How to get your ex girlfriend back after cheating on her and get her to forgive you?!

If you cheated on your woman or did something wrong that caused her to break up with you, then here is how to turn the table and get her to forgive you. In s…


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  1. Jessica Wenzel says:

    Also when it comes to cheating men are different than women? Ahem no. That
    is social conditioning bs to say that cheating isnt a stab to the
    relationship. it is betrayal. there isn’t “how it is perceived” that is
    what it is. Also yeah women are more likely to forgive because we have been
    conditioned to in society by a male dominated society! also it isnt ok to
    be ok with a woman accepting it because she is fucking trapped in a
    mentally abusive unhappy relationship. Also calling yourself the victim?!
    wtf, it is not her fault and going back and forth between blaming her and
    saying she is important. Cheating isnt unintentional and by doing so means
    you dont love her. You shouldnt be interrupting her thought process and
    forcing her into believing she should be with you. Also altering people she
    trusts?! The guy would be forcing her to be in a relationship. this is a
    video about how to be an abusive, manipulative controlling ass. No one
    should just act like they decide that they are going to get someone back,
    this is an accept what you did and honor what she wants as a result. Not
    fucking force her to be with you through guilt. 

  2. Jessica Wenzel says:

    Um this is very manipulative. Like even in the description, “how to turn
    the table and get her to forgive you. In some cases, she may even say
    sorry”. Um no, at no point should some one be saying sorry because you
    fucked up. Also turning the tables? I hate to break it to you but if you
    cheat there is no getting above it and being in control. That is total bs
    to think that it is ok to cheat and then make someone feel sorry for what
    you did. That is the definition of an abusive relationship, being
    manipulative, controlling, passing the blame, and harming. That is what
    this is. Promoting the mental harming of women. Fuck you. 

  3. steelydon19 says:

    This is manipulative garbage! I don’t care that my comment will be deleted
    very soon, I’ll have my say against such drivel, as it’s exploitative of
    persons, particularly women. I’m a feminist man, and this utterly disgusts
    and outrages me. If I were a woman, I’d give the creator of this a sisterly
    piece of my mind! Peace out.

  4. relationshippa says:

    Thank you dear. You can check the written version of the video (the
    article) at the link provided right below the video.

  5. abdulfattah abu marouf says:

    amazing video but the problem the sound is not clear thank you very much 4
    this video

  6. nParallels says:

    blame her?… what a stupid piece of advice.

  7. loraine c says:

    Um, I’m a woman and have been cheated on. I definitely took it personally,
    not just against the relationship… does this mean I am more like a man?
    IDK, but I definitely took it to be an act against me, so all women aren’t
    the same maybe there isn’t a one thing fixes all…

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