    him, then you lose all that tension, and you have to start over.

  4. jewel0502 says:

    Hi Essy.My boyfriend broke up with me because he said he didn’t feel the
    same way he did as before. For these past few days.. or weeks, he said that
    he felt single..but with extra commitments. He also mentioned that he
    doesn’t see me in his he can’t imagine me as being his wife
    and stuff. We’ve been together for 11 months and it’s been a few days since
    we broke up, no contact. D’you think I still have a chance with him?I
    really really love him so much I want him back. Thank you. ):

  5. EssyRedfield says:

    @mtan5586 You’re absolutely right. And if it turns out that getting him
    back is still important to you, then the good news is that the best way to
    get him back is to actually move on and get over him. Only then can you
    give him the gift of allowing him to realize what he’s lost.

  6. MsIsa05 says:

    Hi Essy! I totally hear you, and will apply everything that you’ve
    mentioned. Thing is, worried that I may have already done some damage
    because I did ‘text’ him a lot the day he told me he was going back to his
    ex-girlfriend :( I made a huge mistake by bombarding him with texts :(
    however I stopped two days later, as hard as it was..he told me that it was
    difficult for him to make this ‘decision’ because he actually ‘told’ his ex
    that he ‘WAS’ interested in me, but went back to her :( help!!!

  7. EssyRedfield says:

    @kristyco1212 Hi Kristy, great great question! If he broke up with you…
    then I highly recommend you tell him you can’t/don’t want to be “just”
    friends with him. The reason why is that guys will often use this line to
    keep the door open, just in case they decide they want you back. What you
    want to do is shut that door, because you want to be able to give him the
    GIFT of missing you. 1. Men like the chase. 2. They want what they can’t
    have. Hope that helps! Stay strong Essy

  8. hannahbabeexo3 says:

    damn, i wish i saw this video before. i freaked out after my boyfriend
    broke up with me… called him, begged for him, and then got pissed when he
    wouldnt, so i cussed him out. oops… now he wont even talk to me at all.
    not even as a friend. GIRLS, LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO.

  9. xJeevas says:

    Me and my boyfriend split a few days ago.He said he was unhappy with how i
    was acting.We met today to talk, i explained that i understood why we broke
    up and i apologized.I didnt cry.I also asked if he still had feelings and
    he said kinda. But not enough.Then he offered me a kiss and said it wouldnt
    mean anything. So i refused and we said bye and walked off.But then i
    realised that it might change his mind.So i ran after him and kissed him
    and he kissed me back.He still said no. What do i do ?

  10. airmage112 says:

    My ex and I broke up a week ago after dating nearly three months. Up until
    New Years we had been perfectly happy when all of the sudden – literally a
    day’s time – he just started being very distant. A few days later I asked
    what was wrong and he said he felt “separation” after a few days of awkward
    texting. Over the next week we tried to work it out but he kept
    flip-flopping, and we broke up. We hung out a few days later and it seemed
    like he still liked me. The next day he ignored me. Help?

  11. xXemox93xkittyXx says:

    me and my ex have been broken up since feb.13 and i want him back so bad. i
    am bad at trying to get him back and i know i will beg him to come back. so
    i am gonna try your ways instead because i am deeply in love with my ex.

  12. mycrazylife09 says:

    hey everyone! i just want to say i know break ups suck. me & my ex broke up
    almost 5 months ago after being together for 2 years ago & i desperately
    needed help & i saw this video & i tried it & after 3 days, my ex started
    calling me texting me asking me if i miss him & i just started doing this
    this past week & were not back together cause im still ignoring him but
    trust me it works!! good luck! xoxo :)

  13. EssyRedfield says:

    @Godsawsomelove Hey girl, Tim sounds like he wants his cake and eat it too.
    All boys do it – they say they want to be friends so that they can leave
    the door open, just in case. Him being mad is a GOOD thing, because you are
    making him realise what he’s missed. You need to say to him ‘look, I have
    feelings for you, but if you’re not ready for a relationship, then I’ve got
    to move on. Sorry’. This will drive him nuts. You’ve GOT to give him the
    gift of missing you.

