How To Make Your Ex Chase You (Reverse The Roles & Win Them Back) — How To Make Your Ex Chase You. Shift the balance of power and make your ex chase YOU! Trust me, it’s possible…. Right now yo…


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  1. 1ma4ighter says:

    fuck, I was supposed to start no contact yesterday, but after she sent me
    this huge monster I really felt like I had to reply. I played it cool and
    calm and gave the shortest answer to only her first question (why I removed
    her from my facebook account)
    she got mad again and then I basically said “I don’t wanna do this right
    she sent another msg but I read a thread and realized I wasn’t supposed to
    reply to texts. . . did I fuck up or am I still on the right track here?

  2. Erica Howard says:

    Hi Brad,I’d recently broke off a 5 year relationship because we’re still at
    ground zero,no moving forward,even though we were living together. I’d
    re-established my faith in God and started feeling uneasy about living
    together,but he didn’t want to get married. We’ve been broken up for about
    6months and I’d started dating someone else,and we hit it off just great
    but he went back to the mother if his son,just out of the blue,even after
    she’d cheated on him with his cousin living in the same house. But now my
    ex is asking around about me,and had thought I was going to be running back
    to him. What should I do about my 5 yr ex. I still care very much for
    him,but I’m standing my ground that the next man I lay with or live
    with,I’m good enough to carry their last name. Should I call my ex or
    should I just go on with my life or wait for him to contact me? I’d love to
    get back together with him but not if he’s nit ready to get married. I know
    these things because we know the same people and his older sister us my
    best friend,and for years his sister’s,brothers,nieces,nephews call me
    sister-n-law and I babysit for one of his great nephews. What should I do ?

  3. Cybraxas says:

    Hey Brad, I had the situation that about 1,5 years ago my ex started
    contacting me after almost 4 years of no contact. She soon told me she was
    in a relationship, but still wanted to meet me. After about half a year of
    her constantly writing me messages on facebook, I finally agreed and wen
    met. It was cool, she was very attracted, but I didnt really escalate and
    kiss her. I was somehow offended by the fact that she kept looking for
    intimacy with me although she was in a relationship. This kept going for
    more than half a year. Since her boyfriend is at home only on weekends, as
    soon as monday came, she started calling me or writing almost every day –
    until she fell into silence on fridays, and didnt give a sign of life
    before monday. So at last I became annoyed, since I knew that she was
    looking to have great intimacy and intense feelings with me, because she
    doesn’t have that with her boyfriend. And I know for sure that I was her
    most intense relationship. So at last I got so annyoed by being sucked up
    without getting back what I wanted in exchange, that I broke up contact
    (although she kept calling me every day for 2 whole weeks, but I ignored
    her calls).

    What do you think, should I have behaved differently in any stage? Many

  4. determinedsj says:

    Hi Brad. I broke up with my bf of 8 months because he stopped making time
    for me. He lives 40 minutes away and I hadn’t seen him for a whole month
    before he came to visit the last time. He ended up coming over and I gave
    him the cold shoulder because I hadn’t seem him the whole month. He said he
    had to go get something from his car and ended up driving all the way back(
    w/o telling me) to his town that night. He text and told me that basically
    he felt rejected and left because I made him feel that way. Was I wrong for
    expressing my disdain for his neglect? Did I lose him way before I broke up
    with him after leaving? Did he ever care to begin with?

  5. Emily Mendoza says:

    Hello brad I just broke up with my boyfriend a month ago and I had regret
    breaking up with him. So I apologized and told him I didn’t want to lose
    him. He at first said that we weren’t that I didn’t lose him but a day
    later he turns against me and ignores me completely and I just leave it
    like that. A week later I text him saying that I love and miss him on our
    day and if he still does he says yes but that’s he’s still hurt so I give
    him his space and tells me that he can’t take it no more that day can never
    be removed from his heart and to stop. So he blocks me on Facebook but
    doesn’t remove are pictures and I haven’t contacted him since that day its
    been 29 days since are break up but I still love him what do I do ? 

