How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

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46 Responses to “How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back”

  1. David Stenger says:

    So you’re pretty much saying to stop being a pussy, and to start being a
    dick. It was my understanding that being a dick was unattractive to women,
    but now realize that I was mistaken. Very helpful advice. 

  2. V3nganceNation says:

    So all I got out of this video was stop being a vagina lol k

  3. Lori G says:

    ..pls make one for the gurlss!!! how to get your ex bf back?

  4. FabiusPyromanus says:

    Well makes sense in many ways, but are also ignoring big parts of human

  5. 888TopGear888 says:


  6. Kaitlin Chandler says:

    Secret To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back.

  7. Shelby Rozanne says:

    Going through a breakup, especially when you didn’t want the relationship
    to end can be a very emotional time.
    But it doesn’t have to be.

  8. denmark manalastas says:

    Damn. I was being a vagina. I finally understand much more. 

  9. Matthew Bullen says:

    Thanks for the talk elliot, im going through breaking up with my girl right
    now and its killing me i know that shes breaking up because im not pushing
    i took my foot off the gas and let my depression back in, i needed her to
    tell me that to snap out of it and now im going to enter a new part of my
    life, il be with her i want her so bad but right now i dont deserve her.
    Your a good guy thankyou

  10. Eric Ryu says:

    This is absolutely true. I just got into broke up, because I’ve lost my
    vision on my future. She loved the way i was planning. (to go study in
    other country, etc.) Then i gave that to stay longer with her. She lost
    interest and she broke up with me. I tried everything to get her back but
    that wasn’t manly thing to do. Now I’ve understand how to attract women and
    she STRONGLY agrees that i should keep continue with my life and someday I
    will find someone that will respect or maybe her who knows. THANK YOU
    ELLIOT!! you are my hero. reading the book now :)

  11. MechaShredZilla says:

    Well said.

  12. technofreak39 says:

    THIS is the most epic version i’ve ever seen to say “fck off your ex, be
    strong, there are more vagina’s in the world you can have!” :D

  13. Alexandr Supertramp says:

    I am going to be PENIS :O

  14. LP-2014 says:

    ” things aren’t Penis enough around you ”


  15. leon persaud says:

    This actually made a lot of sense brother, thank you I needed this.

  16. alex Rivas says:

    haha “your been a vigina” xD nice totally true tho!

  17. mavs427 says:

    Just get up your butt and do something with your life It brings girls
    towards you. 

  18. samba siva says:

    Appreciate Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts.
    Have you considered – Chakellan Magic Ex Back Formula (google it)? Ive
    heard some decent things about it and my cooworker finally amazingly
    reunited with the ex with it. 

  19. TIKI K says:

    I get the overall jist of the video, but it seems more like a “move on, and
    get more bitches” type of advice, instead of get the girl you treated wrong
    back type of video. 

  20. Viiran Woo says:

    Jesus you should write a book!!!

  21. Dan Bennett says:

    Mine split up with me cuz I wouldn’t talk to her enough 

  22. fable7261 says:

    *Me too **+Jeric021** . I was skeptical on purchasing that program*
    *cause there are lots of scammed program in the net. I took a bit on it.*
    *And thank God it did what it promised!It helped me heal the massive rift*
    *between me and my partner & finally convince him to give our relationship*
    *another chance. Thanks to that program.*

  23. Mic Perez says:

    My g.f broke up with me because I didn’t spend enough time with her because
    my college courses are too demanding. 

  24. Тимур Т says:

    What happened to this guy’s shoulders?

  25. djnick7000 says:

    Just read the whole book in one sitting. I’m amazed how much differently I
    look at what I had done and what I should have done. I only wish I read the
    book sooner before the relationship was already over. But at least now I
    know what to focus on with the next one. Thank you Elliott .

  26. Joel Tan says:


  27. Mark Wesley says:

    Great video, and really appreciate the message. In fact, I’ll say this has
    taught me A LOT, and that’s from someone who has been studying this subject
    a lot lately. Cheers!

  28. hussein335 says:

    He looks like the Hodgetwins.

  29. jackie rice says:

    X secret

  30. secor95 says:

    How did you remain serious with them metaphors :’) u made my day but you
    also made loads of sense. I’m in the title position and I grew abit of
    muscle, she saw me out and next day she asked me “damm you looked huge
    yesterday did u grow muscles or was I drunk ? ” so I told her I did then
    asked if she was drinking and she said “no” …. That’s when I realized she
    was stupid. 

  31. Mic Perez says:

    The fact is that most women need constant attention and when they don’t get
    it they leave for a guy who is always there

  32. Madison H. says:

    “You’re being a vagina.” LOLOLOLLL

  33. Amy Owen says:

    Leaked Video. These celebrities fxxc me: BABETONIGHT——————c0m

  34. justin bustamante says:

    My girlfriend likes another guy AND ITS MY BESTY FRIEND FROM 3RD FUCKING

  35. 210Productionz says:

    Thanks for the advice Elliott, I really needed that!

  36. shane goals says:

    #vagina like 

  37. ivan ramirez says:

    Lol he said “your very women like”

  38. TheSonOfADrum Drumcovers says:

    This was, by a half of an mile, the best comparation i’ve ever heard in my
    Now excuse me, im going back to fuck it.

  39. irgendsoeintyp94 says:

    that makes sence

  40. SEEKLIGHT Joseph McDonald says:

    I like most Elliot’s videos except for this concept. It’s the one viewpoint
    of Elliot’s I completely disagree with. It’s attractive for either a man or
    a woman to move forward in life, but women are actually the more powerful

  41. TimeToGetIntense says:

    You gotta be more penis-like.

  42. Christien Hernandez says:

    And gay couples? I wish there was a gay version, too. :/

  43. Ismet Düskün says:

    You are being a Vagina, made my miserable day 😀 love you man

  44. knowledgeiskey says:

    Sometimes I listen to videos but actually not listen, but this one I had to
    listen to. It was great.. Its a shame that people like me don’t start
    studying situations like this until the relationships are over.

  45. James Kendall says:

    ***What is actually being said here is to move on bro. Better yourself by
    going out and doing new things to create a better you. A NEW you. Your girl
    won’t be coming back to you except for maybe only for quick bang or
    two……but you’ll find a new girl eventually…

  46. byrnemonty says:

    im a proppa dick me ! yeaaa now I can be proud !

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