How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

If you’re feeling the pain and sadness of a break up and desperate to get him back. . .if you’re ready to be the woman he can’t resist. . .then this could be the most important book you’ll ever read. Here’s why.You can win your boyfriend back. In as little as 7 days. And this system works no matter how complicated the situation. You still love your ex. . . but he says: “It’s not you, it’s me.”Things are not easy for you. You don’t understand your ex’s behavior or the things he says. You’re confused and need a solution.Let’s face it, none of the advice you’re getting from your friends is working, is it? And you know it’s not so simple to “just get over it” like everyone says.Hang on to your seat because there is a revolutionary system you can use to ensure your ex wants to be with you now, even if it was a bad break up.Imagine if you could make it so wonderful to be with you that a man would do anything – even kneel down and ask you to marry him – to keep you by his side.

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2 Responses to “How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back”

  1. SoBlue says:

    Decent Book I wanted to rate this book 4 stars however the result is what stopped me from doing so.Most of the info is common knowledge. Do not beg or cry for your man to be back with you. Have some pride and dignity. Be happy go lucky; do not show him you give a damn. Stop talking to him for a week then call him to hang out. End the date first, do not stay to long. Do not answer all his calls, keep him guessing. Stuff like this. No real “ah huh” moments. However, for those who have no clue it…

  2. Rachel P says:

    Holy $#!^, it really works!!! I myself am skeptical of any “self-improvement” book but especially a dating one, but I bought it out of not really having any other options for me. My boyfriend is a player and was going out and meeting other women. My friends told me he’s not right for me, and maybe they’re right, but I want to be with him! I got the book and I put all the steps into place, and worked really hard. The best part was the letter the book gives you to break up with him (which totally turns the tables!). He was…

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