  6. Craig Mac says:

    hey brad , my girlfriend and i had been together for 6 years but friends
    for about 10,we bought a house 1 year ago and things seemed to be going ok,
    i was on a christmas night out and she was out with work friends, i turned
    up at the bar she was in and i saw one of her male work friends putting his
    hands on her in a way i didn’t like, she was really drunk and didn’t do
    anything back but didn’t stop him. i went a bit mad and confronted her. the
    next day she broke up with me, just over two weeks ago and went back to
    her parents, she said she didn’t know if she wanted to be with me or not so
    i spent two weeks telling her how much i loved her and buying her gifts.
    after two weeks she said she still didn’t know so we decided to not talk to
    give her time to think, the only issue is we have a dog together so after
    two days i went to pick him up and asked her how she was feeling to try and
    see what she was thinking, she told me she didn’t see us getting back
    together anytime soon and that she still loved and cared for me but is not
    “in love” with me. most of her stuff is still in the house i live in alone
    now, so i was wondering if you have any advice for this situation

    thanks in advance

  7. 4gNick says:

    Hey man, here’s my situation. Okay so me and this girl talked for a while
    about (3 months ) and she basically begged me to make it official and date
    her. I was hesitant at first because she has a 2 year old kid… ( we’re
    both 19) and I thought that was wierd at first but I eventually got over it
    and agreed to make it official. Well everything was good we dated for about
    2 months and then I started second guessing our relationship and I
    eventually told her I just wanted to be friends. She got really mad and
    made me feel bad so I ended up not breaking up with her( I still had
    feelings for her) . So we continued deating after that for a couple of
    weeks when she went on a family trip to the mountains. When she got back
    from the trip she started acting diferent and wasn’t as flirty /outgoing
    and I found out she was hanging out with another guy one day and when she
    was suppose to hang out with me. So I dumped her, and she wasn’t as upset
    as I thought she’d be like last time. I really want her to like me like in
    the past… so should I drop all form of communication with her including
    deleting her off social media like snapchat? 

  8. Kate Love says:

    Hi Brad. Three weeks ago I got dumped by my girlfriend of 1 month. That may
    not seem like a long time, but we were friends for 8 months prior to the
    relationship and talked/flirted whatever you want to call it for about 2
    months before making it official. The biggest problem was distance. I am in
    college and she is still in high school and lives 3 hours away in a
    different state so it was hard for me to find time to go visit her because
    I was very busy with school and also because I still rely financially on my
    parents, I had to abide by their rules about gas money and traveling long
    distances. Anyways, everything was going great. We celebrated our 1 month
    anniversary, she sent me a gift and a 3 page letter in the mail, she told
    me she was falling in love with me, and I was set to visit her the day
    after thanksgiving. Then, on the Sunday before thanks giving (just 5 days
    after our anniversary and her telling me she was falling in love) she calls
    me up and breaks up with me. Just like that. I was so confused because I
    thought everything was going great. She said she couldn’t handle the
    distance and actually got mad at me for not visiting her more often, even
    though she knows it is something I cannot control. At first, she still
    wanted me to come visit so we could talk about it, but I told her I wasn’t
    going to spend my time and money going down there just to be dumped again.
    At first I was very angry and sent her a lot of text messages out of anger
    and frustration. She wanted to stay friends. I said that was impossible.
    Finally we were talking normally but not too much and she was actually
    texting me. But, then last week I saw she was talking/flirting to her ex
    ((who lives 14 hours away and she has never met)) again and flirting with
    her all over twitter and I got angry and texted her telling her she lied
    and should have just told me she wanted her ex back. She later learned that
    wasn’t the case and was going to talk it out with her, but, before I could,
    one of my friends tweeted her some nasty things without telling me. This
    made her believe that I told my friend to tweet her those things and she
    blocked my phone number. I had another friend inform her that it wash’t me
    who prompted the ugly tweets and she said that made her feel better, but
    she still wanted to keep my number blocked. I just don’t know what to do. I
    miss her so much and I know the distance got to her but we talked about it
    so much before we made it official and I thought we were clear we would not
    let it come between us. I’ve been trying so hard the past 3 weeks to get
    over her but nothing is helping. All my friends tell me I’m better off
    without her but I don’t feel that way. I feel like our story isn’t over.
    She told me she didn’t see us working out in the long run. I just feel like
    I put so much effort into our relationship and trying to make it work I
    even was trying to get an internship in her town during the summer so I
    could be with her but I guess I was never good enough. I just don’t know
    what to do. I either want her back or I want to never think about her
    again. I am lost. 

