How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

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  1. TheUSA-Guide Donald says:

    Here’s answer to your situation: 1. Your ex boyfriend needs some space and
    time to remove all the negative associations from the breakup and start
    missing you. People have a common misconception that if you don’t contact
    your ex, they will forget about you. But in reality, if you don’t contact
    your ex boyfriend, you will give them time to miss you more and they will
    be wondering all the time why you are not contacting them. Remember all the
    mistakes in Part #1 of this guide. Every one of them made your ex think of
    you as a needy person. By not contacting them, you immediately become not
    needy in their mind.

    2. You also need some space and time. You need to get a hold of yourself
    and gain some perspective. The fact is, you are a mess after the breakup.
    And you need to calm down and analyze your relationship thoroughly to
    realize whether or not being with your ex boyfriend is in your best
    interest. It could be that you are just missing your ex boyfriend. You need
    to learn to enjoy your life without your ex boyfriend. You need to prove to
    yourself that you can be happy without your ex boyfriend. You will
    eventually realize that you DON’T NEED YOUR EX to be happy. Maybe you’ll
    still WANT them, but there is a big difference between needing something
    and wanting something.

    3. You must become an attractive happy person during this time. You need to
    take a step back and reevaluate your life. You should make a lot of
    positive changes in your life. When you meet your ex boyfriend after the no
    contact period, you want them to be attracted to you. And the best way to
    do it is to start enjoying life and being an overall happy person. Don’t
    take this point lightly. This could be the difference between getting your
    ex boyfriend back or losing them forever.

    Contacting Your Ex Boyfriend aka Re-attraction

    Remember when your ex boyfriend left you? They thought of you as a needy,
    clingy and desperate person with little to no self-respect. After not being
    in contact with you for a while, they must be wondering what the heck
    happened to you. They will slowly start to forget that image of yours (the
    needy desperate one) and start remembering the things they liked about you.
    They will start remembering the things that they found attractive in you.

    And that’s when you contact them, you talk to them and then meet them. Just
    as they lay eyes on you, BOOM. That’s the new and improved you. YOUR
    version 2.0. They can’t help but wonder what brought so much positive
    change in you.

    For that to happen, you need two things.

    1. You should actually bring a positive change in your life and become a
    confident, happy and attractive person.
    2. You should contact your ex and meet them somewhere.

    If you have been following this guide till now, then you know how to go
    about the first point. So, let’s get straight to the second point.

  2. TheUSA-Guide Donald says:

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  26. Cindy Clare says:

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  27. TheUSA-Guide Donald says:
  28. Rossie Brad says:

    Dear Brad,

    I was in a lovely relationship with my ex boyfriend, we dated for two
    years. We broke up three months ago, the time we had together was fun,we
    had picnics, we went on tours together, he accompanies me for Bailey dance
    training, he was all I had & he was like the air i breath. Our relationship
    the first year was smooth and steady but i noticed he started drifting six
    months ago, i couldn’t control it. I was the only one trying to bridge the
    gap then a thought came to me “my ex boyfriend is dating another girl” it
    made me anxious, and sick to the stomach, i starting monitoring his
    movement until i caught him with a younger woman, he looked happier with
    her than we he was with me. I got so depressed and upset so i called him to
    my home and broke up with him. I later realised i missed more than i
    thought i would, something keeps telling me i should have fought for what
    was mine instead of giving up easily. Brad, please help me get my ex
    boyfriend back.

  29. Christabel Scholar says:

    I’m from Ontario, Canada, my ex boyfriend broke up with me three months ago
    and now in a relationship with another girl. A friend of mine directed me
    to you, saying you have helped a lot of persons in getting back their ex
    husbands and lovers. I really want you to help me get my ex boyfriend back
    because without him it’s like i cant live, he always complains I’m too
    jealous or keep clingy into his affairs. I saw a lipstick stain on his
    shirt when i was doing his laundry and when i confronted him he blew up.
    Please i need your help. Thanks

  30. Mabel Brilliant says:

    Brad, my ex boyfriend cheated, he has been cheating on me i couldn’t
    believe. its a relationship of about five years. i trusted him i cant
    believe he did that to me. i went for a field work in another city, spend
    Two weeks over there, i wanted to surprise him so i didn’t tell him I was
    to return that day. I caught him on my bed with a girl, although he has
    been apologising on his knees but i couldn’t accept because I trusted him
    totally yet he broke my heart. It’s been a month since I told him to move
    out of my apartment. I still love him and I want him back. please advice me
    what should I do?

  31. Eve Matthuston says:

    Brad I have been in great pain since my ex boyfriend left me for another
    new girl. I was advised by my friend to move on but i couldn’t forget the
    good times i shared with my ex boyfriend whom I love so much. I want
    my ex boyfriend to return to me begging on his knees. please make this a
    dream come through like I heard you’ve done for others, thanks

  32. Stefanni Eva says:

    Hello, you are my last hope I pray you have the solution to my problem. I
    dated this guy for 2 years, been trying to cope with his lapses because i
    love him so much but he doesn’t take me serious, i don’t know if its
    because am black and his white but i pray its not the case. since he came
    into my life things has been working great with me, i find joy in him, his
    my heart but keeps playing with my feeling making me cry every time. He
    keeps breaking up with me every time and i keep accepting him back. I don’t
    want to loose him, please how do i get him to miss me, so he will take me
    serious and adore me.

  33. Ex Girlfriend Advice says:

    how to make my ex boyfriend want me back? My ex boyfriend and I just broke
    up. I didn’t want the breakup to happen but we got into an argument and we
    both lost control. He discovered I was double dating with him and yet I
    refused to open up to tell him the truth, until he proved I was lying all
    along. But, I tried to explain to him that the reason I lied was because i
    didn’t want him to get hurt. I need you to help me get my ex boyfriend back
    into a relationship with me. I miss him, i still love him and i want him
    back. What can I do to get my ex back?

  34. Rossie Brad says:

    Hello Brad, my ex is dating another girl he seems he loves her i guess. but
    she broke up with him today, my close friend talked to him so that perhaps
    we can get back together into a relationship but he told my friend a lot of
    things Which hurts a lot my ex boyfriend said that he no longer loves me
    and he doesn’t want me in his life and he hates the day he met me, and all
    what we had wasn’t real, but in the same time he was dating that girl
    something took place it was when our soccer national team went to the
    second term we all went to celebrate in the streets so in that time i lost
    my little brother in the crowd so i started freaking out and crying so my
    ex boyfriend followed me and helped me to find him and we did after that we
    walked alone in an empty street and it was 1am and then he kissed me and
    said that he loves me and never wants to see me cry again, no we never
    talked and i really miss him i want him back i just need some help please

  35. Mabel Brilliant says:

    Hi brad, I really need your advice on how to get my ex back. I love my ex
    so much and am sure he also love me when he told me he cant live without
    me, we share everything together even our account details and password. We
    had a fight and lost communication, a month later i saw him with another
    lady of on street kissing and i felt a pain go through my heart. Brad
    please come to my rescue, am in pains.

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