How To Get Your Ex- Girlfriend Back


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  1. The Natural Lifestyles says:
  2. Jourdahn David says:

    I love how this video went exactly as I thought it would lol.

  3. marcustya88 says:

    I know people who have very good relationships and marriages after they got
    back together. They even said that the breakup (temporary) made them
    realize what was wrong and getting back together gave them a chance to fix
    that. If every time we breakup just because the relationship hits a rough
    patch then I’m sorry but I don’t think you’ll end up in any good strong
    long tern relationship. Its called quitting. Of course if that’s not what
    you want, then don’t get into a relationship in the first place, which I am
    all up for.
    But if you do, I think it is the responsibility of both parties to give it
    all they can to see it thru. Otherwise, a relationship won’t mean much
    anymore. Of code there are all very subjective matters and what I disagree
    most was when u said almost definitively that coming back together will
    never work.

  4. MichaelHaveYouCleanedYourRoomYet says:

    Good advice. Now for some advice back at you: (take it or leave it) Liam, I
    love you, but the only people I know that wear “Swag” caps are 14 and live
    with their parents. You have been warned..

  5. MrBlockyTV says:

    Well what a good thing that i dont have a ex-girlfriend……..

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