How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back (Reverse The Breakup & Win Her Back) — How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In this video, I’m going to teach you how to get your ex girlfriend back. Just to warn you,…


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  1. Mail25Man says:

    Hey Brad, my girlfriend and I were dating for 5 years. She broke up with me
    2 months ago, but I did the big “no-no’s” in texting, calling, etc. for
    about 2 weeks. She sent me a text about a week ago saying she can’t be
    friends, were not meant to be, she’s done. I responded a day later
    basically agreeing, but I didn’t really mean any of the things I said. We
    haven’t been in contact for 5 days and she leaves for her 3 week trip in
    Costa Rica in 2 days. Did I ruin the whole no contact rule by texting back
    and agreeing to basically move on, or does that show strength and
    independence? Since I hadn’t shown that since I was acting needy and

  2. cisco Chavez says:

    Hey “Brad” cx This is the first video ive watched of yours, obviously cause
    of a break up. Long story short my ex broke up with me through text 2days
    ago.. we always seemed to argue every day on the phone over the stupidest
    things i swear, so on our last arguement she broke up with me i was always
    the protagonist ill confess. Tried calling that same night She text me to
    leave her alone,asked nicely if thats what she really wanted she said yes i
    said “I was sorry if she ever wants to talk ill be right her atleast let me
    be your friend”not surprised when she didnt reply i left it at that havent
    texted her at all. So my question is do you think its right to still
    insist? is it normal to argue with your partner that you love? Also i wanna
    try that 30days recovery of no contact but man its gonna be New Years i
    wanted to call/text her have a great Happy New Year. Should i avoid even

  3. NJ1117 says:

    Hey Brad, great video’s. I reached out to my ex g/f yesterday and she
    texted me today saying she wanted to be friends. This was the exact text “I
    am willing to be friends right now because we were a really good pair that
    way. But if you don’t want that, then that’s it.” I have not responded to
    her text yet and I’m not really sure how. I don’t want to be friend zoned,
    but at the same time her message seems to imply she has feelings that are a
    little bit more then just friends but she doesn’t want to jump or rush back
    into things either. Sounds like a cautious text to me. Maybe I’m reading it
    wrong though. What would your advice be on this and what kind of text
    should I send back?

  4. gangstalisis says:

    I have been dating my gf for 3 yrs and a month (maybe if that still counts)
    and at first she wanted a break of not talking to each other until febuary,
    I agreed and then about a week later on Dec 23rd of this year (not 2015) I
    came home from work and got the “honestly im so sorry, you’re a great guy
    but….” text and at first I accepted it but then remembered seeing how
    girls love those quotes on the internet of how hard a guy should try for
    them. So I tried texting her occasionally those cute internet quotes girls
    love, thinking it was one of their games girls always play, and try to
    spark feelings up again. After a few days her reasons for leaving were, she
    didn’t think i cared anymore when she tried hard to make an effort then
    just gave up, she had been losing feelings six months earlier, I was in a
    Scout group called Venturing and would always go out with them but reject
    her ideas for wanting to go out (which i realize was unfair), after being
    in a relationship pretty much all her life to that point she liked feeling
    single and independent, & I wasn’t paying much attention to her anymore
    (cause i admit i liked the attention) so I tried to take her out for a
    night, “just one” was all I asked and I was persistent no matter how many
    times she rejected. Then one night she caved a little and asked “if this
    works you promise to be chivalrous?” and then said “i would need about a
    month or so by myself first” so I was happy thinking it worked so the next
    couple of days I continued sending those quotes to show I cared then one
    day she said “Im sorry but I just cant be with you again, one night either,
    its over” and like every other panicked guy would do, I sent her long
    messages and promised I’d change but her fear was Id only change for a few
    months then go back to how I was. So my small window of hope turned
    hopeless and I talked to one of my female friends asking her if she were in
    our position how long would she need time, and she said about a month or so
    would do it. I was pretty depressed so the next morning i just randomly
    went on youtube to see if there were any videos by chance that get an ex
    back, i have found Ashley Kay’s, Coach Corey Wayne, and Your youtube videos
    the most useful. At first i wasn’t too sure it would work but then you guys
    mention the month of ‘No Contact Rule’ and the month seemed like the magic
    number so I might give you guys a shot. Anyway in my situation, I’m always
    busy with things to begin with, so does the rule of ‘find something to busy
    yourself’ still apply? When I got the breakup text I went straight to
    twitter and facebook and sure enough unfollowed, blocked so i cant follow,
    locked tweets, and unfriended on facebook because “its better this way”.
    But one night when i asked if she told anyone we broke up she said “no, but
    you kinda did with your tweets” when we took our break idea she said not to
    stalk her, and so I muted her tweets form my timeline, but when we broke up
    she still looked at MY tweets cause I told her “see you stalked” and she
    replied “i just wanted to make sure you were ok” And I know I have to move
    on and live positively, but how would i know if she sees it online, and
    also how do you do the jealousy trick cause I want to use that but not mess
    it up