  9. seghir bettia says:

    I was bff’s with this guy and my crush on him was soi big that I actually
    got dizzy in his presence. So 1 day I told him I’d tell’em who I liked we
    were in the same classes, bus, mostly everything, so I told’em 2 wait a
    week and he was beggin 2 know so I gav em the note he checked yes so he
    liked me back ( 2 be countinued)

  10. BeautyFuge says:

    Hi Brad,
    My Ex broke up with me after we’ve been dating for almost an year. We were
    really happy and the relationship was very serious. When he broke up he
    said he had been thinking about it for some time and that he was only 75%
    happy in the relationship and thinks he can do better. He still wanted to
    be friends and hang out like we usually do even after the breakup . I said
    no and did the NC rule for around 3 weeks.During all f those week, my ex
    called me a few times during the first week and when i didnt pick up left
    messages and stuff saying that if we wanted to meet up it will have to be
    such and such a day of the week or something. after a couple o f weeks of
    not responding to his emails(just stuff he sent that was interesting) I
    picked up his call and we chatted for sometime , I made it clear that I did
    not want to be friends. Then he called me up to ask for some of his stuff
    back and i asked him if he wanted to go out for coffee( before this we had
    already had this conversation and he asked me if il be open to hanging out
    over the holidays- i said ill think about i but i did say that i didnt want
    to be friends) . He said yes to the coffee and we are meeteing tomorrow.
    How should I handle the meet up so. I am getting all these mixed signals
    from him so im very confused on what stand to take. I think that he just
    wants this out of convinience and does not want to be alone atthis time. I
    know that hes been going to bars and stuff to check out girls and is not
    exactly moping around. But then , why does he still wanna hang out with me
    and have coffe and stuff. Would love some advice on how how to handle the

  11. gferge gervdfv says:

    @Brad Browning Hey Brad, me and my ex dated for 6 monthes, she is a
    mother, and very independant/stuck in her ways (hard headed), our
    relationship has been a good one, we both loved eachother and had many
    great memories, she is a avoidant type of attachment kind of person, and
    the reason she broke up with me is because she says she can’t do
    relationships, she feels like there is a constant urge to make me happy,
    and she can’t always fullfill those needs, I gave her space, but that didnt
    work, she ended it, even if she said I was the most honest and greatest guy
    she met, and she said its how she is, even if shed miss me terribly, she
    had to do end it, my question to you, is how do I get her back, she ended
    it 1 week ago and i set up no contact, do i just keep going with that, and
    wait for her to text, ( because i dnno if shes that kind of person) or do i
    wait 30 days and initiate contact ? how do i get a girl like this back ?
    p.s didnt show too much needyness after, tried to accept it , but still
    talked to her about why she didnt wanna make it work. Id also like to act,
    that she says that once a person is more then a friend , she cant love
    normally like others would and its difficult for her.

  12. Faith W. says:

    Continued….He believes that his feelings should be much stronger than
    what it is. He dropped off my stuff Saturday and we spoke in the car. I was
    crying hysterically. He was pretty set with what he felt. He stated that he
    is having hard time with his decision and that it’s not easy to let someone
    like me go. But he’s not in love me and that his feelings changed about a
    month ago. He said that I need to find someone that will give me what I
    deserve. Before I exited the car, he gave me a hug. I opened the door and
    said goodbye. He had his head held down and he was crying. I have yet to
    stop texting to tell him how I feel. He had responded, but again he doesn’t
    think nor does he want to be together. He said he has to keep busy to stop
    thinking about it. Do you think NC will work? Please help

  13. Kevin Kipling says:

    I have been separated for 5 months. we have been married for 16 years. I
    admitted all my wrongs and am working on fixing them. I live out of the
    home, just down the street. I see my three boys everyday. we tell each
    other we love each other but she says she is not ready to try again. there
    is no legal separation or anything legal yet.. this is not moving fast
    enough for me. please help !!!!!

