How to Get Your Ex Husband Back: A Practical Guide to Saving Your Marriage (Life’s Love Lessons Book 6)

Get back your ex husband and fall in love with each other all over again

Many people get divorced, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get back together. If you happen to be one of those women who got divorced, you should really flip through the pages of this book if you want to get your ex-husband back. Here are just some of the things you can find in this book:

* effective ways to dealing with post-divorce depression
* the benefits of spending some me-time
* common factors that lead to divorce
* techniques for starting a conversation with your ex-husband
* tips to getting your ex-husband back

What’s Inside?

In most cases, marriages aren’t that smooth sailing all the time. Sometimes, marriages end up in divorce. But since there are instances where the ex-husband and the ex-wife still love each other, then there is also a great possibility that one of them would be exerting a lot of effort to win the other back. If you want to win your ex-husband back, this book will help you get him back, along the lines of:

* the eight factors that can lead to a divorce
* five tips to getting back together with your ex-husband
* the secrets behind dropping hints
* the little-known secret of using nostalgia as a powerful psychological tool

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Get A Grip
Chapter 2 – Take A Time-Out
Chapter 3 – Looking Back on the Past
Chapter 4 – Considering the Present
Chapter 5 – Coming Back to Life
Chapter 6 – Sending Out Feelers
Chapter 7 – Forgive and Forget
Chapter 8 – Take It Slow
Chapter 9 – Love the Second Time Around

Start Reading Now…

So before another woman yanks your beloved ex-husband from your grasp, it’s about time you learn the effective ways to dealing with depression after your divorce, start spending some time by yourself, identify the factors that could lead to divorce, start learning the right way to converse with your ex-husband, and get him back for good. Good luck, and may the best woman (you) win!


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