How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back …we’ll go on to looking at the ways and means for you to get your ex boyfriend back, along …

25 Responses to “How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back”

  1. Dating Thats Easy says:

    You’ve really gotta demonstrate your ability to be able to get along fine
    without them. That you’re strong and confident, independent and capable. 

  2. Dorothy Jones says:

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  3. misteeq64 says:

    @newfnshow031 The thing is you have him now for how long

  4. shroomy105 says:

    this is all a lie. he broke up with you because he didnt want to be with
    you and trying to get him back is not worth your effort. move on

  5. UrLivingLegacy says:

    @TimeWriter13 I second this. Very true.

  6. mwells92 says:

    Do new things.. and go out in public.. with friends then your ex would
    pretty much wanna keep in touch and miss you.

  7. Brittany Loomis says:

    someone please tell my how to get my boy friend back he is one year younger
    then me and two grades below me and i really like him alot he broke up with
    me because of the grade diference but i know he still likes me some one
    help me

  8. Briana Helmueller says:

    heyy, didnt mean to be offencive or anythingg. i just thought his voice was
    funny. sorry

  9. Shnazle12 says:

    i still love my ex and i remember every second we spent together, i just
    wish he could too.

  10. Daria Mcfadden says:

    im inlove with my ex and he just broke up with his girl what to do

  11. XxMatchboxMandiixX says:

    if your ex broke up with you why would you want them back?

  12. deathmetalbabe5izzy says:

    i can tell you people better advice for this video…im like an expert on
    getting my ex

  13. 97iceprincess says:

    i dont want HIM back lol but i do want him to feel bad for not being able
    to hav me hehehe

  14. VictoriaaCaetanoo says:

    aha… alright how would i get my ex back?

  15. Alexis Allen says:

    Really..the begginning of this is “edies book” lol. my ex is named eddie.

  16. javixm says:

    @hottjew264 Just saw your comment. I see it was 1 year ago. Care to let us
    know what happened? DId it work for you, did you follow the instructions?

  17. xXOMGROFLOLXx says:

    @11cornsnake What the fuck, man? This is a video about getting back an
    ex-boyfriend, not about some fucking dead girl or whatever.

  18. XiongVictoria says:

    I’m in love with this man, been with him for at least 2 years. I’d tell
    you, I’ve never felt like this with any other man (Exes). But, I KNOW I
    CAN’T HAVE HIM. He’s probably having the time of his life with other girls.
    If he would have struck with me a little longer , I think we would have
    been perfect for each other. I have searched and I really thought I found
    the “One”. I do not need a reason to be angry with God.

  19. waystogetyourexback says:

    I happen to view your video, and was kind of impressed by your work. Great
    job! Try to watch my video thanks~~

  20. Sydney Starnes says:

    I was going to dislike this until the whole “ex having a new love interest”
    part, as that applies to me.

  21. EyeAdmire says:

    @killanate14 wow …. the guy im talking to treats me like shxt ..

  22. rheannaannmarie says:

    i love my ex still hes all i think about i cant get him out of my head

  23. 13hoseyc says:

    your stupid smilies are in the way!!

  24. Sarah Male says:

    i wish we were still together but npo iy dont mean that i wana him back

  25. cesar ramos says:

    hey dats y my ex broke up wit me but her gf didnt treat her like shit

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