How To Make Your Ex Miss You — Want to know how to make your ex miss you like mad? In this video, breakup expert Brad Browning shares some sneaky tricks you c…


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  1. Luna Fly says:

    My husband just left on a vaca with new girlfriend. He lost everything over
    time and loves ppl who use him. Sucks that I need hm! I wish to just be
    gone…! Sucks Heart hurts

  2. Dan Mar says:

    Brad i have a question…what if you have gotten so used to pulling off
    this move with previous relationships enough to make them miss you so bad
    but you DID move on. And then there is this ONE person you finally got into
    seriously for years now…then it happens and you decide to pull this move
    not exactly to get her back but because it is something you are already
    used to……how not to get used to moving on this time and wanting her
    back? Besides being a lonewolf i have grown accostumed to this chick which
    i feel she is the one for me…i want to give her time but i do move on in
    life when i decide to… and im afraid this “we will be back together and
    things will be done right this time” might not be as i wish it to be.

  3. jo grinz says:

    OMG! what a load of shit.. only a weak person would want to get back with
    their ex.. . Getting BACK with your ex is going back in life when you
    should be going forward in life and enjoy living it to the fullest. If a
    relationship doesn’t work the first time it’s never going to work…..

  4. Coolish Zulu says:

    Hey Brad, I need some help please. Its been 9 months since me and my
    Girlfriend have been broken up, she didnt give me any reason for breaking
    up with me except saying her feelings have changed, and we was together for
    a year and a half. Im 22 and shes 18. She still contacts me every two
    weeks, and asks the same questions. What am I up too, how have I been ect,
    and its been going on for a while now. How do I get her back as I still
    miss her. Do I write a letter, or ask her to meet? Thank you.

  5. 888TopGear888 says:

    Hey Brad, I could really use your help here. Ive been reading your e-book
    and im halfway through and im really starting to lose hope.
    My ex and I broke up about 2 weeks ago, and I didn’t handle it very well.
    I’ve begged, I went to her place once to talk to her and nothing good came
    from it. She told me she hadn’t even thought about getting back together
    with me once since since the brake up which tore me to pieces. But
    afterwards I sent her a text message, apologizing for everything and saying
    that im happy for her that shes moved on. She took it well and thanked me
    for sending that msg.
    I tried the no contact rule, but its very difficult. I have multiple
    classes with her everyday and I don’t know how to handle the no contact.
    I’ve tried minimizing my interactions with her, but sometimes she sits next
    to me and breaks my no contact. How do I do the no contact when I see her
    every day and have to deal with her everyday? Also, during the no contact
    which lasted for 4 days till i restarted it, she texted me twice and i
    replied after a few hours, kept it very short, and said i was busy doing
    things to which she replied “niiiice :)”
    I really don’t know what to do. Please help 

  6. Chelsea Livingston says:

    You say to stay in no contact for 30 days but at 3 weeks (21 days) is when
    they’ll reach the peak of missing you….I’m confused why to wait another
    week then? Also, I’ve been I’m NC now for exactly 15 days and he hasn’t
    contacted me once….do you think I still have a chance? I’m really afraid
    to reach out after the 30 days for fear of being rejected after I put a lot
    of time and hope into this method…thanks again Brad. Your help is

  7. Deyone Truh Bluh says:

    Hey brad, what if its been 2 months almost 3 after the break up? We contact
    each other some what regularly or once a week for the kids, but i do want
    to do the 30 days no contact. And just be there from afar. Is that a good

  8. ValerieLuvsMac says:

    Hey Brad! I have a question, hope you get to see it and answer it as well,
    I would really appreciate it!!!
    My ex broke up with me two months ago, he wasnt very sure about his
    emotions for me, after the break up, I decided to do the no contact rule in
    order to get him back, and after 7 weeks, I broke the no contact rule and
    talked to him, and got nothing good from it, he only wants me as a friend,
    and hes says hes sure about not getting back together, I only ended up
    worse..and now I feel like a fool.My question here is.. can I still get my
    ex back even though I broke the no contact rule? Can I start all over again
    and getting the results Im waiting for,?? which is getting him back. I
    would appreciate your help!

  9. Wilbert Villatoro says:

    Hey Brad,
    So my ex broke up with me because she was cheating on me and felt that she
    couldn’t do this to me. She was cheating on me for a month, she didn’t have
    sex with the guy or anything. I found out for myself that this was going
    on, and she just felt devastated that she could ever do this to someone who
    lives her so much. Im not one to hold onto grudges, and I’m over it i just
    want her back. She also said she really wanted to focus on herself and she
    stopped all contact with the other guy. Help????

