How to get your EX girlfriend back! Tantrik Siddhi (Vashikaran & Aakarshan Mantra)

CLICK HERE- “Om Keelm Kamdev Namah” to attract women and to attract your ex girlfriend.


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  1. Shivanand Howard says:

    It’s “Kleem” not “Keelm”
    Just thought you should know.

  2. ad says:

    Is this for women as well?

  3. honeybfly1980 says:

    What about attracting a new person you like?

  4. Bhangi Bava says:

    its not om keelm its om kleem kamdevaye namah

  5. amit kumar says:

    pl dont talk unless u know in detail about the subject

  6. Heera B says:

    There should be something for da gals too… Kapiel please make a video for
    girls as well…I agree with Human Soul on this :)

  7. thundersky6 says:


  8. Shangeetha Manoharan says:

    some of astrologer say that, stars are in wrong houses and this shows that
    you will have problems in your love relation… so u have to wear a
    talisman and it will affecting your stars, slowly problems will be
    solved… what you think about this?

  9. CodeName Dexter says:

    My venus is in 8th house in aries could u say something more

  10. kanwal gill says:

    make new one why waste energy on old one

  11. dmchot67 says:

    it have worked and still works for me, most of girls of my class have fall
    in love with me (i date three of them) and my males classmates choose me
    has their leader and show very pleased to be by myside…i chanted the
    mantra for 4 months without missing a day

  12. Jignya Patel says:

    U don’t say “Om Keelm” if u want to attach guys right?

  13. MoonGoddess Divine says:

    @irinasouldina I agree….heheheheh

  14. srice4u says:

    look there is over 3.5 billion women in this world and we don’t have enough
    time to do them all ,so why worry about the ex when there is so much more
    out there to be had. besides what is the spice of life?..variety..i’m jose
    rice and i approve of this message

  15. Robert Ponder says:

    Yup look up Mantra to attract men you will see a thumbnail with two men and
    Dattatreya Siva Baba talking all about it.


    Hi loved each other for close to 6 yrs … now she say i dont have
    trust…can get the mantra in detail

  17. Javier Courbenas Price says:

    I hear in one of the dc youtube videos,the million dollar yoga he said that
    if he did not give the mantra it does not work .so does that mean iif i use
    kleem it wont work because he did give it to me directly

  18. dmchot67 says:

    i have the most simple and effectives vashikaran and thecniques to bring
    your ex back, they are very simple to do and extremely effective…my own

  19. Saurav Pandey says:

    kapiel…..what do you understand by big bang theory ……please relate it
    with vedic astrology

  20. Alagenthiran Muniandy says:

    Thanks a lot…I was confused before listen to u, but now im very clear, u
    r doing great teaching…thnks a lot again..

  21. SuperDumb4ss says:

    Dude, you dont have to do such crazy things to win her back.That was really
    ridiculous! haha. What you really need to do is just to have some intimate
    boosting text and make her minds incorporate all the happy thoughts you
    have when you were still together. Believe me, she will come back. Anyway,
    you should switch to the program: Ive learned every
    tricks there..:))

  22. darkrouge7 says:

    how about women who are looking for right person? can they practice it?

  23. Kamadev888 says:

    KRS, it’s not “Om Keelm”, it’s “Om Kleem” (spelling)

  24. RokasJDM says:

    @oatfsfz I Got my ex back after 2 weeks. You have to play the situation
    right. Learn by watching this video ->

  25. StephyTheGr8 says:

    This is neat! I want a meditation thats for women too. I could use the
    right guy walking into my life.

  26. Anu Sharma says:

    Kapiel u being such a genuine persn on spiritualpath should not promote
    tantra as it is kind of force on universe

  27. Lost Soul says:

    @KRSChannel : This is a very good video ! It makes alot of sense as its a
    cycle of Karma . and about the debliated venus . I have a debliated venus
    3rd house but its neech bhang as its exalted in navamsa . and hence 3rd
    house is “kaam house” (as explained by you) but still i havent really “met”
    the girl of my life and neither have I had a good health or fortune .

  28. Monika Humayer says:

    Dear Kapiel 4 What is the Mantra for Getting the right man back?I will do
    it for getting material wealth but not woman. Hope it wont make me lesbian.
    : )

  29. Carlos Eduardo Da Silva says:

    Yes, I know this mantra “Kleem” already, and Dattatreya Siva Baba gave
    another mantra for gay men to attract men called “Aim” . Aim is pronouced
    like AH-EEM. Thanks for the video.

  30. rituparna chowdhury says:

    hahahahaha. so true . relationships are just learning lessons . universe
    works on a pattern and at times forceful coalition of negative curiosity ,
    emanating out of ego , makes one go through ” why me” questions. so many
    dont know whether they want the person back or their sanity back , due to
    loss of their own vanity !:P:P:P:P

  31. estebanwoker says:

    hi krs I have been used for a long yime the mantra klim and nothing happen
    !! is true that this mantra works!! thank and awnserme I no want my
    boyfriends back I want a good person new thank you esteban from
    argentinian!! sorry for mi bad english!!! LOL!!

  32. Irina Souldina says:

    Hi Kapiel, will you make a video for to get your Ex boyfriend back or right
    one (for the women) Thank you. Great video’s


    kleem kleem kleem….shiv baba…ys it works

  34. Robert Ponder says:

    Hello the Mantra for women to attract men (gay men can use this too), comes
    from the same Guru as Kapiel talked about is the word Aim chanted 108 times
    a day. Hope that helps. Peace and love.

  35. human soul says:

    hey what about us women wanting the right guy?? earth is full of jerks and
    we want a good guy in our lives too.

  36. Hassan Babu says:

    Great idea, exactly how did you figure out this is effective? After I
    discovered Simple Gained Girlfriends I become seriously confident with
    girls, it’s a life changer so take a look online.

  37. Julia 67 says:

    Why return to the past when the future looks so promising? Thanks for the
    video. :)

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