  5. Christian McCormac says:

    Hey Brad, My girl friend recently broke up with me. What happened was I was
    in Vermont with my friend and in the past he took my phone and snapped
    chatted girls off of my phone and I told the girl it was my friend and I
    just didn’t tell my girl friend in the beginning. So when we were in
    Vermont I was with my friend and he was FaceTiming a bunch of girls and
    talking to this one that knows someone that goes to our school and the girl
    who goes to my school told my girl friend about it. I didn’t want my girl
    friend to hate my best friend. So I took the blame. After she broke up with
    me I told her the truth that it wasn’t me and that I told the girls right
    after that I had a girl friend and that was my friend. She is acting weird
    and yesterday I was at my locker and I grabbed her by the hand and pulled
    her and put my hand on her waist line and she said “We cant do this. Youll
    never move on”. After that I let go and said okay and she then said “But I
    liked it” and smiled. I just don’t know how to get her back because I am so

  6. Ahmad Khuzaimi says:

    Hi brad..nice video :) question is what if during the 30 days of
    silence…she kept send me message..should i reply it back or should i just
    keep quiet? :)

  7. evanpilot says:

    Hey Brad.
    My ex-wife and me didnt talk for over a year since our separation. I
    reached out to her and she and I are dating, She says she’s not ready for a
    relationship, so we’re just going out. But im woried as shes still hanging
    out with one of her ex’s that she went out during our brake-up/divorce
    period. She claims she has no feelings for him and she does love me. We
    have gotten physical and shes invited me to hangout with her during new
    years. Everything feels like when we originally went out as
    boyfriend/girlfriend but her reason for us not getting back together is
    that she wants to be able to hang out with whoever she want’s (her ex).
    This guy (although it doesn’t seem that hes very active in her life) is he
    a threat to my relationship or is he just an excuse? Your advice is

  8. Sargent steven says:

    hey brad, long story short, my girlfriend of almost ten years cheated on me
    with my best friend of 17 years, our roommate. her girlfriend told me of
    the affair and said that they “are in love and they make love.” they had
    even made plans to move into an apartment together. does your advise work
    when she apparently fell “in love” with him?

    if it matters, Her and i both suffer also from mental illness. I suffer
    from anxiety, depression, and bipolar. she has suffers with severe anxiety
    and depression, shes really good at shutting people out of her life. she
    has a verbally abusive father and because of my bipolar i had a tendency to
    get angry, not to any point where i would ever put my hands on her, but i
    have thrown things or broken objects, punched a few holes in walls. that
    side of me really scared her and that is the main reason she broke up with
    me, i remind her of her father.

    i am soo in love with this woman and my heart, even through all this pain
    and suffering, all this back stabbing and lying , my heart is still telling
    me shes the one and only forever. there is nothing i want more in life is
    her and her love. i miss her so dearly

    there is way way more to the story too. 

  9. edub says:

    Hey brad will this approach work if she broke up with you after you
    pressured her into having an abortion?

  10. Shivendra Shrivastav says:

    hey brad afer the no contact period, i start talking to her and she help me
    to doing my works and still have some feelings for me but she has a
    boyfriend and she again ignoring after 3 to 4 days of our good and
    recalling talks i feel that she want to back in the relation with me but i
    feel i m wrong.she again ignore me badly. what can i do brad?