  10. Cem Zaim says:

    Brad so i had a 3 year long distance relationship and it ended badly now
    she has a new boyfriend and i miss her like crazy. How can i make her miss
    me. How can i make my ex chase me. I really love her and seeing her and her
    new boyfriend makes me suffer everyday. Please help me

  11. Ian Irca says:

    Brad, we have been in a relationship for almost 9 years, we have been
    together almost everyday during our relationship, She broke up with me for
    about a month already, ofcourse, I did everything to get her back, beg,
    give here flowers, letters and cry. But now after a month of doing it, I
    decided to do the No contact, do you think it will still work even though
    it’s been a month already? She does contact me, asking for something and
    all, wanting to be friends and hanging out with her. But now, I decided to
    do the NC. it’s been 4 days. do you think it will still work? Thanks Brad!

  12. callum hodson says:

    Hey Brad, love all your videos the fact there free to view makes them even
    better. I was wondering if you have any advice on insecurity because my
    head is all over the place out of no where I get these stupid thoughts its
    really desroying my happiness I dont really have reasons to be paranoid
    either if you have any information please share with me, Thank you :)

  13. ReekHaveck says:

    Love your stuff, so I’m going to a going away gathering for a friend of
    mine. I know my ex is going to be there and the 30 day no contact phase has
    ended. Idk how to approach her? Is asking her out to dinner at the end of
    the night to soon ? 

  14. Sparta says:

    Brad, what should I do if it’s been 2 months since the break up and I
    initially did pretty much all of the wrong things?

  15. Jayr Batac says:

    Hey brad, my ex girlfriend and I broke up the other day and were almost
    4yrs now. Then i cought her with her new partner yesterday. Then this
    morning i talked to her then she said i give up. I tried not to cry infront
    of her but my tears fell down. Is there any chance that we can get back
    together? Or should i give up?

  16. Diogo019 says:

    Hey Brad! Great videos, congratulations. I have a question for you: I dated
    this girl for 8 years, cause of break up: you guess it, lack of attraction.
    So I’m very focused in self-improvement right now, I’m planning doing
    self-improvement for about 3-5 months. Is this too much time of no contact?
    Can she forget about me during this time? I want to be the best of me when
    I contact her again. 

  17. Sheela Chand says:


    Thank you for your message. We talked about it and he is not sure if he
    ever wants to settle.. He is younger than me.. i just wanted some steady
    relationship. .. He told me to find some one else. It’s just heartbreaking
    to see someone leave and we linger in our memories. ….. can you suggest
    me how should I go about and forget him…. i gave my 200 percent and was
    there when he was in the deepest shit


  18. Alexis Foss says:

    Hey my ex he was sweet we talk we just date for a week and he said that he
    wishes that we where just friends and he said he just need to focus on
    school but he sits their and ask me if I was ok I know that he still have
    have feeling for me and when he did I was very hurt I hope if I tell him I
    will help him with homework bc we have some classes with each other but
    still I told him bc we are not dating we can’t hug but he still wants me to
    hug him what should I do i really want him I still have felling for him
    while I was dating him I started to like him and didn’t care what ppl said
    about him I did a lot of stuff for him and he didn’t know it

  19. alynka hall says:

    Me and my boyfriend just broke up I have anger problems so I get mad easily
    so I said bye to him on kik we use kik to talk then he said bye then he
    went on fb looking for another relationship is it worth tryna save our
    relationship or should I just move on

  20. Nisachon Puangsat says:

    Hey Brad, thank you so much for your advice on my previous question. So I’m
    going to complete the “No contact rule (31 days)” on December 18th. If my
    ex still doesn’t contact me at all by then, should I reach out to him first
    by texting him and say something like ” Happy Christmas! Hope all is
    well..blahh blahh” (Since Christmas is coming up and he is now deployed in
    S. Korea. So he might feel a little homesick and might want some
    encouragement or someone to cheer him up?) or should I wait on him to
    contact me first,even if that means I’ll have to wait for the next 6 months
    till he comes back to the States and then contact him again? Please advise
    me again. Thank you.

  21. LIPodcastNetworkCom says:

    Hey Brad, I have a question about the no-contact strategy. I won’t get into
    my particular situation, but my thoughts on the no contact strategy is that
    there are two types of “no contact”: 1. Initial Contact and 2. Reply

    I can understand not contacting your ex for 30 days (initial contact), but
    what if your ex contacts you (reply contact). Are you really supposed to
    ignore that person’s texts and calls for 30 days? My thoughts is that is
    way too long, because if you do not reply to your ex’s text messages or
    phone calls in a day or two, your ex may be angry and think that we are no
    longer interested and find someone else. I mean, 30 days is not a lot of
    time for your ex to find someone else and I can see that happening if we
    don’t answer them. Or, they may just think we are not interested and get
    over us that more quickly.

