How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend / Girlfriend Back After A Long Time – Going Back To Your Ex — how to get your ex boyfriend / girlfriend back after a long time – going back to your ex. Do you want know how to get your ex back after months or…


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  1. Methods To Get Your Ex Back says:

    Socialize and broaden your horizon…Act as if you are free again after a
    long time… Go out with your friends more and ask for their advice.
    Socialize. In fact, what you should do is start going out on dates. It
    would be to your advantage if you can make your ex jealous and give him/her
    the feeling that if he/she do not act now, he/she is going to lose you
    forever. This is definitely an effective way in getting your ex back into
    your life again.

    Act as if the break up was an excellent idea…And you are so glad that it
    happened… Tricking your ex into believing that calling it quits was the
    best thing that ever happened to you always work. Most of the time, your ex
    would expect you to cry, beg, plead or crawl back to him/her right after
    the split. What you can do is turn the tables around.

  2. Methods To Get Your Ex Back says:

    Going through a break up can be tough. You have these mixed emotions –
    being overwhelmed with love and devotion for your ex one minute and hating
    him/her for leaving you the next, and there is nothing that you can do
    since you are still in love with your ex and want to get back with him/her.
    In that case, here are some of the things that you should do:

    Do nothing (at least for a while)… If you continue to contact your ex
    after the break up, you will only make things worse, so stop those nonsense
    right now! It can be tough of course, but it is important that give your
    ex, as well as yourself, some time and breathing room.

  3. Haley Alex says:

    In order to learn how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back you need to
    accept that your approach is simply not working. If you are like most
    trying to get their ex boyfriend to take them back, you are probably
    calling, messaging and emailing your ex boyfriend trying to get him to just
    “hear you out”. I know being ignored hurts but you need to stop immediately.

    Tip 2: The Golden Rule – No Contact
    The last thing you want to be is an ex that is the emergency girl on the
    side that your ex can come back to when he likes. Avoid contact with him,
    guys usually love the fact they their ex still desperately wants them back,
    it feeds their ego and make them feel as if they can come back at anytime.
    Don’t let him have this option while you are feeling miserable and want
    nothing more than to get him back. Don’t call, don’t message and ALL avoid
    contact with your ex boyfriend.

  4. Joyce James says:

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  5. Harris Sam says:

    Give him or her time to let emotions settle down. Put your fear aside and
    understand that while you can’t force your ex to come back you can most
    definitely push them away by not give them space.

    With the time away from you ex, break all contact immediately, show your ex
    you respect and understand their decision and that for the time being you
    both need sometime to regroup.

    Look at the problems in your relationships with honesty. Show your ex you
    mean business by understanding their fears, concerns and problems with the
    relationship. Be the bigger person and leave your pride and ego at the

  6. How To Approach and Talk To Girls says:

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  7. Laurel Stan says:

    Almost no break up is ever final but more often than not, exs will ruin
    their last chance to reunite with their ex by making silly mistakes through
    impulsive thoughts and irrational behavior trying to get back together
    after a break up.

    3 Reason Why You Must Give Your Ex Space

    1. Let Emotions Settle
    Many break ups occur during the heat of the moment or through trivial
    problems escalating into larger problems. More often then not this will
    cause your ex to use a break up as a warning sign if you will, a desperate
    final attempt to let you know that things need to change.

  8. Kennedy Edward says:

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  10. Jackson Janet says:

    One of the most frustrating things you can go through after a break up is
    having your ex refuse to talk to you and tell you that you there is no
    chance to get back together with one another. Your head is probably
    spinning wondering why your ex refuses to take you back, lets turn things

    While I don’t have a crystal ball or an have an insight into your
    relationships I would like to give you some possible reasons why your ex is
    flat out refusing to consider getting back together with you.

    Regardless of the reasons for your break up one of the most effective ways
    you can turn things around is to accept the break up and understand that
    your relationship is broken regardless of how well you thought things were

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  13. Lloyd Seth says:

    Most people will apply the same approach when trying to win back their ex,
    constantly calling, messaging, emailing and following their whereabouts,
    nothing will push you an ex away faster than a desperate need ex. If you
    are guilty of this you must stop immediately.

    A proven tactic to get back together after a break up is to go against all
    those feelings and thoughts you have right now by moving on with your life.
    Your goal is to turn the tables and make your ex feel as if they have made
    a huge mistaking ending the relationship.

    Almost ALL couples have second thoughts about break ups and your
    relationship is no different. If you want to ensure that you are in the
    best position to reunite with your ex accept the relationship, thank them
    for the time you shared with one another and stop all contact.

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  18. Gray Thomas says:

    It is time to leave your pride and ego at the door and accept the fact that
    your relationship is over. In the process you must express to your
    girlfriend that your respect and understand her decision completely. It is
    crucial that you take this step!

    Have you been sitting by the phone? Checking your cellphone for messages,
    emails desperately waiting for your ex girlfriend to respond? If so you
    must stop immediately, this will keep you in a mental state will make it
    extremely difficult to turn things around.

    Don’t be a bitter and needy ex. Show your ex that you can live happily
    without her. This means spending time away from the phone, spending time
    with friends and family doing things you enjoy. Put a smile on your dial
    and have the self belief inside that you will do exactly what you need to
    get her back.

  19. Harvey Paul says:

    Understanding what went wrong in your relationship and why will put you in
    the ultimate position to win your ex back. Wanting to get your ex back
    instantly will do little to fix the problems that lead to your break up.
    Put yourself in your ex’s shoes and see things through their eyes.

    Leave your pride and ego at the door if you want to get back together after
    a break up, this means that you act mature, respectful and with a level
    head at all times.

    Nothing will push away your ex faster than a desperate and needy ex that is
    yelling, screaming and begging a partner not to leave.

    Winning back your ex is completely in your hands, regardless of the reason
    your ex has given you for the break up, almost ALL relationships can be

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