How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

Check this out now – Some quick tips to help stop the hurt and get you back on the right track TODAY. You CAN do this!


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  2. Madison Mishoe says:

    I did all of these things and my ex came LITTERILY crawling back, thanks
    soooooooooooooooooo much for your help!! 

  3. Olivia Powers says:

    I’m still a kid. My bf dumped me today and now I’m devastated. I cried
    throughout this whole video.

  4. cityvilleization says:

    *I hear yah **+eruptionmat** Its a good thing your having*
    *the right in your relationship! I used that*
    *technique also cause i know it will make*
    *me and my girlfriend last for a lifetime.*

  5. adeyemi paul says:

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  6. Lauren says:

    Please help I made a really nice card for my boyfriend and put so much work
    into it (like an art project) and then I texted him told him that I
    finished making it. He broke up with me over text messaging cause we live
    so far away we never got to go on a date never got to kiss ever my parents
    never got to meet him in person he doesn’t have a webcam at all so we could
    talk and see each other. He is an artist and I am too so this really sucks
    and I want him back but he doesn’t he says it wasn’t go

  7. Ann Cabiles says:

    I did everything he’s still not with me!:(

  8. lifeslegund says:

    I have a question for you. my ex and I broke up and of course right after I
    wanted to get back together and he said he didn’t. About 3 weeks after that
    we haven’t talked at all he posted a poem on Facebook saying he regrets his
    chooses. As someone who ended the relationship what would you say about

  9. RandomityLove says:

    I miss him so much.

  10. Jay Mo says:

    show him or tell him all the things you have been doing to win his heart
    over again. let him know all the effort you are putting forth. unless you
    have cheated several times over and over again, you still have a chance.

  11. disneyfreak260 says:

    i broke up with him cuz i thought it wouldnt work out and i liked someone
    else….who turned out to be a jerk. me and my ex have one class together,
    and he makes fun of me becuz we r in 6 grade and we play tree tag sometimes
    and i get turned into a tree almost imidiatly, so he’s friendly teasing me
    which makes me laugh. :)

  12. lifeslegund says:

    try text your ex back by Michael fiore.

  13. mary30642 says:

    Sorry but I have to tell you honestly that ive used that program before and
    it didnt worked. Ive done every single of its advice but it just gettin
    worst. Good thing my friend recommended me this program offered by the
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    won back my girl! And now, we came long so far with many hopes and dreams
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  14. Soloman1001 says:

    Also usually goes with people who are emotional rather than logically
    minded, once their emotions cool abit or go haywire they bail the
    relationship. When they cool down they might return, they are usually the
    ones who do stupid things especially in the case of women but men also.

  15. Alexis Allen says:

    i feel so stupid watchin a video on this…

  16. Soloman1001 says:

    Also there is a difference between Charming and Compassionate, Ted Bundy
    and Hitler were Charming.

  17. faith comeau says:

    me to

  18. Hannah Smith says:

    I want Neil Jewell back

  19. Kayla Catlett says:

    I broke his heart 3 times and he went out with another fucking girl but
    they broke up the next day and I like to observe him

  20. Hannah Smith says:

    Really bad I miss him any advice

  21. ladyofmyheart says:

    i miss my baby so much even though i am the one who left him!

  22. jnthawk032 says:

    This is sad

  23. Hannah BeMe says:

    @marquardtle aw something similar to that happened to me too but it all
    worked out and i’m sure yours will too =)(:

  24. jennifer traigo says:

    thanks for the advice it makes me feel good and realized!

  25. Shourav Sen says:

    @aibpubr My ex came running back to me after 3 weeks. If you say the right
    things they’ll want you back. Learn by watching this video >>

  26. Sandi Herschberg says:

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