    What are your thoughts?

  22. Pretty Chocoholic says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me…he had been breaking up for 2-3
    mounths…but when we get back together it’s like nothing happen…and if I
    try to talk about or fix problems in relationship he starts running away
    again…we’re together for 2 years and living together some time…and we
    attend same college…but he wants to be completly without me…he’s acting
    nice but doesn’t have any need for kisssing or smth…he said that he loves
    me but it’s not working out…he doesn’t want to be with someone
    else…what should I do?

  23. pumkinlos says:

    Hey Brad me and my girl were together only for two months and I messed
    things up big time so much so she called it off. What ever your saying in
    your videos will it apply to me as well? Do I have a chance of getting her
    back we would spend alot of time together and she would look for ways to
    meet me as well and vice versa it was mutual but ever since she called it
    off she does not msg me its as if I am not there I panicked and went
    begging her and all tue things I was not supposed to do is ur advice
    applicable in my case?

  24. Morgan meyer says:

    Hello Brad! So this guy and I were never officially dating, we went on a
    lot of dates in a short period of time, both showing physical attraction to
    each other, everything was great! We’d text from the time we woke up til
    the time we went to sleep! All of a sudden he started acting very distant
    so I asked him if something was wrong and he asked “why” and I said “you
    just don’t seem that interested in talking to me” he then said “hmmm… Are
    you sure I like you?” And then a few days later I texted and said
    “(name)… I like you, and if you don’t like me then okay. But just tell me
    that” he said that he does like me and I am an amazing girl, and he noticed
    we hadn’t been texting like we used to. After he said that I tried to text
    like normal using a lot of flirty emojis and something’s we’d say, but he
    still seemed so distant. I just didn’t text him for a few days and he never
    texted me… How could things change so fast? How can I get him back?
    Please help!

  25. Richard Bates says:

    thanks thats realy helpped me now i dont have to listen to sad songs

  26. Rackzify says:

    The girl I talked to for 9 months broke up with me through text and it’s
    been near a month and a half now with no contact but she’s never given me a
    text/call….. does that mean she’s really over me? what should I do?

  27. R JC says:

    Hey Brad, so my ex broke up with me after being together for just about a
    year. We had been friends before that for five years, very close friends
    whom always had an attraction towards one another. They problem is I am
    currently deployed over seas. I know she still loves me as she has stated
    as such. I have let my emotions of being stressed while on this deployment
    ruin our relationship, I am the reason that it has ended the way it has. I
    want nothing more than to make this right and win her back, the problem is
    when we talk (and that is only through messages online) she is very cold
    and angry. I don’t come home for another 4 months and I am giving her the
    space she wants, IE: no contact. But I worry that I am going to lose her
    regardless. She still stays in contact with my a couple of my close friends
    and even my parents, but yet she tells them all that there is no way we
    will get back together. I am really curious as to your thoughts on this as
    I have watched several of your videos and you seem very educated on these
    subjects. I have decided to change for myself and to learn to unroot my
    negative emotions, but this will not win her back. Any thoughts would help.

  28. David Canaes says:

    Hey Brad
    Me and my ex girlfriend broke up in august 2013 (she broke up) , since
    then she had another boyfriend , but they broke up . I didnt have anyone
    since then . When she was in that relationship with the other guy , she
    recurred to me sometimes to get my help to talk about the problems , even
    was a time when she said that she missed me , and she wanted to kiss me ,
    and i was and still am a soft heart and if i can get her back i would acept
    it . Because i can’t move on , i cant see in anyone what i see in her , and
    my mind stupidily does this thing of looking to her like she is like a
    godess , and she is not , but i cant find anyone like her and i feel like i
    dont want anyone else. Continuing, they went together after that time that
    she said she wanted to kiss me , and then they broke up . Then she started
    to talked to me , and since then we talk practically daily . 3 weeks ago ,
    we were with the idea of getting back together , but she knew i had been
    with one girl and i felt a attraction for that girl but i told her , i
    didn’t felt that anymore , but she suddendly makes the decision that we are
    not coming back together . And she doesn’t turn this decision around. ANd
    its weird because she already told me that i am perfect and diferent and
    bla bla bla , but she still doesn’t want to get back . ANd i’m am weack i
    admit it , i cant resist her , and i am always to try to get more , she
    knows how to play me and i am always getting hurted because she says she
    doesn’t want me but she is always getting closer and calling me cute names
    and so on … but when we have a fight is like all that starts from zero
    again and we beggin getting closer again until the moment we fight again ,
    and its like this over and over . I cant say no to her… because like i
    said i see her as a godess … and thats bad because i get hurt a lot by
    her , because she doesn’t see me that way… i cant make her miss me , i
    cant make her jealous , i cant make her want me badly . I just cant make
    her turn her ideas around . I cant stand , be friend with her because it
    hurts a bit (because i think now what i feel for her is the desire and
    attraction , not love or at least not so much) , but it is the only way of
    reaproaching to her … i don’t really know what to do . I don’t saw her
    since the breakup because we are from different cities , but , next year
    she is coming to my high school and i am afraid what i will feel facing her
    every day, i really want to be her boyfriend again . But is always me who
    says the first “i like you” the first “i miss you ” and all she does is
    basically say “me too” . Please help me if you can :/

