How To Seduce Your Ex Girlfriend (And Get Her Back Into Your Bed) — How To Seduce Your Ex Girlfriend (And Get Her Back Into Your Bed) A lot of my male clientele don’t even want their ex back. A l…


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  1. longchank0 says:

    ive follow the steps.. its been 4 months after we broke up. i’m keeping
    ignoring her … and the last 2 week, she started to eyes contact with me (
    we study at the same university, sometime we met at the canteen or the
    parking lot, etc )… is it the sign that i could go step3: disguise as a
    friend ?

  2. Jack Shamon says:

    Brad you are the best just in case you happen to care

  3. Shai Lee says:

    Hey brad shai here again, but this time this isn’t about my ex see its
    about a girl I’ve been talking to since October until about Decemberish. So
    we met thru a friend and we only met in person once. But we texted a bunch
    all the time throughout the day at night phone calls at night before bed
    you know the usual. But then things started slowing down text weren’t as
    frequent same with the phone calls and she used the I’ve been busy card on
    me so I brushed it off. But in about mid December she used “I’m going
    through some shit right now” and ever since then I haven’t heard from her
    since but she post pictures on Facebook which I can see on my newsfeed. So
    long story short is she using the I’m going through some stuff right now to
    pretty much tell me that she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore but in a
    nice way??

  4. jake hardman says:

    Hello Brad. I’ve commented on a few of your vids, your helping out and
    slowly I’m getting there. BUt what if you want both? Like you want to turn
    your girlfriend on and get her back in a relationship? Because I know that
    when I turn my ex on it usually makes her really talk to me and really like
    me. I’ve only just had time to do the no contact thing over christmas after
    being friendzoned, but before i was friend zoned when we spoke I know that
    when i turned her on she was all over me. Is this a good thing, or does she
    just want a bit of fun??

  5. Joe King says:

    Hey buddy, what do I do if my girlfriend wants me to move on and find
    another girl and be happy? I have no idea how to get her back and i loved
    her like crazy and really would appreciate any help you could give me x

  6. Suhashana Wijayaratna says:

    Hey Brad, isn’t it better for the guy to ask her if he could kiss her,
    rather than just do it without her consent? Because if by chance she
    actually doesn’t want it to happen, couldn’t it amount to sexual assault?
    This has happened to me and I’ve actually felt pretty violated. 

  7. dashdeleg gonchigsuren says:

    Ty your videos helps me allot 

  8. Mack McCord says:

    My girlfriend broke up with me in July and moved out. We started talking
    regularly at the end of August. She came over a couple of times that week
    just for sex. She called me twice wanting phone sex. Then her ex husband
    came and crashed at her house for a while and we argued about that. She
    pulled away again but she has come to see me twice since. Once to watch a
    movie and once for sex but she also signed up for POF and has started
    talking to other men and she has met several for drinks. We had an argument
    over this and she pulled even further away. Now she is talking but only if
    i initiate contact. What do i need to do?

  9. nancyinwonderland says:

    Hey Brad, I’m a female subscriber and have learned a lot from you, however,
    I’m disappointed in this video. I know you’re just answering a question you
    probably get asked a lot from male viewers, but the information provided
    here objectifies women as sex toys, and we don’t appreciate being used as
    such. I wish you would’ve at least discussed the morals of deceiving a
    girl, because she would only inevitably get hurt again, if not more, after
    the second break up (because no doubt most girls wouldn’t want to keep an
    ex around if she learns he just came back for sex). Just a thought =)

  10. Gavin Sloan says:

    Your the man Brad!

  11. XadieuThan says:

    Hey brad, i just started nc with my ex gf after buying ur program. She
    insisted we be friend after a period of time alone. We broke up for a week
    now, after a 3 yrs relationship. I tried talking to her again but she say
    once she contact me again we can hang out as friend. Idk if this is a good
    sign but she still has our pic and videos on fb. But i know that may just
    be good memories she doesnt want to delete yet. Should i even try to be
    friend with her if nc doesn help.

  12. John Thompson says:

    Hey brad, Me and my ex have been broken up for about 6 months now and i
    seem to be stuck in her friendzone, she’s still entertaining guys and such.
    Anyway, 4 months into the break up, i invited her to my house to study, she
    spent the day mostly sleeping because her class started early, i cooked
    lunch for her, after that, we went back to my room and we were in my bed
    and she asked me to help her study so i agreed, moments later she asked me
    if she could “touch me there” so i agreed and that’s all that happened and
    she told me she was sorry that happened and she said that doesn’t change
    our situation. A couple of days later, i invited her over again and once
    again i was helping her study and we were in bed and i had my arm around
    her and her hands moved south again the same thing happened from day 1 but
    no words were said after that. Then 5 days later, i invited her to study
    again, and we went all the way. after that she told me ”no more of that”
    and a couple of days later, i tried to seduce her again and she said “it’s
    not like that anymore” so we kept going on as friends (even though i still
    hung on to the hope of getting back together with her). 2 months after
    (right now) i tried to use the “clean slate” but then she got upset and
    told me i was hurting her by doing that and that i was giving up trying. I
    really want to be back in a romantic relationship with her. What should i
    do? And what did those afternoons in my house mean? *The reason we broke up
    was because she felt i didn’t appreciate her enough.