  14. James R. says:

    Hi Brad,
    My ex dumped only a couple weeks into the relationship and it was kind of
    out of the blue. I begged for another chance and I regret doing this. I
    felt like a loser and I bet she felt like she “won” which I hate. I haven’t
    contacted her at all this week and don’t plan on doing so for a while. The
    problem is I have some classes with her at school and we bump into each
    other all the time in the hallways. She would always say hi with a smile.
    How should I respond and act around her in general? Ignore her? I don’t
    want her to think that I still want her back or anything. Thanks!

  15. Dankan Yamaki says:

    Hello Brad, my girlfriend broke up with me ( a 2 and a half years
    relationship). We are both 21 yo about 910 days ago and about 2 after we
    break up we meeted to go ice skating and we had a good time. but we had
    about 5 days ago a fight about our past relationship and her family doesn’t
    want her to see me( and i wasn’t even disrespectful)… but yet she texted
    me… most of the time she would try to say that i blame her of everything
    but i do not and even her friends see that… she said that she doesn’t
    want friends or boyfriends ever again because “everybody was against her”
    (not truth) and wants to be alone (wants me to leave her alone) but she
    doesnt just repply to my texts, she also iniciates conversations with me.
    she said a couple days ago she just wanted to be friends with me and i
    replied softly that it wont work that way and i couldn’t be her friend
    because she wants me to be her friend, and she couldn’t be my girlfriend
    just because i wanted … and told her i needed some space (no contact
    rule) and she replied that she was trying to chase me (as friend) ( but she
    always texted things with cold heart) i want deeply to follow your advice
    about the no contact, yet i fear in time it will make it worse… Please I
    ask your advice. What should I do in my case? And thank you for the hard
    work replying as much as you can to all of us

  16. lion heart says:

    No chance of getting my ex anymore :( he broke up with me saying that his
    parents find a girl to be his wife annd that they are planning to engage
    this summer, most of all he wish me to find someone to replace him ,im so
    hurt i feel,cheated bdtrayed and much more..its been more tban a week of o
    contact with i hope i can move with my life like u all :(

  17. Inayath Rizwan says:

    Can you help me out.
    I broke up with my ex because she was flirting with some guy right in front
    of me, she said she wasn’t and bla bla
    But at the end I told her she’s not good enough for me and that she don’t
    desirve my love. And so I broke up with her.
    How do I make her regreat what she did and make her chase after me? 

  18. Markell Cowan says:

    Hey brad, how could I get back a girl that wanted to take it slow but I
    think I mess up big time because I wanted to move kinda fast & but now she
    loss interest into me & kinda showed her tru colors but I left her on good
    terms but she told me a lot about how she felt safe with me & like beening
    around me anywhere but there’s a lot more to this if you wanna hear it

    But this was just a long story going into a short way.

  19. anahsushjw says:

    Hi brad…I have been watching all your videos..They are very helpful. .I m
    desperately waiting for your responce in my situation.
    If you missed my last comment..I wil explain again.
    He broke up 2 months ago.but streight away asked me to stay as freind.i
    dissapeared for 5 days then he messaged I replied..He sent again after 3
    days I replied again.then I started to call him often and he was tooo nice
    to me..After this he only see me message but did not reply and called.i
    lost control and asked him to come back.on his every message and call he
    would always say that I will contact later or give u my feed back.
    I went to his clinic to beg again.he welcomed nicely .complimented me also
    and told me that he will think.
    Then next day I decided that I must finish and dissapear.i decided to go to
    him and tell him that you are finished and I’m dissapearing forever.when I
    went there and told him he said why you will dissapear .u can call me
    everyday and I will be more than happy to see you.i was wearing his
    favourite color which noticed and praised.i again came ba k with hope.
    But he is not contacting at all.
    I have started no contact a week ago.
    I need your advice please.

