How to Make Your Ex Want You Back – Make Your Ex Powerless to Resist You

GET YOUR EX: If you want to know how to make your ex want you back there are some important things you need …


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  1. Gameanimedragon says:

    So how can I change my ex after all I have done? I have beg and plead and I
    was so despret so I buy my ex flawers and I was baking her favorite
    cookies. And I was with her bestfriends and after that they tale everything
    I have said to them and so I breakup the contact with them beacuse its
    feels that they have make my ex move forward and now my ex have someone
    else now and my ex said that they are just “friends” and I don’t believe
    that. And I was so stupid that I was calling many times and for two days we
    was just talking like normal beacuse I must pick up my mail how have come
    to my ex.. and I don’t understand why my ex ask how are with my family. Are
    there something my ex miss me or just a normaly question? Anyway my ex
    friends have been back on my back and talking what I have said to them and
    I think that they have change my ex mind to forget me and push my ex to
    another guy.. beacuse my ex have change and she want not to see me,talking
    to me,said that ours relationship was just blind?.. we was together in two
    years and eight months and we was living together in six months..and we was
    breaking up for two month ago and I was trying to win her back in a one
    month and now I’m living with my family and I was moving in to them for
    three weeks ago.. and I was calling her and send her text message who was
    rude and stupid things and it’s feels like I have push her away to another
    guy now.. and she said that we are not going to be us again beacuse she
    said that we have not a samedream and I was so stupped and think why was we
    together so long and she said all that stuff and she said that she doesn’t
    love me anymore and don’t want me anymore.. I have not contact her now for
    two days but for one week ago I was not contact her in five days and that
    day I was contact with her beacuse I was wondering what the restaurang name
    was or the Phone number, then my ex said that she doesn’t remeber the name
    of it like that she akt like she doesn’t care if I was meeting other girls
    or she doesn’t get jealous why I was asking about the restaurang? Are her
    really as falling to someone else or she just akt that she didn’t care or
    been jealous? Hope you can answer my comments!! 

  2. Patrice Callaghan says:

    What if it’s the other way around where they don’t want to leave you alone.

  3. Gbc Brl says:

    Your brilliant. Everything you said makes absolute sense!

  4. sangam gurung says:

    Hi michael . Just bought the program but having problem downloading it..
    can u help me plz. After purchasing there comes ur vudeo saying thanx for
    purchasing and to skip video press the no thanx button but there is no such
    button.. is this scam or what.. its really worrying me..

  5. 27lollylove says:

    You are absolutely true !! 

  6. travis pastranan says:

    one question though,should you be honest with your ex when you are speaking
    with them like for instance if you have a dream about good times with her
    should you tell her about that dream?

  7. travis pastranan says:

    thanx soo much man this helped alot

  8. Jaime caminantedelzielo says:

    Very good man, thanks

  9. meanmachinemash ravat says:

    i love the “hail mary”…great video.

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