  14. EssyRedfield says:

    @Galactika311 Generally you can ignore what he says, as they’re not his
    true feelings. “He isn’t himself anymore” is purposefully vague and
    wishy-washy, so that he doesn’t have to commit to how he truly feels. Well
    done for not contacting him. Keep it up, I predict that in the near future
    he’ll get back in touch along the lines of “I think I still have feelings
    for you”. At that point, play hard to get!!!!

  15. Zoe Adeline says:

    Hey, my boyfriend broke up with me about two weeks ago. He told me that it
    was taking an emotional toll on him, and since we’re both new to dating I
    assumed that he just wasn’t ready. Later I was told by one of my friends
    that he saw me as more of a sister than a gf, and that he didn’t want to
    get back together. He said still wants to be friends with me, and I do to,
    but I would really like it to be more. I’ve fallen in love with him, and I
    would love to know if and how I can get him back.

  16. alyssa pitsoulakis says:

    i really need adivce i followed my instincts :( but ive been doing better
    .. when me and my boyfriend brokeup he told he me he didnt want anything to
    change and he was compienting and that he still likes me ! but now hes
    being a total butt head to me i really miss .. i know we still have a very
    strong connection .. but he dosnt show it at all .. HELP!

  17. SiianyXx says:

    Idk what to do! I was in a disance relationship for 1year 2months. He ended
    it 13th December cus he thinks it won’t work; I kept causin arguments due
    to problems I have(I’ve got help with this now.) I deleted my facebook
    yesterday cus it was getting in the way and I get this text after 2 weeks
    of no contact ‘ I hope you are ok, was going to check your facebook but it
    was gone. Maybe u just blocked me then i understand why I couldn’t find it.
    But yh hope everything is ok, take care x bye’ HELP!<3

  18. lalocaable29 says:

    buht i cant avoid him because he is in all my dance classes

  19. Madamevivivi says:

    So..I’ve broken all of the rules. We’ve been broken up for a LONG while
    now…It’s sort of a complicated situation. He lives 11 hours away…and we
    have talked every SINGLE day over AOL. He still regards me as his friend,
    but there have been moments where I’ve gotten extremely emotional on him
    and I’m afraid I could have scared him away. We’ve actually been on
    like..sexual terms. We sext each other and all. And he can’t get enough of
    me. But I want him to get his LOVE back! Lost hope? :( Help!

  20. Carol-lynne Evanoff says:

    my boyfriend me were togather for year 2 month and he dump me in november
    and i was so in love and he dump me cause i keep bitchy at him all this he
    think i control him how will i get him back he dosent want me back what
    should i do

  21. Hollie Spencer says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me almost 2 weeks ago after a year. He says that
    the feelings he had for me had faded lately, and he just doesn’t think that
    I’m the right person for him. I’m trying the no contact rule, but he’s told
    me that he wants to be my best friend and he keeps sitting with me in every
    class that we have together. What am I supposed to do?

  22. SugerPlumb2 says:

    I know i’m young, only 13 but my boyfriend and i broke up exactly 4 weeks
    ago. When we broke up we got into a big fuss, i pissed him off a lot! and
    he has forgave me, but whenever i talk to him it’s like he’s bipolar when i
    say something about my new boyfriend he will get mad or either say ‘I’m
    gonna beat im up’ And he will start telling me he loves me, and he dates my
    best-friend. what should I do? If he threatens to beat my boyfriend up,
    doe’s that mean he’s jealous ?

  23. Misao2cool says:

    I broke up recently–he broke us up. It’s been a week and three-four days.
    It’s a long distance and I really can’t follow up on TW Jackson’s advice.
    I’ve tried giving space these couple days since I’ve been clingy most of
    the time. Right after I read most of the same advice from friends and TW
    Jackson as well as you I started to feel better. Today didn’t go as well as
    planned and he’s even deleted me on Facebook hell, even blocked me. There’s
    more but running out of characters. Please help.

  24. EssyRedfield says:

    Hey girl! If you have a question about how to get your ex boyfriend back,
    leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to get back to you. If I can’t
    answer directly, I’m sure somebody else will pitch in (please do be
    respectful in this Comments section, we all know how much a breakup sucks).