  20. Jimmy Gee says:

    Hi brad, i was with my x for 4 years, towards the end of it i cheated on
    her and left her crying and having sleepless nights all alone for 2 months
    i completely ignored her. now i hear shes seeing someone else they
    apparently made plans to get engaged soon, i know for a fact her new man is
    just a REBOUND. she changed her number, i have no way of contacting her.
    just recently she started calling me on a blocked number just to hear me to
    say “hello” and then hang up. i made an effort of speaking to her mother to
    get a better understanding and her mother told me shes moved on i accepted
    it and chose to move on. Later that day i received a blocked number call
    and i answered it and i heard her crying on the phone i said her name 30
    seconds into the convo and she shut in my face. i made the decision to
    Email her i felt horrible i told her that i love her. The following day she
    replied by saying “whos this” when she clearly knew who it was… then i
    revived a call from her sister and she told me why am i still contacting
    her and she made me feel like shit by saying my sister would never contact
    you and she would never cry over you and kept bringing up the girl i
    cheated on her with. i dont understand why she wont try and handle this
    situation herself. i feel like she wants to make up at times then on the
    other hand i feel like she never wants to make up. please help me as i am
    really confused!

  21. Tim Sharp says:

    Hey Brad, I have a very unique situation. A couple of months ago, I met
    this girl, who is my classmate, I soon started to have a crush on her, so
    it started. I gave her something to acknowledge my attraction and she
    accepted. Three days later, she broke it off with a text, because
    apparently, her parents found out about the relationship. Unfortunately,
    this was purely an online relationship (As it happened over the weekend,
    didn’t have school on Monday) I was taken aback from the duration of the
    relationship, and I started to accept it, but I violated all your rules of
    the post-breakup period, including pointless texts, no-no’s, and do nots,
    and the 30 day no contact rule. My best friend started to have suspicions
    about the relationship and found out that she had lied. He parents never
    found out. The next day, they broke it to me. I felt the betrayal, the
    emotions and the trust, vanishing into thin air, because I made it clear
    that on the first day that all I valued in this relationship was honesty
    and loyalty. I’m an introvert. I rarely truly open up to people, so the
    revelation especially took a lot from me. I started to manifest a panic
    attack, so I had to leave the room, with her apparently noticing. In the
    ensuing days, I broke all of your rules, openly displaying my emotions to
    her and my best friend, but unbeknownst to the rest of the school and found
    out my other best friend was starting to date her, and had another panic
    attack. I soon got depressed and disillusioned. It hit a low when my best
    friend had to stay over at my place just to help me stay strong. I confided
    to my best friend that I wanted an apology and the hopes of salvaging our
    relationship. Eventually, I got over it through his help. A couple of weeks
    later, I got word that they broke up, but never got past the dating stage.
    At this point, I felt no emotion, I didn’t feel happy that it was over. Few
    days later, she approached me to say I she was sorry, but I also felt that
    I didn’t need the apology anymore. I felt empty. She also mentioned that
    she just fell out of love and if both of us could have waited, it would
    have worked. Now, I told her that we could still be friends, or even best
    friends if it allows, and she agreed. She even admitted that she was
    playing my friend’s and my feelings, but I feel bad about that anymore. She
    usually texts me the usual “Hi” “Hello” “How are you”, and at that point, I
    made the mistake again, twice. I got sentimental and texted her the wrong
    things, inquired about their relationship, asked if ours was better, and
    she even asked I was flirting with her, which I wasn’t. After that point, I
    haven’t talked to her ever since, in school or online. To be honest, I
    don’t know if I’m even attracted to her or not, and to be even more frank,
    I don’t even know if I’m over it or not. Man, I’m a sucker for these types
    of stuff. I’m not really educated about this stuff, so I don’t know much
    about dating laws. I’m just wondering about the fate of our relationship,
    so that’s what I’m asking you to evaluate, based on my actions and my
    situation which I think is that extreme. Hopefully, you could help me and
    advise me what to do. Thanks.

