How to win back your ex who has a new girlfriend/boyfriend

First of all you have to ask yourself why you want to get back together with him/her in the first place. Whatever the problem was that broke you up in the fi…


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  1. Marie Dubuque says:

    Mona, look at it like this: She did you a favor. At least you have found
    out his true colors before you got married. I know this hurts now, but it
    would hurt a lot more if you had kids and were married for years when this
    happened. But you’ve got to move on. You can do it! You have to. A life
    with this lose is not an alternative.

  2. Mckayla Copper says:

    Terible advice

  3. melissaa x says:

    i really need you as my councillor
    haha love your advice!

  4. Dorthy Berrones says:

    Best video!

  5. burt travis says:

    Marie excellent video was in a similar situation
    recently former girlfriend after nearly 3 years apart was
    standing unbelievably in the same que by my side, straight off the bat
    she told me she has a new partner and he is wonderful to her,
    still scratching my head thinking why she was rubbing this information to
    me which was cruel.
    My conclusion once I paused for reflection for a few minutes after, either
    she was making trying to make me jealous, or wanted to show off how her
    life is going with her new partner, this is rather a good one my
    general hypothesis was it was to drag me down to the lowest level
    possible, however these fairy tail new relationships, there not exactly
    hunky dorry theres more than meets the eyes.

    Thanks once again Marie perfect video from a lady is well tunned in I love
    your videos please keep up the good work.

    Thank you from Burt T Travis.

  6. darkness12670 says:

    I did what you just said! I bit a bullet to purchased
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    I followed all the guides there and she started to
    miss me and started calling and messaging me
    tat she misses me so much and that she still loves
    me.We met yesterday and neither of us have been
    so happy as we did then..:) Thanks to it dude!!
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  7. Yani Labiste says:

    @Sam *Dude.. Thanks to you dude!! Thank you so much!! Thanks for sharing
    me that wonderful program…It worked when nothing else did! Never thought an
    internet product would solved my problem:) Really thanks to it..:)*

  8. Katherine Rojas says:

    I need your help, I recently got out of a relationship and its been like a
    week that i haven’t talk to my ex. I found out from one of my best friends
    that he got a new girlfriend. I cried my heart out and I was really mad and
    I’m still am. I love him very much and we have been through a lot of good
    things and bad things. It all started when I promised my mom I wouldn’t
    date anyone after high school but things happened unexpectedly. So I told
    my mother everything and instead of getting mad at me she actually
    supported me with this situation. He was like “to be honest i think we
    should wait after high school I’m going through a lot in my life and
    school, don’t get me wrong I still love you” and i find out yesterday that
    he has another girlfriend from one of my friends that really stupid. My mom
    and friends tell me to move on, but I actually want him back and work
    things out maybe be friends for now, but i have no way to contact him
    because he blocked me from every social media. I know you will say to move
    on but I want him back i feel like i made a mistake.Can you respond back to
    me please and thank you 

  9. sleeeeep says:

    doesn’t that just make you the “PLAN B” of her situation? Like oh well my
    new bf didn’t work out… NOW i am ready to take you back.

  10. Adolfo Arteaga says:

    I was with a girl for 6 months but we’re dated for 1 yr, I messed up our
    relationship by not giving her enough time and love. She moved on but we
    still talk as friends and a little more cause we kiss each other when were
    alone , she says I confuse her she cheated on her new BF WITH ME and I want
    her back but he’s still there , its hard , I know I should move on and I’m
    trying but we work together :/ , its all confusing …. Smh help anyone
    ???? I know if she didn’t have a BF she would be with me :/ 

  11. Mako Mona says:

    What if your ex-fiance of 6 months dumps you out of nowhere….come to find
    out his estranged on-again-off-again ex gf of 4 years is STILL stringing
    him along. I talked with the gf and she even admitted that they’ve grown
    apart these past 6 months and she was actually RELIEVED to find out about
    me! But she’s still holding onto him, and I love him so much still! I’m
    still wearing our engagement ring he gave me :( she’s hurting him by not
    letting him move on…..what do i do? my heart hurts so bad :(

  12. Amoni Logan says:

    I broke up with my boyfriend and now he’s dating my cousin and I do NOT
    like her and now I regret breaking up with him because I feel like I love
    him. But another boy who I’ve had a crush on for two years likes me and now
    I don’t know what to do please give me some advice:) 

  13. may daiporm says:

    what if your ex said he’s hate you for no reason, what should i do? i still
    love him a lot it’s been 6 months now and he already with 2 girls already
    after we break up :(

  14. Todd Rowen says:

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  15. Hailey Meader says:

    Please respond this guy in my grade liked me and asked me out I rejected
    him 3 weeks later I like him later to find out He has a girlfriend What do
    i do it kills me to see him with someone else and I have to pretend I dont
    care… HELP!!!!

