How To: getting over your ex

Thanks for watching my new video! I hope I get to see you on tour. The living room shows are so laid back and fun. If you would like to come email TheLivingRoomTourRSVP (at) please…


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  1. Tessa Violet says:

    Hope you’re having a great week! Thanks for watching!

  2. rhymingwithoranges says:

    I think it’s great that you finally managed to get over me ten years down
    the line.

    (Here’s hoping no one else made this joke…)

  3. Tessa Violet says:
  4. kaiyleefrog says:

    So can we do plus one on the RSVP??

  5. Mandeville Sisters says:

    I love this set up with the cute little fairy lights. It just feels so warm
    and cosy

  6. Jason Farrell says:

    Before recording that last bit, It sounds like you screamed for five hours,
    stopping only for whiskey and smoke breaks. Tessa Waits.

  7. TheHumbleBeez says:

    Sadly, this video came at a convenient time.

  8. Zezo Yy'N says:

    U r a good advicer :p 

  9. Colleen Carney says:

    Ahhhhh yes good an STL show. Now I don’t have to regret having to cancel a
    living room show…

  10. Youtubead says:

    God, you are so cute

  11. Amy Woy says:

    this is bloody brilliant advice, thank you tessa ahhhhh

  12. phaerless says:

    my OCD sees some missing stones on your shirt and can’t handle it.

  13. yuranival says:

    You’re cool. Make videos more often. Don’t keep your coolness to yourself
    only :P

  14. Nanalew says:


  15. mikey gardner says:

    Come To Wichita Falls, Texas! It’s half way between OKC and Dallas and I’ll
    feed You Free Pizza!

  16. Brad BD says:

    should make a video on how to get an ex. (how to break up now that would be

  17. Rainbow Loom says:

    It’s 11:50 am why do you uploaded a Video?

  18. Ryan Ds says:

    Great advice :) for those who have an ex.. *cries in corner* lol

  19. Douglas Blatherwick says:

    Good to see you again. We… at least I missed you.
    It was great meeting you at VidCon 2011, hopefully see you again some day.
    Maybe even hear you sing again. Not sure if you count hearing any of the
    bands at VidCon as the mic was so poorly balanced you basically couldn’t
    hear the singers.

  20. 2jeswd says:

    4:20 blaze it

  21. Earl Portland says:

    get over your Ex? do things you love. repeat.

  22. Yury Valkov says:

    Wow, that voice though. It sounds so different now from when I first
    subbed, and only now I realize it. Gosh, time really flies.
    The dog is beyond adorable)))

  23. Chris Louis says:

    This honestly couldn’t have come at a better time, thank you lady face,
    super helpful.

  24. TheJohno95 says:

    Pretty much all of the advice you give here is actually great. When getting
    over my ex-wife, the first 6 months-a year were pretty hard. But when I
    came out the other end, I had found myself again and I will never lose
    myself to please someone else again! If someone doesn’t want you for who
    you are, you shouldn’t be with that person. Oh, and a piece of advice from
    moi….Listen to a lot of Blue October. That will help you run the full
    gamut of emotions. Ciao!

  25. klever161 says:

    Guess what Tessa, you lost the game!

  26. Israel Chavez says:

    your dog is the best

  27. Corlin Clark says:

    When you travel from St. Louis to Kansas City you should stop by Columbia
    and do a meet up or something! It’s a fun place. Promise. The people here
    love hugs and music as well as you and Rusty. :))))))

  28. Macey Jeppson says:

    I cannot even handle how excited I am for this tour! Thank you so much for
    not doing salt lake on a Sunday. You guys rock!

  29. ruben dodge says:

    Thank you for the advice. I just had a relationship end with my
    ex-fiance(without warning) similar to the guy who wrote you. We had been
    together for nearly 5 years. And to be totally honest she was my first
    love. However, I think your right on your points. Being with someone who
    you know could careless about you or the relationship isn’t good and it was
    probably for the best that things ended. I won’t say I’m thrilled at how or
    why she left however, it happened and I can’t change it. 

  30. /usr/local/games says:

    That last bit flashes me back to like 2010 Tessa. Nice to remember. :D

  31. Ben DuMonde says:

    Yessss another video! I was worried you stopped vlogging :O

  32. maku gx says:

    you’re missing out xD

  33. Abigail Coats says:

    I feel like number 3 is great advice for any point in your life, regardless
    of whether you’re trying to get over someone :)

  34. Mark Hilton says:

    well that’s the best inimportant outro I’ve seen

  35. Jess S.G. says:

    I really wanna go, but introvert me is screaming DON’T DO IT. So I’m gonna
    RSVP anyway. 

  36. Hogan Thomas says:

    outro logo thing was 10/10

  37. Hank Holly says:

    at 1:51 something about you is different, like you’ve suddenly changed from
    just 2 seconds ago… Hmmm … Haircut?

  38. sarsar988 says:

    This video made me really happy for some reason.

  39. juliejigsaw says:

    Great video & advice for those going through heartbreak at the moment. I
    always love your videos. You are super laid back and awesome.

  40. Ashley J. Woods says:

    THIS ADVICE ROCKS. I love how it comes from a place of honesty, openness,
    wisdom. You rock, Tessa! :)

  41. T de Lioncourt says:

    Best moment after breaking up : thinking that the song “Changing of the
    Seasons” of TDCC perfectly discribes how you feel, meaning you’re finally
    over it :D

  42. Jesse Hatred says:

    You get a like for the future face and puppy 😀 and one for the whole video
    and it’s message.. consider this comment the extra like. #extralike

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