How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back From Another Guy

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  1. Vivien Leigh says:

    the things we didn’t receive as children emotionally, mentally etc etc we
    often look for those things in other people so that those holes can be
    filled in and we can feel whole. Relationships are often used as a
    re-birthing (if you like) to bring healing to those areas of our lives that
    feel null and void. This is why we feel “so great” in relationships because
    we are being fed the things that were kept from us as babies or children.
    This is good BUT do you really want to be in a relationship where someone
    is feeding off your personality traits ie. caring, giving, encouraging,
    supportive, loving OR do you want to be in a relationship where that person
    loves you for you not what they can get out of you. This may make you feel
    special but its actually just allowing a parasite to feed off of you and
    sucking the life out of you. Throw them to the curb and tell them to get
    professional help before they suck you dry.

  2. Vivien Leigh says:

    don’t bother. Grow up and move on. Meet new people. Broaden your world and
    learn to take risks with trying new things. Why eat the same cereal for you
    whole life. Appreciate what you had. GROW from it and be your own person no
    one owns you so don’t be owned.

  3. Vivien Leigh says:

    ongoing relationships are overrated especially the ones that are off and on
    again. Have some balls and move on once and for all ewwww

  4. Her Man says:

    Hi, how can I let her reflect and miss me when she’s doing everything to
    remove me in her life? We were almost 4 yrs, her love totally faded and
    through many influences, she totally changed that’s why her love and
    attraction for me totally faded.. She’s enjoying her single life and
    continues to chat or flirt with someone else which she thinks better than
    me. She also has a new number now, so I cannot text her. I believe that
    giving up is never an option, also, there is a so called “regain” or
    re-learn” to let her love back. Pls help me, thanks

  5. Michael Griswold says:

    Thanks for sharing this video! Interesting!

  6. MultiBronyGamer says:

    Hey, Will this still work if I already begged for her back and lost control
    of my emotions, if I can get them in control again can I still get her
    back? Because I love her to death… I always will… I want to spend my
    whole life with her…

  7. ChaosTFox says:

    Don’t follow the part about dating another girl. It’ll make your ex think
    you moved on & no longer care about her. Plus it’ll just cause trouble -_-

  8. Israel Castillo says:

    Hi , Well i actually broke up with my girlfriend because i had family
    issues… She didnt like the fact that my parents disliked her. And when
    things got to the point of breaking up and she wasnt texting me back… I
    got angry and asked her “why arent you messaging me anymore?” after that
    she never spoke to me since then… But she knows im a really nice guy, and
    that i would never be a really mean person. And i wrote to her a message
    saying that im sorry for being aggressive over the messages

  9. Lobster Clawman says:

    Why would you want her back? She traded you for him, you guys are so

  10. textyourexbackreview says:

    Hey MultiBronyGamer, Most people make some mistakes along the way, but the
    important thing is that you don’t keep making those same mistakes over and
    over again. If you lost control of your emotions and begged for her back,
    then you certainly don’t want to do it again. In Text Your Ex Back, Michael
    Fiore will show you how to use what he calls “text judo” to convey the
    confidence and control that will help bring her back to you by erasing the
    negative image she may have of you right now.

  11. textyourexbackreview says:

    Hey Stordrage, After a period of no contact, the next step is simply to
    open the lines of communication and start planting seeds that evoke
    positive thoughts and emotions in your ex. The idea is to create a new,
    better relationship rather than trying to fix the old one. As for where
    have you been? You’ve been busy, living life, working on improving your

  12. u ok says:

    Move on…

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