  11. Michael Brigman says:

    hello Brad your awesome I got her back and we have been together for 5

  12. Paul Fabrigas says:

    Hey Brad.
    My girlfriend and I broke up 2 days ago, the reason she broke up with me
    because we kept on fighting and I’m working on that now, I miss her like
    crazy, she said we should only be friends :(, what should I do?

  13. Marco Garcia says:

    Great video really helped… My ex and i just broke up 4 days ago.. We
    where dating for 4 years.. It real hurts.. I love her so much and wish we
    where together.. Now ill admit i was very controlling and thats what led to
    the break up but im working on that.. I dont want her to be with anyone
    else… Id do anything for her.. I know she misses since her friends have
    told me. but doesnt want to talk to me…I just want her back

  14. Tri Nguyen says:

    So i started dating this girl for 2 or 3 weeks now, and everything was fine
    until one day. Her birthday came, and BAM, she told me that she wanted to
    break up. She said that i was too naive and its hard to depend on me. I
    mean i really loved her, and I didnt know what i did wrong. So any advice i
    could take, to get her back , or prevent this from happening again? 

  15. DVJFan says:

    Hello Brad what if your ex girlfriend dumped you because she lost feelings
    for you and a spark? Does it mean it’s truly over? She’s talking to a guy a
    lot now a days (it’s been 3 months since our break up and he started
    talking to him a few weeks ago) but he’s long distance. He is a16 hour
    drive. Should I really let go? When we’ve stopped talking a few times for a
    couple of weeks she’d initiate a convo and text me. The other day I did a
    stupid thing and texted her saying that I miss her. She immediately
    responded back saying “I miss you too: ( :( please don’t be sad”

    Is it really over? I’ve had a few dates since our break up but I truly want
    her back. We dated for a year. Should I just move on? The other day I was
    at a club and I mentioned it. She told me if I danced with any women. I
    said yes ofc she said”good” on the phone and then it was awkward silence
    for 20 seconds. Should I move on? I still love her.

  16. Raynold Calderon says:

    Hi Brad, My gf of 10 months broke up with me last week. Really hurting
    right now. Anyway, the break up was a combination of values she felt I
    didnt share and me neglecting her toward the end of our relationship and
    she even wrote “I just cant help the strong feeling I have that we werent
    meant to be together. Our values are just different”. 1. I didnt really put
    a lot of effort toward her family (her family is her biggest value) My
    parents are divorced and she saw the lack of effort I have with my family
    2. I would forget important dates for her work reviews and forget to wish
    her luck. Not text her throughout the day or giving her attention. 3. Would
    act nonchalant about caring about her (I kind of did this on
    purpose-regretfully) 4. She didnt see me as a partner who supported her 5.
    I made a bold statement that I would not compromise on moving close to her
    family. 6. Didnt offer to do little things for her like cook once in a
    while like I did in the beginning of our relationship, scratch her back,
    send small reminders that she means a lot to me.

    When it all comes down to it….I think the biggest deal breaker was she
    wanted someone to love her and have a good relationship with her family (it
    was hard for me to do with 30 people in a house)..

    I realized I made a ton of mistakes by neglecting her ( I have big issues
    with letting people in). I know I need time after giving her a full 30 days
    of space and work on myself during that time to recover and build my
    confidence back up. However, I am really in love with this girl and I feel
    I could use a second chance to really focus on giving my 100% and making
    her happy and myself happy. Im 30 years old and she was the one I wanted to
    settle down with. Sometimes it takes a tragedy like this to realize love
    and life isnt a game. After those 30 days, what are some ways I can show
    her that I do in fact care about family values? Is there anything
    additional in my case I can win her back other than your steps? Someone
    suggest reaching out to her brother in law and talking to him since he went
    through a similar breakup with her sister. 

