How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Top 10 Ways Any Girl Can Get Her Man Back Fast Get the best strategies and tactics to quickly get your boyfriend back f…


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  4. SVTROB98 says:

    I read this just for the hell of it and definitely read some things I
    didn’t agree with. Biggest part is the jealousy part. I had an ex
    girlfriend try to control me by trying to make me jealous and the only
    signal it sent me was no wonder it didn’t work out. Look at the kinda piece
    of work she is. Considering that more than half of bar and club fights are
    cause by women trying to make guys jealous, girls that did that always
    strike guys like me as trouble makers and its not recommended that anybody
    date a trouble maker.

    The real point is that it depends on the circumstances as to why the break
    up occurred, Did he leave her or did she leave him. If she left him, why
    did she leave him. If he left her, did she do something to deserve it or
    did he break her heart. Whatever strategy you need to use will always vary
    depending on those circumstances. There is no one solution fits all. It
    will also vary depending on the person. Nobody is the same. You gotta know
    the person your dealing with inside and out.

  5. jaron gil says:

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  6. Manie Zarlenga says:

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  7. Vera May says:

    WHAT did YOU do to make your ex walk away?

  8. Desyre Munoz says:

    Just tell him you love him!

  9. AntologicVids says:

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  10. assoum a says:

    the art of letting go ,or “the no contact” its perfect it work with me ..
    but what is strange that i think that it’s me who don’t want to come back
    any more lool , thx god

  11. Patrick says:

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  12. How to Get Back Your Exboyfriend says:

    When you’ve broken up with your boyfriend, however it happened, you need to
    time to process. It’s as simple as that. You won’t do yourself, or your
    ex, or anyone else any good if you panic and act like it’s the end of the
    world. You need to get some perspective and focus on doing something out
    of the ordinary for you, like volunteering at a rescue shelter, or a care
    home – something to really get you out of your head. When you know you’re
    not in that first stage of stress, and that you’re in a healthy state of
    mind, then you can look at ways to get your ex boyfriend back.

  13. rolando armano says:


  14. AmazingStar2010 says:

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  16. livelovedaydream says:

    my ex decided he ‘wanted to be single’ after 4 1/2 years of engagement.
    What the hell! I was so so so upset. Best thing you can do is NO CONTACT.
    Although its only been 2 weeks for me since the breakup I was very crushed
    now i am starting to realize that so many men are jerks. I dont know what
    else to say but dont go acting needy or desperate girl, do you really need
    someone around who dumped you? a real man wouldnt do this……

  17. Criss Wasson says:

    natural reader paul really

  18. queenarchain says:

    all this is bull. im sorry if a guy wants you back hell ask you back. this
    is dumb

  19. Ashlee LaForest says:

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  20. libragirl410 says:

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  22. Emanuel Davis says:

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  24. Brittany Price says:

    @DagsDoItBetter i did the jeaousy worked like a snake in my boot it went
    down the drain yea he admitted he miss going out wit me nhhd havin fun wit
    me but he just asked a girl out that same day 4 i did all tat

  25. TheChGOGO says:

    i didnt use those steps yet but, i guess it will make him move on.

  26. gabman6 says:

    @KiKiLoVedOnO I think you were thinking “How to Get Back at your Ex

  27. sierraobrian1 says:

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  28. adeyemi paul says:

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  29. Amber Mitchum says:

    fucking annoying voice.

  30. Sydney Stang says:

    My ex told my friend that he wanted to kill himself that night

  31. Sonia Sabah says:

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  32. TheProcrastinator0 says:

    people, don’t use jealousy to get someone’s attention. it only makes
    him/her think badly of you and make him/her like you less

  33. Jxx284s says:

    Haha wtf

  34. peanutbutterkitkat says:

    @MRGRENTHUMBS420 1. stalking haha srry grammar freak. and 2. i think ur
    right. i rlly thought. my ex was head ovr heals for me. nope dumped me.
    pulls out his phone right in front of me and asked my best friend out.

  35. KiKiLoVedOnO says:

    The title is misleading, lol. When it said “How to Get your Ex Boyfriend
    Back” I thought it meant revenge, not being desperate for some loser who
    dumped you. A bit of a twist to what I expected 😛

  36. Anna Boekelheide says:

    @TheProcrastinator0 Seriously, don’t use jealousy. That got me nowhere,
    just got him pissed at me.

  37. shewett88 says:

    I lost my ex boyfriend also, but won him back after I bought an e-book and
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  38. Sydney Stang says:

    I hate break ups first one for a week and four days

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