How to get your ex girlfriend back- Understanding Women

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  1. Doreen Garrett says:

    There is a controversial new video out that will show you exactly how to
    take advantage of female psychology, and win them back… no matter how mad
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  2. Connie Dawson says:

    If you’re suffering and in pain right now because of an Ex girlfriend, this
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  3. Catherine Alex says:

    Why do you have to break up with her? Be a man. Just stop calling.
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  4. adham bassam says:

    hello mu ex now is having a relationship and i tired o win her back after a
    year since we broke up sh did int want to but i still loves her and every
    time she is with hat guy i fell so sad beside that we didn’t hurt each
    other the most but my family did the very stupid thing by forcing me to
    break up with her becoues they see that she is not the one for me we
    stayed for another 2 months together after that but but we faild so had to
    convince my folaks tha she is the one after a years and she didn’t want me
    back so what should i o now ?? 

  5. Dalton Uber says:

    No one wants to help you, they want your money. You want some help? NO
    CONTACT. If you friends with them on faecbook post a few pics of you with
    some one else. Sound elusive. But don’t post to much so they stay curious.
    NO CONTACT AND BE ELUSIVE! After about a month offer to take them to lunch.
    Most likely they will accept you invitation. Act fun. Act like your happy.
    Give her a good time. And take her home. Tell you had a lot of fun and say
    if you’d you’d like we can do the again. Next time at the end of the
    “date” now let the, now how you feel. If they still don’t want you back,
    you can’t change there mind.

  6. Derta Lara says:

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  7. Alfred Kohen says:

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  8. daddy smothers says:

    hey ashely i have a very different problem 1st let me say i screwed up by
    messing with a married woman. with that being said she was married for 10
    years and yes she cheated on him. we started seeing each other in october
    and in march her husband suddenly died. befor he died she asked for a
    devoirce but then on valentines day they decited to work things out but we
    kept seeing each other then he died. we waited 2 weeks after the furneal
    then started seeing each other again. then i screwed up and told her i was
    in love with her and she has been on the run ever since. i am the first guy
    to have sex with her in his bed and only guy i know of that has stayed the
    night at her house. now she is seeing a guy a hr away goes to see him on
    weekends and its like i don’t exsist. i havn’t seen her since july 5th she
    says she don’t want a bf or a relationship the guy she is seeing now i
    think she cheated on her husband with in the past and got caught. so i’m
    hoping shes just trying to find out if it would work out with them but i
    don’t know. anyway trying not to contact her is hard because our sons are
    like brothers and my son spends alot of time there at her house. now i also
    fliped out when i found out she was seeing this guy and got all needs and
    crap do you think if i just wait her out she’ll come back like shes going
    threw something or should i just give up and walk away. 

  9. daniel mallon says:

    Can someone give me this information without me having to pay im a kid.

  10. Todd Rowen says:

    if you want to get your ex back without begging or pleading ; then you need
    to take a look at this
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  11. dennis roley says:

    @mamaLo *Thank you so much for sharing me that wonderful program…We are
    back together because of the program. Seems like she’s getting more
    addictive to me. hehe.. I kinda like what he doing now. :)*

  12. Deborah Van Wormer says:


  13. diamondmanify says:

    Im only 17 u could of at least giving us a few more steps cause i really
    need them :-(

  14. diamondmanify says:

    Im only 17 u could of at least giving us a few more steps cause i really
    need them :-(

  15. Getting Your Ex Back says:

    I don’t know if you’re still looking to get back with this girl, but if you
    are, there could be something that you could do that might work. The No
    Contact thing is stupid, it really doesn’t work. Out of sight; out of mind.
    You need to try and stay in touch with her by texting her small sweet
    messages that will make her miss you more and more. If the feelings were
    ever there, then this will make her want to get back with you.

  16. MegaSuperSnuka says:

    Looking forward to future videos! =)

  17. filithyape says:

    Terrific job!

  18. Thomas Gonzalez says:

    Recover emotionally. You don’t stand a chance of getting your ex back if
    you’re not emotionally calm and controlled. Women dislike needy, clingy,
    desperate men – so you need to pull yourself together before attempting win
    her back.

  19. How To Get Your Ex Back says:

    but she s not gone yet.. you should discover easy and fast how to get your
    ex back.way 😉

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