How To Text Your Ex Back – Text Messages To Send Your Ex To Get Him Or Her Back! — Click Here To Get Your Ex Back! Hey there, I’m Lisa Force with another relationship how-to video… this time, I’m going…


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  1. Lisa Force says:

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    Me and my. Ex broke up a month ago and we were together for 5 months … He
    said he didn’t hv feelings for me anymore … We’ll I did a mistake and
    contacted him during my no contact period …and he refused to get back
    again so I texted him :
    We’ll I think I could make things better between. Us but u know u ain’t
    even worth the effort so fuck you ! ”
    I think he deleted my number from his phone and I don’t know what to do ?
    Do u think it will work out between us ?

    We’ll the story befor this goes :
    We broke up once before … But he called a week later and patched up den
    again 2 weeks later he said he wasn’t feeling we’ll and we didn’t talk for
    a week and den we started talking again … After a month again he comes
    and tells me he isn’t feeling it and we both shouldn’t see each odr anymore
    please help !

  3. hea4nothin says:

    Mine’s acting really stubborn.
    She’s creating physical distance.
    She’s avoiding to meet.
    I asked her (before it all crashing down) if she’s seeing someone, she says
    if she wanted to she would have done it already.
    I was her first one and the only one she’s ever been with (10 years).
    We’ve never cheated. We’ve been loyal.
    Now she’s doesn’t want to meet, etc.
    Only reason she said she give is she wants to take care of her parents.
    I don’t know if she thought about me helping out with her parents.
    BUT she says she won’t ignore my messages or calls.

    She says doesn’t feeling like dating anyone, but still doesn’t want to cut
    our communication, but doesn’t want to talk personally to me.

    What is going on? What do I do to get our relationship back?

  4. nannapiglet says:

    In the ‘no contact’ stage.. what if your ex contacts you? Do we not respond
    at all or how do we handle that part, to keep the situation in control and
    actually moving forward?

  5. CreativeLittleThings says:

    Hmmm… confusing. First you tell us there is an “No contact rule” and then
    you want us to send cute messages?

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