  22. Brendan Murphy says:

    Thanks brad she said she fell in love with me 4 months in and I could tell
    because she was completely head over heels for me. I just wanted a second
    chance becuase I got comfortable a d didn’t appreciate as much as I did and
    do the things I should have. So for her to go 2 days later to her ex
    boyfriend and her whole family dropped me after they said they loved me.
    Finally until this relationship became official she kept blocking me and
    unblockin me which made no sense. I just want to know if there still is a
    second chance, becuase I was dumb and pleaded and I talked to her face to
    face and she couldn’t even look at me the whole time and I told her to look
    me in the eye and tell me you dont love me and want to spend the rest of
    your life with me and she couldn’t so confused

  23. jjtnc says:

    Hey brad.
    I should of followed your advice from your videos but I couldn’t control my
    feelings having not been in love before.
    I spoke to my ex yesterday and got some closure on the situation maybe not
    such a great idea but i had to let her know some things she had done in the
    she responded well we agreed to take each other off Facebook but i said to
    add each other again she said she’s not ready for this.
    Im not going to contact her again i deleted messages and pictures as from
    today to help me move on.
    I don’t think the break up has hit her fully yet as she is in uni and lives
    in dorms and has a lot of friends there, like i said before she’s going
    home for the holidays and i think the break up will have a delayed effect
    on her as she is better than me in hiding her emotions and forgetting
    things. she said she still loves me but is too immature for a relationship
    and the love i showed her i doubt she will find anywhere again. she’s not
    used to being with guys although has a lot of guy friends.
    Any advice or thoughts on the situation. 

  24. Chiz says:

    Hey Brad, so my ex broke with me about a week ago, and they did it in
    almost an off hand matter (I had to legitimately text them later that day
    to see if we had or not). We were dating for about a month and a half and I
    acted cool with the breakup. She said there was trust issues and that there
    was another she thought liked me and that she couldn’t handle a
    relationship with a million feelings going on. So I just acted cool with
    that. But then the next day me and the girl that she thought liked me (I’ll
    just call her Sally) ended up alone in a room together with the door
    closed. We honestly did do anything in there I mean we talked and we played
    around a little bit but it was really just in a friendly way and nothing
    more because even now I couldn’t imagine getting in a relationship with
    anyone except my ex. But everyone thought that we were fooling around in
    there doing dirty stuff and so her friends went back and told her that and
    she said we weren’t friends anymore. I tried talking but she didn’t want to
    so I left a text saying I knew it was wrong and I was sorry. A week later
    (Tuesday) I talked to her about us being friends and she said yea she had
    let it go and that we could be friends but she would never trust me again.
    So at this point I’m thinking of doing no contact and text her around
    Christmas, any advice? By the way I’ve known this girl for about a year and
    I have a class with her in high school.

    -Thanks Brad!

  25. Saul Villegas says:

    Hey I just broke up with my girlfriend before we broke up she told that she
    needed time to think. That was last week. On Saturday she tells me that she
    loves me I told her that love her. On Sunday I asked her what is wrong she
    told me that she feels confused about how she feels about me. I am a
    freshman in college and she is a senior in high school. I want her back can
    you give me advice please. 

  26. MakeupLoverr03 says:

    Hi Brad, I don’t know if you will ever read this but I just don’t know if
    the 30 day rule applies with me… I met this guy and we dated for like 5
    months, everything was great, we were really good together, things were
    getting kind of serious… After some time suddenly we stoped talking and
    everything was over. Just like that. We had a fight because we were in twi
    different worlds, he had his life and I had mine, we have no common
    friends, we just met by casualty. But still, we made a really good couple.
    Anyway, as i said we had this fight because he was getting into college and
    i’m still at highschool, he said he does not have time and all that. I was
    really mad at him, we never ended the fight. We just stopped talking.
    Should I do something? Should i talk to him? It’s been like 4 months since
    then. We dont talk anymore but he still sends me snapchats with our inside
    jokes, he likes my facebook pictures. He keeps doing this stupid, maybe
    meaningless, things but he’s managing to keep me from moving on if that
    makes sence. 