  17. jaiden jones says:

    I wish I watched this sooner I’ve just broken up with my girlfriend nd I’ve
    tried to get her back nd I think I’ve pushed her away even more Ill try
    this but it might be too late 

  18. gangstalisis says:

    Did you get my message brad? Im not sure how the new youtube features are
    but i sent one

  19. Jacob Foster says:

    What if she said that there was nothing wrong with you? I know “it’s not
    you, it’s me” is kind of a cliche, and most of the time people don’t
    believe it, but I do believe her. She broke up with me because she said
    she has “commitment issues” and once she starts getting attached to
    someone, it makes her uncomfortable. These feelings started because she had
    a previous boyfriend who was abusive and cheated on her a lot, and her very
    next boyfriend died in their apartment. She was the one who found him. This
    all happened within a year, from two years ago to a year ago. I can see how
    that would traumatize someone into being uncomfortable in relationships.
    She’s also dated two guys since then and broke up with them for the same
    reason she broke up with me. The reason she keeps getting into
    relationships even though she says she shouldn’t is because she hates being
    alone. My question with that is, is it even worth it to try to get her
    back? And if we did get back together, how could I keep the same thing from
    happening again?

  20. tristan dewan says:

    I miss my old girlfriend my best friend took her.. Seems I should not
    hangout with them, I also get in trouble with my best friend and I get
    blamed he has been flurting with her.. I felt like I wanted to punch him. 

  21. swiftfox85 says:

    Hello brad I really liked your video:) but my gf broke up with me about 2
    weeks ago because I yelled at her at a party and embarrassed her…I gave
    her 2 days to calm down and then I messaged her apologizing and she said
    she wouldn’t take me back and I got mad and said a lot of hurtful stuff
    about her which I regret and I tried apologizing and I’m a good bf I just
    don’t know why I did that…but anyways she’s going on a date with this guy
    tomorrow and I’m worried…will your advice still help if she hates me ? I
    tried making things better and I was the only person she trusted and
    everyone told me the break up hurt her and especially what I said 

  22. ISONINJA77 says:

    Hey this is the first video ive actually watched on your channel cause i
    feel desperate, i broke up with my gf a couple of days ago and i havent
    stopped thinking about her, she said she needs a “break” and i know that
    just means she doesnt want to be with me anymore. but im desperate she is
    the only girl ive ever felt love with and i really want her back NOW , i
    know in the video you said to wait but i cant especially as i see her in
    school every day. any help? 

  23. Venom Lokz says:

    Hello brad my name is Gerardo but I have my name as venomz well anyways me
    n my girlfriend broke up we started dating on may 5,2015 n she broke up
    with like the 1st week of June ..well she broke up with because she had
    feelings for her ex ..but til now we still texting n she told me she has a
    crush on me n like me but now she tells me she dont like me no more n don’t
    see me as her bf ? Idk what to do I didn’t do notin to her .for her to stop
    seeing me as her bf ..n now she just wants to be friends but I want her to
    be my gf again but now she likes someone else .. U think u can help me out 

  24. Sai Hemanth says:

    Hi bro
    I n my gf first met in an exam hall she is my senior
    So we got close through fb then a day I proposed her
    N she acptd on that same day
    Say every thing was going well
    For a month
    Then suddenly she started rejecting me
    Then I try to convince her to talk to me
    But she is saying that she is not felling this as love n she broke up with
    But now she is saying me that let us be as friends she is in touch with me
    but she talks with me for a less time about 20 mins a day
    I don’t know how to get her back plz help me out bro 

  25. The Destroyer says:

    Hey brad I really need your help .My girlfriend said that she doesn’t know
    if she loves me or not .The day after she texted me saying “good morning<3
    “.I said good morning <3 back and she hasn’t replied yet for 2 days and the
    reason I replied was bc I wasn’t sure if she broke up with me or not .If
    she did then I would obviously have done ur rule .i don’t know what to do
    .Should I talk to her?I need help brad ,give me some advice thanks !

