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  1. Connie Dawson says:

    If you’re suffering and in pain right now because of an Ex girlfriend, this
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  2. Mike Reuben says:

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  3. Derta Lara says:

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  4. Jaycob Maxton says:

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  5. cosmicquandary says:

    There are two outcomes:
    1) You try these things, and she is receptive and responds positively
    2) You try these things, but she finds you ANNOYING. Doing these things
    will just make things worse and make her move even further away.

    These tips don’t work with everybody. 

  6. Tyson Blackwolf says:

    …..I’ve been in this relationship for 2 yrs now, and she’s a few years
    younger then I, the first year was great, happy times and in love. The 2 nd
    yr she decided to move in and it was great ,..until recently..I have a
    really good career , and I think my job has took most of my attention and
    in the process didn’t pay enough attention to the one I loved….a few days
    ago I found out she was seeing someone else, nothing sexual , but a few
    dinners and she’s been talking to this guy,…I was hurt, aim hurt..but I
    know it had to do with me, we broke up the other night and she told me
    this, ” Tyson, it’s not you or us, I feel that it’s too fast, I just want
    to live ,and be me.” I asked her where I was in the picture and she said ”
    you are what I see in the long run, who I can spend my life with” ….and I
    broke down, I have no family and hardly any friends to run too, so I told
    her that I was sorry it came to this, please don’t do this…..and her
    phone vibrated and it was him…..a guy who sees a sheep that is wounded,
    this guy is preying on her because she was looking for a outside
    perspective on our relationship ., but anyway long story short, she still
    lives here and she’s out with her cousin … I have something to give her
    when she gets home and to spice up the night, I hope this works, and
    hopefully I can make a change, to love her more, to make thing more
    exciting , to show her that I really do care and love her…and if not,
    then I will prolly be single for the rest of my life….wish me luck.
    Thanks for the advice

  7. Geesha Gehan says:

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  8. Amelia Harper says:

    The first thing that you say to your ex is extremely important. *If you say
    the wrong words, you will lose the chance to get them back.* You need to
    understand that even though you’re not together, there is a good chance
    they still harbor strong feelings for you.

  9. Edwin Eylandt says:

    Thank you 😉 !!!!

  10. Brandon Marquez says:

    My ex and I broke up 7 months ago at this point she tells me that she will
    think about getting back together but she’s not sure she tells me she’s
    scared of getting back with me and if she calls me its because she wants to
    but if she doesn’t bring it up to not even mention it what should I do plz
    write back 

  11. Sobol Dhor says:

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  12. baktazh zargar says:

    the part you said that once you’re together then you should talk about the
    reason why you broke up.. WRONG! you never wanna take her back to the time
    when you always had arguments or things didn’t workout. you just wanna
    create a new relationship with full off POSITIVE things!

  13. Justin Murda Gonzales says:

    I got my girlfriend back thanks vid

  14. Chauncey Jeffcoatder says:

    Have your ex CRAWLING back to you…?

  15. oegelaaboegela says:

    what if she says that she still loves you but doesn’t miss you and she also
    wants to discover herself more

  16. eQuariuz says:

    The answer is DON”T. There are plenty of women in the world. Wait until
    you can travel and meet women besides western ones. For the most part,
    western women are not relationship (real relationship where a man and a
    woman stay together) material.

    Never try to get an EX G.F. that broke up with you back.

  17. ianashton1 says:

    i need your help I’ve been with my girlfriend for 8 years, we argued for 3
    years over stupid petty things (which most of the time is her causes them)
    last week she broke up with me saying she is fed up with us arguing i said
    its not my fault and she said i know its not your fault its mine anyhow she
    got upset crying i wanted to hug her but she kept pusing me away saying
    this is the end i dont want this anymore i said sorry we will never argue
    about stupid stuff again and i wont moan at her or argue over petty things
    i promised her but she still wouldn’t accept it and she left i begged her
    saying sorry i gaved her chances through the past but, she wont give me a
    chance just once to prove we wont argue again over stupid stuff. Anyhow she
    says she doesn’t love me anymore and lost attraction how can that be?:'( i
    still love her too bits ive never cheated on her for 8 years ive always
    been faithful and trustworthy, i even turned down girls who liked me
    through the past just to be with her and she knows that:'( we was going to
    start a family together next year but, now thats out the window and now she
    wants to move on:'( now she shes basically wasted my 8 years of my life:'(
    how can she not love me anymore somewhere deep down in heart she must love
    me we had alot of interests together she liked everything about me now she
    hates me and doesn’t love me:'( How can i get her back? :'( note –
    this break up only started when she started Unversity last month and she
    did say some boys sit near her and her friend on bus going to University
    which is suspicious to me:'( shes 20years old and im 28 by the way.