  25. EssyRedfield says:

    @Misao2cool You must must must not be up in his face being clingy right
    now. It’ll push him away further. Be strong for yourself and spend at least
    2 weeks not contacting him. It’s tempting to do it, but it’s really the
    worst thing you can do right now.

  26. 01StaRDanceR01 says:

    Hey essy..i need help! im still in love wit my ex boyfriend…we broke up
    last summer and i know the reason why! it was me because i was not ” being
    fun” to be around or talkin dat much like “bein shy around him”…it was
    just dat i liked him alot and i just couldn’t help it wit my shyness i
    had….we had lost contact but we go to the same school! and i see him
    everyday…he is about to graduate though since he is a senior dis year…i
    want to get back in contact wit him but im not for sure how?

  27. EssyRedfield says:

    @n3llz43v Try not to be friends with him. By deciding to be friends, you
    make the breakup too comfortable for him. You’ve got to make him miss you,
    and you can’t do that when you’re still in his life as friends. It’s best
    for the both of you if you’re not friends

  28. missy taylor says:

    what if he lives 2 and a half hours away from me…..he told me it was over
    and he wanted nothing to do with me….I fell head over heels in love with
    this man and I dont know how to get him back. I made some mistakes (i did
    not cheat) and I want to fix my relationship with him

  29. Jen Bilan says:

    I have already fallen to ‘premature reconciliation’ >< Is it possible that there is still a way to get back?

  30. EssyRedfield says:

    @n3llz43v That must have been really hard for you. I’m sorry. Did you make
    him work to get you back? If you said Yes straight away, that might be a
    problem. By playing hard to get, you become more valuable in his eyes. Guys
    want what they can’t have. Once he realized he could have you back whenever
    he wants, some of that mystique evaporates.

  31. Cheryl Quick says:

    Michael (my ex) and I dated from June 2010 to August 2010. We had a couple
    fights here and there. He broke up with me while I was with family. I
    believe there is a future for the two of us. However, there is one problem
    that prevents the chance of him being back in my arms: he is currently in a
    relationship with a new woman. I kept looking for ways of getting my ex
    back. I came across the video “Magic of Making Up” and told Michael that I
    accept the break-up. I appreciate any help/advice. :)

  32. nate24dog says:

    Question….my ex boyfriend broke up with me a year ago now. Do you think I
    have any chance of ever getting back with him? He said he will never be in
    a relationship with me again. I have called him, visited him, bought things
    for him, texted him, and emailed him. What do you think?

  33. LisaSwagner2 says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me for a french exchange student! Everyone knows
    about and I talked to the french girl about it. They broke up and now he’s
    denying it. He keeps telling me all these things and bringing back
    memories, but I want to teach him a lesson. help?

  34. lle27517 says:

    thank you all this worked now me and my ex bf are back together cuz all
    this stuff u said thanks very much

  35. keepingthepeace4you says:

    so my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. it was so sudden, no warning.
    he sat me down at school and said, ” i only have six months left before i
    go to college and i want to spend it all with my friends and i don’t want
    to ditch you for them so we should just break up.” by the way im in 10th
    and he’s a senior. we only dated for a month and a half but i gave him
    everyyything and im so upset and have no idea what to do or say.

  36. Chanelle Clarke says:

    Hey Essy.. i love this video because i personally feel like you just read
    me like a book. I broke up with my boyfriend after 6 months because of the
    lack of communication but then we got bac together. we almost maid it to
    two years but he broke up wit me and i dont understand why. he gave me
    reasons like, i dont want to rush into anything and other reason i feel
    were not true. but anyway, he said he wants to be bestfriends with me but
    he only talks to me when he feels like it.

  37. mycrazylife09 says:

    a month ago when I would ignore him even just for a day or 2 he would call
    me non stop and text me. after we broke up he started dating this other
    girl for about 3 wks and i ignored him, then he broke up with her then they
    were just friends with benefits so i still ignored him then they were just
    friends, but today my friend called me and told me she saw them together at
    the mall now im scared they might be back together. I also did T.W jacksons
    “first step” on agreeing with the break up but

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