  26. vltp005 says:

    hey brad, ur video are awsome, really helpfull but i have a situation here,

    im 22 year old, i have been with this girl for 1 year and a half
    she has poor self esteem and she is a really stressed person in general

    see my girlfriend just broke me with me today, she told me that i was never
    there for her, because i dont text her enough, we were never doing
    activities together, i was going to bed way to late, because i dont call
    her enough and she said that shes not in love with me like she was on day1.
    she also pointed out some stuff did i did wrong during our relationship,
    like when i said she wasnt very good in english infront of her parents…
    or when i was mad at her because we played a video game, she also
    mentionned that she felt like i didint loved her either

    wich is true, for the past 2 month i was concidering leaving her, because
    of ur anxiety and her stressed gets annoying sometimes.

    but apart from that we had a really healty relationship, we were barely
    never fighting, i never called her names, or cheated on her. we were a
    happy couple cudling and watching movies together.

    but now that shes actually gone, i realise i actually do love her and i
    really really really want her back

    see in ur video u say u have to ignore contact for 1 month, i understand
    its a good idea, but if the reason she left me was because i was never
    giving her enough attention, is it logic to .. not give her attention to
    get her back?

    should i do what u said in the video or should it be different

    thanks alot, i really appreciate your help,
    sorry for my bad english too

  27. DVJFan says:

    Just to add when she broke it off with me we were both very respectful with
    each other and she told me she thought a lot about this and”I did what I
    had to do. I’m sorry”

    No idea what happened. We were happy. Normal arguments like all couples but
    we had outstanding communication. 

  28. Soumya Priyadarshi says:

    Hi Brad,
    I had a girlfriend of 4 years and a little over two months. She broke up
    with me kind of last week. Now,both our fathers are in the army (reason how
    we first met) and our father were posted in the same place. After a year or
    so…my father got posted to another place and it became a long distance.
    She is 17 right now…and we stayed in a long distance for about 3 years.
    So why the break-up? She said she started getting distracted. She is kind
    of a popular personality,wherever she goes…so she gets all the attention
    from boys that one can. And let me tell you,we both were VERY much in love.
    It wasn’t the typical teenage puppy love that everybody would think so…we
    were actually very much comfortable with each other like any married
    couples. Now the truth is…I really,REALLY want her back. She has also
    started dating some guy there she finds ‘cute’…and says she’s completely
    over me. Can this really happen in just one week? She says she still cares
    of me and all…but not love me. She has also kind of started ignoring me
    for her current boyfriend and even after we can finally meet (we are both
    in the same state but living some 2-3 hours journey apart) and reduce the
    such long distance of 3 years a little short…she doesnt want to. She says
    even if she comes back to me she will feel guilty of having done such
    bitchy things to me and shamelessly come back to me. Truth is…I really
    love her. I m in college right now and in spite of having no parents’
    restrictions and ample girls here itself…I still only want her. We
    had,not once but many times even dreamt up of a future together and I
    really can’t think ahead in time without her in my life. I really need your
    advise…how can I make her come back to me? Trying to move on is out of
    question because I have tried it and I can’t/dont’ want to do it. I just
    want her back.

  29. picklethekiller says:

    Hi Brad,
    My girlfriend broke up with me a month ago. We were together for 4 years
    and we really had a great relationship. When she broke up with me she said:
    I love you but i’m not “in love” with you anymore. I asked her for a last
    kiss and said yes, we had one of the nicest kiss we ever had together and
    she smiled. I know now that she broke up with me because she lost the
    attraction she had for me, and i know why. So after the break up i did the
    no contact period, i went to the gym, went out with friends, etc. And last
    week i sent her an e-mail saying that i was doing great and that i had good
    news to say to her sometime. She responded to me that she was really really
    happy for me and that she was doing great too. On the same day she texted
    me saying that she had a computer problem and she needed to come see me on
    friday for me to repair it (i’m a computer technician), so i said yes. The
    next day she called me and started crying, obviously she wasn’t feeling
    great. She started saying that she had a really bad day and she’s stressed
    out since two weeks because she have to much to do at college like
    projects, exams, etc. and I said to her: You know what ? Bring some movies
    on friday we’ll watch some together. She was like awww thank you that’s a
    good idea i’m going to do that! So on friday she arrived and was really
    happy to see me. She said that i look beatiful in those new clothes and
    gave me a nice hug to me. We started to catch up and telling stories and
    after that she decided to start the movie. So i was about to sit on the
    couch next to the lazy boy she was sitting in and she said: you can sit
    with me if you want. So we sat together on the same chair, cuddled, for
    about an hour. After a while i decided to go check out at her computer
    because i was doing a scan for viruses, and when i came back she said: go
    sit there! i want more space on the chair :). i was confused. When the
    movie ended her computer wasn’t finished yet so i had to keep it for the
    weekend. So at the door i gave her a hug, and she putted her head on my
    shoulder and stayed like that for 2 minutes! and after she went home. When
    she came back for her computer the next day she seemed less happy, she was
    still talking about her and other stories, but was less happy to see me.
    After that we went outside, i gave her the computer while standing next to
    her car, and said to her: Hey it was nice to see you this weekend, to see
    how you were going. She was like yeah you too! and gave her another nice