  18. Chakri Final Uprising says:

    I’ve screwed up a BIG BIG BIG time!

    My ex-gf and I had been together for 1.5 years and we broke up two months
    ago and she dumped me. After two weeks, she came back asking me to start
    over again then I quickly jumped into a new relationship with her. She
    cried out of happiness, however this is the worst decision I’d ever made in
    our relationship because after another 2 days, I destroyed our relationship
    because I felt like I was not ready to start over again … I dumped her.

    Now after another two weeks I realized that now I want to be with her. I
    called her and asked her back, but she said no and she didnt give me a shit
    anymore. She said I was not in her heart anymore. I begged her for several
    minutes but eventually I said I respect her decision then I left.

    Now Its been almost a month that I’ve left her along while Im fixing my
    flaws and mistakes. I hope she can really see that I’ve tried hard to
    change myself and become a better man and hopefully she will start over
    with me again.

  19. suri market says:

    get back in tha kitchen

  20. mike bloozeman says:

    very good video, thanks so much for the advice, you really helped me
    understand things better….

  21. Arco says:

    Today….today is the day

  22. ShHapp1t says:

    _Life is too short to be unhappy +adrian20065 !! _
    *Ive used there program and in just a matter of few techniques*
    *used, my ex boyfriend was going crazy on winning me back to*
    *him. And now, we both are happy gettin our relationship stronger^^*

  23. Ariane Amistad says:

    @botty *If You want to get your EX BACK without begging or pleading, then
    you need to take a look at this*

  24. Mary-Jane Abner says:

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  25. AngelMaressAlighT says:

    Too much work, seriously! Women are way too complicated! No patience for it
    at all!

  26. Stacey Hurley says:

    Why your ex won’t come back?

  27. Stacey C says:

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  28. Georgina Diaz says:

    im hopeless

  29. irongiant20012001 says:

    It’s been proven; women end relationships for stupid reasons.

  30. Amelie says:

    so brilliant, so true…

  31. Get Your X Back says:

    Definitely agree about the stage in a relationship when people stop doing
    ‘new’ things together. After a while, many people become too comfortable
    and stop making an effort like they used to make – when they first met.
    Although you don’t always need to do something ‘new’, changing up the
    ‘routine’ sometimes will help dramatically. Routine is boring. Thanks for
    such an informative video Ashley.

  32. Nick Marks says:

    What’s the best thing to do if she breaks up with you because she says she
    is bored and doesn’t get excited to me? 

  33. peelswig says:

    The girl you should stay with is the girl that you are happy with, not the
    one you have to impress.

  34. Cage Nine says:

    what if were in high school and she’s in five of my class’s how should I
    contact her?

  35. James Ornellas says:


  36. unclearless says:

    Girl, Ty, but I can see in you, if you let me show you the way I see
    you…would have fun, and relax in that you would never have to worry about
    a man again. The way you think, is rock solid. ;-)

  37. Robert Hamlin says:

    i neeed help getting my ex-girlfriend back! i deeply love her but i feel

  38. caliboifresh323 says:


  39. cheytay32 says:

    women push and push for the guy to spend more time and energy on them.
    The guy usually resist this in the beginning. him keeping her at bay is a
    big part of why she is attracted in the first place. his feelings about her
    are mysterious. he still hangs with friends and does stuff on his own. he
    doesn’t want to lose himself. he wants the best of both worlds. but the
    constant pushing and asking for more time and energy makes the guy think
    that giving up a little of his old life would essentially give his girl
    what she is pushing him for and will ultimately make her happy. in his mind
    he is being the perfect boyfriend. he recognizes that when he does this
    his girl is so happy. she pushes and he gives up more of himself and his
    girl validates him with her happiness. then after a few years when the guy
    has surrendered, she tells him he is too needy and clingy. she tells him
    she doesn’t like that he made her his whole world. she tells him he never
    does anything outside of the relationship. so she breaks up with him. the
    man laughs because everything he did was what she pushed him to do. he
    didn’t surrender himself because he wanted to. he did it because it made
    her happy. so the man thinks to himself, what the fuck just happened. i
    gave her what she TOLD me she wanted. then he realizes that the whole point
    of it was a test of his manliness. like a toddler, she was testing her
    boundaries. woman don’t want a pushover. someone who is too avail. someone
    who will drop everything for them. they want a man who stands up for
    himself and draws the line in the sand and demands the relationship be
    balanced. they want a man who says no! 

  40. tommy flanagan says:

    finally a video about how to get your ex girl back, but made by a girl. idk
    why people listen to guys when they don’t know how girls think and what
    they want

  41. ewa dry says:

    If someone is so stupid to leave You, be the smart one that let him go.

  42. James Caillard says:

    1st point fucked me…. Shit 

  43. Md kobir says:

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