  29. Marina Vivar says:

    Brad I bought your course how do I do no contact if I have kids with him?
    He wants to see the kids but I want him back I pleaded I begged in my knees
    he says he’s not interested I told him we can create new memories with our
    children he said ‘ sure but not with me’ he won’t even tell me where he
    lives. Yes I was very angry I told him many things when we fist broke up
    but how was I suppose to take the news that the man I loved and committed
    myself too . Just one day says he’s leaving me that he doesn’t love me
    anymore ? Of course I reacted crazily :(

  30. aaronpaul06 says:

    Hi, Brad. My boyfriend broke up with me about 2 weeks ago. We dated
    exclusively for 4 months and really took our time building a friendship
    together. He broke up with me because he is not emotionally available. He
    feels he is not in a good place right now. He cried the whole time he broke
    up with me and was very upset. We never had any disagreements or arguments,
    so this came as a surprise to me. We have had a little contact, but that
    has stopped. What can I do to get him back? 

  31. Niloofar Pour says:

    Hello Brad. I don’t know if you see my little comment or not . but I really
    hope you do . I broke up 3 weeks ago with my boyfriend who loved me very
    much and I loved him as well . but we had some problems that lead us to get
    separate. he told to his friends he doesn’t want to get back with me but I
    really do want him back. I had contact with him like he liked my photos on
    fb or we went out with our friends because we have many mutual friends. so
    my question is can I start these 3 weeks no contact period from now? or it
    is too late? please help me :) all the best

  32. Marc Espinosa says:

    Hey brad I’m kinda of in a bit of a pickle. so me and my girlfriend broke
    up yesterday and I haven’t really talk to her. things didn’t end to well i
    got her really upset and the whole trust thing kinda went out the window..
    anyways brad I really need your help her birthday is this Thursday and she
    may move away to Georgia which I hope she dosent. Please brad help me..

  33. Tak Tk says:

    Hey Brad, please help me. I am dying inside. My boyfriend of 3 years just
    stopped talking to me. We didn’t fight or have an argument. He won’t pick
    up my calls, answer my texts,hangs up the phone when I call him from a
    different number. I don’t know whether this means he has broken up with me
    by default, but it’s killing me. It’s been 3 weeks and I have no idea
    what’s going on. He lives in a different country than I do,but I know he is
    alive and well. What am I supposed to do? He literally is avoiding any form
    of communication from me and I just wish he could tell me what the hell is
    going on. What do I do in this situation? I am hurting and this sucks.
    Please help. 

  34. dazv555 says:

    hey brad ,I Subscribed ,just some help here,so i broke up with my ex, he
    didn’t want to commit, deleted him from fb,snapchat,then i regretted it , i
    did the nc rule for about a month, he texted me , to see how was i doing
    and if i wanted to hang out and catch up that weekend, but i was busy, so i
    arrange a different day which he agreed and offered to pick me up , so far
    so good until i texted him saying that maybe we should meet there, to which
    he obviously didn;t want that. i insisted and he never replied, following
    day, the day of our date, i got an invite to a party, so i texted my ex
    “hey so are we still going or not? ” to which he replied “im sorry got
    business emergency , ill call you in a hour blah blah blah” i texted him
    “sure”, he never called or texted me again, my question is what is he
    problem, why reappear and then dissapear does anyone got a clue? i don’t
    really understand this situation, i’m dating someone now, but it keeps
    bothering me. 

  35. Tanyashia Scales says:

    Now what if they broke up with you, but their the one calling you? But at
    the same time saying they want a “break”. Should I not answer the phone,
    and just ignore him?

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