    So i’m really confused about her, i really want to get her back. I know
    that she missed me but i’m afraid that we saw each other too much this
    weekend. I don’t know what to think, she’s acting really weird. I know my
    message is long but i need some help on what to do about it and what she’s
    really thinking of right now.

    Mark Picard

  30. Shivendra Shrivastav says:

    hey brad afer the no contact period, i start talking to her and she help me
    to doing my works and still have some feelings for me but she has a
    boyfriend what can i do to get her back?

  31. Lars Van Der Kaag says:

    Hey Brad, my girlfriend broke up with me yesterday because I sent a photo
    to another girl of the underpants.. I know.. Stupidest thing a man can do,
    but I regret that SO much.. She said that it was that thing what made her
    break up with me and the fights lately, I was too long mad at her but 2
    days ago we tried to really tell each other the truth and things were
    looking forward, but then the next day she broke up.. Yesterday
    evening/night I sent her messages of how I will miss everything and her and
    don’t want this and if she really thought that this is what she wants.. I
    now think I should not talk to her or is it already too late? I want her
    back to desperately.. I’ve been dumped like 5 times before but we had a
    relation for over 2 years and this hit me right out of the blue.. Could you
    maybe give me a little advice? Thanks

  32. J'y arriverais says:

    I’m in love with her, every time we get close she push me away. I’m
    confused because she told me she is in love with me at the same time she is
    pushing me away. What should I do?

  33. Mark Hamilton says:

    Hey man,
    My girlfriend broke up with me last week because she thought we just
    weren’t working out anymore. I was an idiot. Whenever I was on my phone she
    looked over just as I took Facebook off the screen and accused me of
    looking at pictures of other girls (Which I wasn’t). Whenever I got home I
    was so mad that I thought she didn’t trust me so I sent her a message on
    Facebook saying “Why don’t we just break up” and the next day she did. We
    argued the odd time and had our differences but it wasn’t something big
    enough to break us up. I messaged her a wall of an apology and a “Please
    come back to me” message a day after the break up but she replied saying we
    were over and that we would only end up hurting each other. I sent her
    something similar yesterday morning but she never replied. I love and miss
    her so much and can’t live without her. What should I do?

  34. Jatin Sharma says:

    Hi sir.. we were in a relationship for past 5mnths..and then ol of a
    sudden..She stopped texting me or calling me..and when I used to call so
    she used to say that she is in office or at home means she is occupied and
    1 day in frustration I text her it was like a breakup bt seriously I didn’t
    mean that..and then after 2 days she replied that she is pissed up with
    me…and needs some time to recover..and also she mentioned that it’s not
    it fault it’s mine ..that she still likes her past..
    She said that guy makes her feel special…and she still think about those

  35. NiceAndDirty1 says:

    Hey brad, i have been friends with this girl for like 3 years. Then i told
    her i had feelings for her and she felt the same. We had a love
    relationship for 4 months or so. We started arquing alot and we decided to
    become friends again. We both were ok with that. After a real fun
    conversation on the phone, we didn’t talk for 2 weeks. I was hoping that my
    feelings for her would go away. They didn’t. Anyway, after that 2 weeks i
    texted her again. She told me she didn’t want me in her life anymore. And i
    had no clue why. Another friend of ours, told me: it’s because her sister
    was in the hospital, and she was upset you wasn’t there for her. I can
    understand that she is upset about that, but i really could not know. I
    just can’t understand the choice she made. I dont want to lose her, i love
    her to death. How do i fix this?