  27. Lipgloss2247 says:

    Hey Brad. My ex broke up with me a few days ago, and said he wanted to talk
    to me the next day. Now, he says he’s not going to talk to me. Is there any
    reason of this sudden change? We were perfectly together, and the break up
    was completely blindsided and random. 

  28. davide shong says:

    Brad,This video is really helpful . but i am currently having a long
    distance relationship right now . We actually broke up 1 month ago,but we
    struggled for like a month…We still love each other but she always try
    to hide her feeling,and pretend nothing happened which he admitted.My
    girlfriend is really insecure and sensitive. She still says she misses me
    sometimes. After break up she still ️sometimes send me

  29. Em M1990 says:

    Hi Brad, I think my situation is different and none of the videos answer it
    really. We were so close, living together, planning a holiday etc. Then he
    had to work loads as otherwise he would loose his job as he’s a trainee
    still at a big company. He started going to the gym more (he’s a body
    builder and me and friends think after his exams he might have gone on
    steroids as he’s massively bigger now and he was acting differently near
    the end) , going out and making me less of a priority etc but when he was
    with me was still amazing and cuddly and so kind. He asked for space when
    his granddad got sick so I gave it to him. We saw each other once and then
    he broke up with me a week later, saying that he wasn’t sure how he felt
    but 70% of why we were breaking up was his job. We didn’t speak for 2
    months and I followed the no contact, didn’t tx or anything. In that time
    frame, after saying he still cared about me and said it was up to me if I
    wanted to be friends, he the proceeded to delete pictures of us from his
    Facebook so I removed him as it was hurting me. I recently contacted him to
    get my stuff back (2 months no contact) and in the week before I got it
    back he message me quite a bit, even letting me know when he ended up in
    hospital. When I saw him he asked me so many questions about my life and
    what I was up to and about my dissertation, and applying for jobs etc it
    was intense. He also told me he’d done nothing but work, he was taking a
    family holiday but besides that he wouldn’t have time to take all his
    holidays and he got pretty angry when I told him a friend of his had hit on
    me and I just want him to know that it had happened and I hadn’t gone
    behind his back etc. When he left he said talk soon but I sent a tx 10 days
    later asking a question about uni work he had done that I’m now doing at
    the same university and he never replied? Im not sure what to do? The
    sending a letter or tx saying I accept the breakup etc won’t work now as it
    would just look odd and we have seen each other and its now 3 months but
    i’m not sure where I go from here? I was considering sending him a
    christmas card as he knows how much I love christmas, but I’m not sure what
    else to do? Thanks 

  30. Jennah B says:

    well my situation was very weird. the day before he was acting normal and
    telling me that he loved me and all of this stuff. The next day he gets
    someone else to tell me that he wanted to break up with me… I had to text
    him and he said it was true and thats it. he was very rude about it. I know
    something happened but I do not know what.. maybe someone influenced him to
    break up with me? I dont know at all.

  31. picasso petion says:

    brad i break up with my fiancee because i don’t trust her, shes too
    friendly with other man, but the thing is every time i try to leave her she
    always find a way to contact me…but this time im serious 

  32. Ryan Deffley says:

    No contact isn’t exactly a new concept.

    But an ex should stay an ex in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong. It’s
    perfectly natural to miss and reminisce on old times. But, in the end,
    they’re still the same person they always were. Instead of investing time
    and mental energy into getting an ex back, try learning from your mistakes
    and finding someone new that doesn’t have the qualities your ex did. That’s
    my .02 anyways.

  33. Katherine Nguyen says:

    Hey brad.
    Currently my bf has not broken up with me yet but he has told me he might
    be going to. I want him to want me back… i just don’t know whether to
    approach it like he is already my ex or whether this is a completely
    different situation. 

  34. Kiara Conwell says:

    Hey Brad I have a question! me and my ex had been broken up for two years.
    He is in a relationship with another woman, but he keeps coming back to me.
    I don’t what to think. is it possible that he misses what we had? or is it
    that I’m being used as a back up plan?

