How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back (Step-by-Step Method)

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back. Free 47 Minute Seduction Course: Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back By Following These 7 Steps: Step 1: Stop using guilt trips, gifts,…


18 Responses to “How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back (Step-by-Step Method)”

  1. Mini Uzi says:

    This literally has been in my head for the past week, getting back with my

  2. Dylan Prasad says:

    Or you can say to her face “They hate us, cause they anus” 

  3. nigeljoy says:

    Side camera was unnecessary… and weird. its like looking at you talking
    to someone else

  4. cute vali says:

    what if i didnt talk to her for 1 year ? 

  5. daniel poblete says:

    It’s great but it wouldn’t work for me, because my ex found somebody else,
    they are not dating but they became so close
    And the worst this is that he’s my friend…

  6. prasad gawali says:

    Thanks bro for this tips 

  7. Jacob McCann says:

    Suscribe to my channel it is called Jacob McCann and I’m also doing a
    mailbag Wednesday so send me mail so you can be in my YouTube videos and my
    address is in one of my videos in one of the comments below.

  8. Vicky Mena says:

    Tripp where do I take a girl on a date I’m only 14 but I don’t care I don’t
    know where to take a girl help me please .

  9. Tyler Sanders says:

    Thanks tripp i really needed this you have absolutely NO idea man! 

  10. awdawdawdawdawdawful says:

    I commend you for trying new things (the side camera medium shots) however
    in my opinion it doesn’t add anything to your video. Get content as always
    and keep it up.

  11. Ryan Mc Allister says:

    there’s a girl in my school I really like, but I need some ideas for funny
    texts to start a conversation with her. Could u give me some ideas ??? It
    would be very appreciated 

  12. Drastic Max says:

    Thought the side camera wasn’t very good though :/

  13. Davie Morrison says:

    What days do you normally upload Tripp

  14. pedro sandoval says:

    i dont put on old shoes!

  15. zion wallace says:

    Hey trip, I like ur video and stuf, but this shit doesnt work

  16. Drastic Max says:

    You just get better and better 

  17. Davie Morrison says:

    Great video Tripp 

  18. elvismendoza150 says:

    Thank you bro :) 

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