  36. Haley Tayeh says:

    Hey Brad, I don’t know if you’re still commenting on people’s responses. My
    ex and I broke up 3 months ago and I still miss her like crazy. I may have
    screwed up my chances though to get her back; and I was wondering if I
    could have some feed back. I am a junior in college still, so I might be
    overstaying my boundaries as I’m still so young. I am still on the recovery
    phase: i feel some weight has been lifted since the breakup and I
    understand and am adjusting myself to build a stronger character; but I
    want to show her I’ve changed and become stronger and more dignified.

    I have done the no communication phase; but I must have ruined it. Because
    there had been times during the phase (it was more or less the whole time
    we stopped communicating) where she would try to communicate with me via
    Snapchat, the app that she could see I have received and seen it but not
    responded to it, and she was frustrated and angry. I then try, a week
    later, to speak to her formally enough; (BUT now I see starting drama
    again) where I ask how can we talk and be friends when we shared happiness
    and sad times, etc. and she misunderstood and thought I was infringing on
    her priorities starting drama and asked why I became so formal, why did I
    address it in an essay question, and told me to “F” off and get my act
    together. I think she had missed me in that period, but as I was wicked
    formal and still heart broken, i didn’t see it (I wasn’t used to not
    calling her by her pet name and being cutely awesome the way she liked) and
    since then i haven’t been in communication with her. So I am very worried
    that she no longer misses me; as she is getting enough attention by all
    these different guys. I had listened to my friends about deleting her
    number, and any accounts that had her as a friend and I did, but I regret
    it a lot… I am the one who disconnected from her first; so I think she
    doesn’t want to try again. And when she tried to communicate “asking to be
    friends” I thought (and still don’t know) if it was just because she felt
    guilty and thought herself as a monster, or she sincerely misses me.

    I see her sometimes at the college, and as I do see her she doesn’t say
    anything to me. But I notice her still turning her head to look at me as we
    pass. Or when I open doors for people, (I guess I shouldn’t because that’s
    white knighting and unattractive) she’s one of the people walking (it
    happened only once just last week), and I hold the door for her as if
    nothing happens, and she is silent, but smiles. And this is after we
    stopped talking on the phone.

    I think either she does miss me but is embarrassed to talk to me after all
    she was the one who broke up, or she no longer does care. I still want to
    be friends with her and talk to her, only to rekindle and be with her back
    again; but I don’t know when or how to. I don’t even know if it’s totally
    worth it. I know that she is a special girl; as we did a lot of things
    together in the months that we dated. My heart wants her immensely. But I
    know that I am young and maybe don’t know as much as I do.

    She was an insecure girl in the past, bullied constantly, and just realized
    her attractiveness after she has met me and after we grew together and
    strengthened our bonds and confidence. She only had one boyfriend before me
    who she dated for two years, and he was psychologically emotionally and
    mentally unstable and abusive to her (he went to the mental hospital and
    everything) and just four days after they broke up, we dated. The reason we
    broke up, as far as I know, is that she realized she said I love you too
    early and realized she became very intimate with me much faster than she
    had with her last ex and that scared her; questioning her dependency
    towards me and that confused her and was scared of the unknown. She also
    then wanted to be more independent, to “experiment” with these new guys
    after she found with that new attractiveness and confidence that we grew
    together, that she became very approachable to these new guys. Only now
    she’s a step ahead of me (moving on faster) and mingling with these guys,
    and I am the one hurt. She isn’t a flirtatious person. So I don’t know why
    she is changing this.

    Sorry for the big novel lol I just need advice if I should talk to her soon
    and if so, how to. Because she is going to study abroad next semester.
    Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon

  37. bren kay says:

    hey brad, me and my ex were together for just over 2 years, we had many ups
    and downs but we loved each other more than anything, we saw each other
    everyday for most of that time, went on holidays together, i bought her
    nice things etc. However i was slack in the last 6 months of it and it
    ended up us breaking up while i was away just before we both started
    college. We go to different colleges and i have realised i have made a huge
    mistake, i think about her every day all day and i cant help but love her.
    this has been going on for 2 months. At the start she was happy and said we
    should work on getting back together but gradually she has said that she
    has been in a bad place mentally and doesn’t know if she can cope and she
    doesn’t know what to do now. On top of all this her best friend who goes to
    her college “loves” her and they see each other everyday. This worries me
    even though we have been acting like a couple for the last 2 months as i
    feel she could become in love with him and she could forget about me if i
    ignore her for a month etc. I am determined to not give up. What do i