  35. Rick says:

    Hey Brad, so I broke up with my Ex about 3-4 months ago. I regret breaking
    up with her and at that time we still loved each other very much. 1-2
    months after she asked to get back with me but I said no and needed more
    time. 2 weeks ago i confessed my love and asked for her back. At this time,
    she is seeing a guy very casually but insured me that it probably wouldn’t
    turn into anything. When I confessed my love I came clean and said that I
    had sex with a girl after we broke up (when we had break up/make up sex I
    told her that I hadn’t slept with anyone). Then a week ago, I came clean
    about 2 other girls I had slept with after we had the break up/make up sex.
    She called me disgusting and wouldn’t talk to me. We are now texting and
    Face timing a little bit here and there but it isn’t that consistent and
    she doesn’t seem to into it (takes awhile for her to respond). I have
    really changed as a person and I just want her to see it, I need her to
    trust me again because she thinks of me as a liar. How would you recommend
    that I win her back and have her trust me again. Thank you 

  36. Sintox0 says:

    Brad love the channel and advice! What about long distance relationships
    that come to an end? We’ve been long distance for a year (we had a non
    exclusive relationship so there was no jealousy) We see each other three
    times a year for two or three weeks at a time. (I live in the UK, she in
    New York).
    Its getting too hard for her. she misses me too much emotionally. Shes too
    sad, plus she recently got a new job and has much less time off work so
    less trips…. I know she loves me it’s just the timing is wrong. Plus
    although we would speak most days via skype often I didn’t find the time
    for her. Since we split last week we have been friends and I have realised
    how much she means to me. We have spoken on the phone every night for 3
    hours for the last 4 night and our relationship is the strongest its ever
    been, she’s the one that calls me and texts me everyday! I know she still
    wants me the time just isn’t right. (I want to move in 9 months). Should I
    still cut her off for 1 month or should I stay friends and try to spark it
    up in 9 months when I move? Thanks Brad I really appreciate your wisdom. 

  37. John Smith says:

    Hey so my girlfriend and I have dated for 3 years, it is our senior year
    and she thinks we have missed out on the real high school experience. I
    agree, but she wanted to see if the “grass was greener on the other side,”
    so i agreed with her and we agreed to be “best friends” but haven’t talked
    yet (but its only been 3 days so I’m not worried). My point is that even
    though i agree and would also like to see if the grass really is greener on
    the other side, i disagree with how she went about this. I think we should
    have decided to “take a break” and see what it is like since we both agree
    that we would like to find out instead of completely ending the
    relationship. Because what if it isn’t better on the other side? What if we
    do this for a month and hate it and want each other back? I’d like to talk
    to her about this but I don’t know how to go about it, what do you think?
    Should i tell her that i think we should change it to “taking a break” so
    that in a month or two we come back to each other and decide if we want to
    rekindle the relationship or just end it completely? I don’t want to seem
    like I’m begging for her back (because I’m not) but we are both still in
    love, we just need space to find ourselves a little better and know for
    sure if we have been making the right decision for the last 3 years

  38. Timberlo says:

    hi Brad me and this girl that ive know for about nearly a year we started
    seeing each other after a couple of months of her being apart from her ex
    she then went back to her ex for about 3 months and i never spoke to her at
    all during she broke up with her ex after me and her becoming friends again
    for about a month we where on and off but with me always chasing her. she
    said she loved me to my friend but doesnt want to be in a relationship
    because she is scared of hurting me again and doesnt think she could make
    that kind of commitment just now. i really do love her and im just stumped
    should i be trying to make her chase me instead of the other way about? and
    if she says she wants to be with me do i reject it at first? but thanks
    brad for the videos they have gave me better knowledge about this kind of
    stuff. – Steve

  39. Omses says:

    I am 16 and i just broke up with my ‘girlfriend’ (we werent really a couple
    but we hung out like every 2 days and kissed and stuff) after like a month
    we started to hang out less and text messaging also decreased to like every
    day but not like big conversations, it looked like she was losing interest
    in me and I was right, when she ‘broke up’ she said that she doesnt want
    anything because in her opinion it always ended up her hurting someone else
    and she doesnt want that, but I love her and i want her back. Help me

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