  13. Tony G. Reyes says:

    Here is my case, if hope someone can help me out: i meet this girl 3 months
    ago, she goes to my school, we connected right away, we started hanging out
    with the same circle of friends, at that time she had a boyfriend but she
    was about to dump him because of some problems, at first i was just looking
    like for some adventure, but then eveything turn out, she told to me she
    has just broke up with his boyfriend (a 2.6years relationship) because of
    me, we kissed and was amazing, i was fine with that, we started hanging out
    but now just the 2 of us, so one night she told she wants to have something
    serious with me, after just 1 week of breaking up with her exboyfriend, i
    was like kind od suprised but at the same time i saw my chance of make her
    mine, the next 2 days i thought of it, so the next thing i do is go and
    make her my girlfriend, she told me that it was going to be trouble in
    school because also his exboyfriend is in the same school, but she told me
    that it didnt matter because she was with me. This was in summer just week
    before back to school, the first 2 weeks were awesome, but then when we
    started to go to school thats when the drama begun, her ex was constantly
    searchin for her, i never engaged with him (that was a good thing) i told
    my girlfriend that she was the only one to make him stop, the first week at
    school she told me that she will talk to him (to give a closure to her ex
    relationship) i agree, after 3 days she told me that was over, she arrenge
    everything, and after that everything was good, we celebrate our first
    month together, and after that there were days she was fine and others no
    so much, i felt it, so probably 2 weeks after she started to act like she
    doesnt wants to see me, arguing she had a lot of homework and no time, i
    sense i was doing something wrong or she was just mad at me but no, turns
    out that she came up with the infamous “we have to talk” i agree, so we
    went to a nice quite place, but she didnt told me anything we just make
    out, i was so confused, the very next day a get the sad phone call “hey
    yesterday i didnt told, we need to talk, i just saw my ex today, all this
    time he has been just texting me and stuff, at first i thought i could go
    all the way with you, but i’m not ready, i felt i didnt close the cycle
    with him, we rush things to fast, i care a lot about you, when we hang out
    is amazing, but at some point i felt strange, i need something is missing,
    and that missing part is him, i think i will another try with him” that
    phone call was a dagger to my heart, so his massage was clear as fuck, her
    heart belong to someone else no matter what i say or do, i’m the type of
    guy that dont beg, all i ever wanted was for her to realize she wanted to
    be with me, but i guess the heart wants what the hearts wants. She also
    pointed that she felt she was doing the wrong decision, that maybe going
    back with her ex is a bad thing, but not me, not him, or no one would tell
    her that, that time will verify that, and that she was scared, because
    maybe she will discovered that she make the wrong decision and it will be
    to late, because she has just lost me. We talk face to face the next thing,
    it was so weired beacuse i know she loves and cares about me to much, and
    me too, she insisted to hard in been in touch and that there were thing
    pending between us, i told her that maybe we were wrong for being together
    so quickly after she have had a long relationship, but our feelings still
    there, i know, she know it, she even gave a note saying “i love you” at
    some point i realize i was gaving more than i was receving in terms of
    love, but we have so much connection is amazing, i dint know what to do, i
    plan is to make her miss me, so she realize finally that people dont
    change, i dont know if she will get back to her ex right away, or finally
    take a break for herself, just moments ago, dhe text me saying if i want to
    go to a party with her, we break up yesterday, sometimes i just dont get
    it, i want to be her first, not his second option, her first realtionship
    was broke, they were fighting all the time, but maybe just time will tell,
    i somehow believe in destiny, and maybe time will bring us together again,
    or what should i do? I’m calm i’m not desperate, but she made a decision
    she choose the other guy right? Will she come around? I dont know, i feel
    like noah from the notebook, please someone give me and advice or what will
    u do in my case, thank you

  14. Marquise Boone says:

    Hey brad this is pretty weird because is there any luck between me n my ex
    we broke up 3 years ago currently I’m a kid this was in 5th when we broke
    up all because of a rumor so she decided to break up we r in 8th grade now
    we don’t speak at all but time to time we give each other stares and
    glances she has a bf but i I do want her BC a lot even tho it won’t happen
    do u think I could get any luck ???

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