  38. Toronto324 says:

    Hey Brad, I was with this girl that I loved for 4 months, she really loved
    me, and the relationship was pretty serious, although I wasn’t her first,
    we did everything together, she left her first boyfriend for me when I
    asked her out, she liked me at first and she didn’t think I liked her back
    but I did, we really loved each other, but her asshole ex boyfriend kept
    coming back, tried to talk to her, cried etc. when he cheated on her with
    dozens of other girls, beat her, controlled her etc. She lost her virginity
    etc to the guy , they lasted 1 and a half years together but it was on and
    off for them, and he was such a total asshole, she used to tell me how I
    was the best thing that has ever happened to her and that how she never
    felt so loved before. I was a little over protective in the relationship
    and that was a ”major reason” why she left. But I think she left because
    it was her first and I’ve learned that girl will always love there first no
    matter what. Even though he beat her, cheated, controlled her etc. I’ve
    read a few articles stating that ”once a cheater always a cheater” , this
    guy cheated numerous times on her with dozens of girls like I said, but I
    believe hes gonna cheat again, and I don’t want her to get hurt again, I
    really love her. She seems to be happy with him now, but do you think
    she’ll ever come back to me, and do you think the guy will cheat on her

  39. Garrett Thompson says:

    Hey Brad, my high school girlfriend and I were together for about 3 months
    after being great friends for a year. I thought things were going great
    and we’d hangout, go see a move, go to a theme park, whatever. Then one
    day she broke up with me saying that she felt like we didn’t have any
    chemistry anymore. I was completely confused and for a couple of weeks I
    desperately tried to get her back, to the point to where she won’t talk to
    me anymore. So I screwed up :( It’s been about a month since the breakup
    and we haven’t talked to eachother at all. She also plays with my friends
    a lot, but as soon as I show up she’s out that second. To say that she is
    ignoring me would be an understatement. I don’t really get the cruelties,
    but I guess I just annoyed her finally. I like her a lot and we had a
    really good relationship, but I don’t know where to go from here. Do you
    have any advice?

  40. Uzmer zet says:

    hi Brad,
    i’ve had this girl for a couple of months ( i know her for about 4 years
    now we were friends ) at some point i noticed she was into me and i just
    took that moment but she wasnt sure about it but she still went on with
    dating me after a week i went on vacation and we texted alot of stuff for
    like 4 weeks after that i went back visited her again and the feeling of
    ours were even more so after a month or 2 she told me she is starting to
    feel less for me so i went to her house to talk about it and it all seemed
    fine next week she told the same and i did the same and it seemed to be
    cool again so after that we went on with the relationship and we were more
    in love than before ( atleast thats what i thought) so 3 weeks ago she
    acted alittle strange normally we say ” ilove you “etc. but she didnt said
    it anymore and at an certain point she told me she didnt have any feelings
    left and she doesnt want any contact with me. i was broken but i didnt
    wanna see her for a moment to just let it all cool off so 1 week ago i
    visited her and we were alone and i tried to talk to her and i saw it was
    affecting her that i was sorry cuz i made a couple mistakes. after a couple
    of hours i continued having the conversation but she acted like it didnt
    care to her and she kept on looking on her phone and responded cold in most
    of her anwsers she even said it all was a mistake and she wanna move on. so
    i left her house and decided not to talk to her but i get the feeling this
    aint gonna work out cuz she really made the point that she doesnt like me
    anymore even though my friends say it may be an act

    what to do now…?

  41. radical center says:

    my girlfriend broke up with me but she told a friend to tell me I don’t
    know why maybe because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings I was hurt in a
    way and a bit happy for her but there was this gut-wrenching feeling that I
    should go after her and that I wanted her back badly I didn’t burst in
    tears or anything but I was hurt and sad a bit kind of and I couldn’t take
    my mind off her and I want her back can you help?

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