How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back Again After You Messed Up

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  1. How To Get Your Ex Back Fast says:

    It may sound like it’s the end of the relationship. But there’s no need to
    fear; the key is not to give up! Just take all the nasty things on the
    shoulder and don’t do it back- you’re better than that! Give it time before
    you begin talking to your ex again. Perhaps send them a text message or
    ring them on their cell phone. If you get no response, then I’m afraid it
    really, truly is over. But don’t worry, it could be a lot worse; it’s not
    the end of the world! You can just move on and learn to live a healthy
    happy life.

  2. How To Get Your Ex Back Fast says:

    How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back Again After You Messed Up

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  6. Joseph Arthur says:

    How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back Again After You Messed Up

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  8. Dennis Silvia says:

    Another thing you can do to speed things up a little is to remind him what
    he is missing by not having you around. Again, make use of your friends to
    get this through to him – always make sure that you look your best when you
    are with them. He will get to hear all about what you were wearing and how
    fantastic you looked.

  9. Jerry Alex says:

    How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

  10. Kate Mari says:

    And do you know what the greatest part about the whole process is? You’ve
    seized control of the situation without having to play any mind games. You
    didn’t trick your ex, or make anything up, or try to make her jealous by
    hamming it up with other girls. You were honest with both yourself and with
    her. This is huge, because when you get back together with your girlfriend
    she’ll feel that the decision was entirely hers. This will keep you both
    together a lot longer than if you had tricked her into coming back using
    some sort of game-play or mind techniques.

  11. Charles Billy says:

    How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back Again After You Messed Up

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  16. Dating Advice says:

    You are feeling miserable and hopeless after your recent breakup with your
    ex. This feeling is completely natural, but it really has nothing to do
    with what you should be doing. You need to be optimistic now – there is
    nothing better than optimism to get you through hard times. It will take
    time, it will take patience, but it will allow you to get your ex to fall
    in love with you again.

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  19. Jonathan Goh says:

    I met my serious gf at med school. Good looking , a fellow med student and
    smart and we really got on and had many things in common. She left me after
    3 years giving the ” need space” reason which I did not believe at all. I
    did some snooping and found out she was dating another med student from
    another college . He and I are comparable in terms of looks but his family
    was super rich. I can honestly say I treated my ex gf well . Naturally , I
    was heart broken and went no contact to heal. Took me nearly 8 months to
    fully heal. I never confronted her that I knew she was dating that richer
    version of me. Nearly one year later, she tried to initiate contact thru
    texting. I snooped around again and found out she and that other med
    student did not work out. I just ignored her texts and calls. Finally, she
    approached me in the library and we spoke in one of the small study rooms
    where we can have privacy . I shut her down completely . She said she was
    sorry , she made a mistake and even lied that she never dated anyone , not
    knowing I knew about the other guy from the other college. I never told her
    I knew about the other guy and said I have moved on and did not love her
    any more. She had the cheek to act all entitled and said we had 3 good
    years together like I owed her a 2nd chance! I replied exactly we were
    together for 3 years and you left. I walked out and went back home to
    study. After texting me a few more times, she gave up. I met my future wife
    soon after I started working .

    There was no technique my ex could have used to win me back becos once you
    leave your ex for another and they know about it is over forever . 

  20. Jerry Alex says:

    Get Out and Be Social – Most people are afraid to get on with their social
    life after an unwanted breakup, thinking it’s equivalent to giving up on
    their prior relationship. The fact however, is that the more your ex sees
    you out and about? The more he or she sees you happy and having a great
    time without them?

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