  16. Melanie Valentine says:

    Are you f’n nuts

  17. daniel514ish says:

    is that a man or a whoman whatever it is why is it teaching dating tips i
    dont think it has a lot of expereince with it

  18. Neyohh says:

    >listening to a woman on dating advise LOL

  19. Marie Dubuque says:

    Be careful ciaran, because she might only want to get back together with
    you because you are with someone else. Think about why the two of you broke
    up in the first place.

  20. fembotprincess1129 says:

    Unfortunately, sometimes our emotions get the better of us and we end up
    doing things we regret in the short term, but if he is saying he wants a
    break you sadly have to respect his wishes for now. But people do get back
    together if they can work out the issues that broke them up in the 1st
    place! Try to work on being you, growing and maturing. Like Marie says, you
    may meet someone and he’ll want you back! Whatever will be, will be for the
    best! If it is meant to be with him, it will!

  21. David Hill says:

    Please respond me too me. I need advice. I never would have cheated once a
    fell madly in love with her. I cant even find myself to date other girls
    while she is falling for another guy…..I just want her. im so confused.
    B/c she wants to still live with me so I get the mother and homestyle life
    with her while her new b/f gets the “I want to look good and impress him
    side and finds him fun. she told me she is falling in love with him. like I
    said please help me!!!! she is the “ONE”.

  22. closetmonkey19 says:

    @QuoGirl haha yeah so they cant bother you since they have stuff to do ! :)
    aaaah guys…. :)

  23. Littleladyfirebird says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would want an ex back? Ex is there for a
    reason. Why dig up more hurt? Can you trust a relationship you were in that
    bust up not to do it again. Not sure that is wise, but each to their own I
    suppose. I’d have to move on.

  24. Ciaran Mooney says:

    My gf broke up with but now I have new 1 and every1 says she still likes me
    and I still like her so what should I do

  25. carlos medina says:

    guys it seems crazy but ive tried sun tzu`’s quotes to counter a bitchy ex
    it works to a point good luck everyone

  26. babyspice95 says:

    what does it mean if a lad talks about your eyes and talks to you every
    sing day for 4 months straigh ?

  27. Anastasiya Pavlyuk says:

    Please respond..but i was dating a guy but we werent talking to each other
    and because im kind of shy shy too. So he broke up with me…how could i
    get him back..?? can u please make a video….or i dont know …:( help

  28. Marie Dubuque says:

    Adriana, I would move on. Because I bet the minute you do, he will be back.
    But honestly, do you really want to be in a relationship filled with that
    much drama? Meet other people.

  29. Ashlee LaForest says:

    Learn how to get your ex back fast with this free video: EXBACKNOW.INFO Go
    to the reference over for you to discover how to receive the puppy back to
    your lifetime once again and grow content again.

  30. 12neverland21 says:

    Yes dude.. it doesnt need to go on that thing cause it even make it worst
    instead. I think what you need is guidance to win her back. Try this
    program ive used before: It was 100% effective. And
    im sure you will be able to cope things with her.:) gudluck!

  31. TheHairyTurtleHD says:

    @ogxryuc Getting them back isn’t that hard. You just need the right
    technique. Watch this video and learn ==>

  32. Marie Dubuque says:

    David, you have to let her decide. I know it is hard. I would make sure you
    take care of your son first. If she comes back to you, fine, but there is
    nothing you can do to make her change her mind. I would move out. It is
    clearly painful for you to live there. And honestly, if she would rather go
    for this new guy then work on keeping her family together, you have to
    wonder where her head is at anyway. And if she really is the “one” for you.

  33. Marie Dubuque says:

    hockeygirl, it is very likely he will break up with her. Until then, just
    be his friend. Things will ultimately end up how they are supposed to. And
    it’s OK to ask him how his girlfriend is doing. That shows you are fine
    with that, and you continue just to be friends. But whatever you do, don’t
    wait around for him. Talk to other people!

  34. fred luv says:

    But I can’t go a day without thinkin of her its been 4 months

  35. Cavesuki says:

    what if the guy she is dating is her ex that she was with for 7 months and
    she lost it to him?? Me and her were together for 10 months and broke up 3
    months ago but also weve been knowing eachother for 4 years as bestfreinds.
    who has the upperhand? help please!

  36. cbert007 says:

    @Eaglewings7465 same as i buddy its been 3 months and i just found out fuk
    does it hit the heart …

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