How To Win Your Ex Back – Get Your Ex Bf or Ex Gf Back! — Click Here To Get Your Ex Back! Hi guys! I’m Lisa Force, a relationship and dating coach… and in this video, I’m going t…


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  1. Lisa Force says:

    Hi, I’m Lisa Force! I’m a relationship and dating coach specializing in
    breakups, divorce, and women’s dating issues.

  2. Ariel Perks says:

    A friend told me that Lisa Force is a great dating and relationship coach.
    She was able to win back her Ex after a terrible break up. I listened to
    her vids and it’s really interesting. I also found her website and this could might be handy later if I’ll need a
    good advice.

  3. Stephanie S. Sandholdt says:

    Hi Lisa. Does this also work if you were only together shortly? And if
    you’ve made the mistake of acting needy and really desperat afterwards?? To
    the point were he is now ignoring you?
    I dated a guy for about 7 weeks. For the first 6 weeks everything was gong
    well, we had ageed to be exclusive but hadn’t labeled it with bf/gf.. we
    saw eachother 1-3 times a week and texted dayly.. About a week before tings
    went wrong he even came to take care of me wen I got sick..
    I’ve messed up so bad, first sending a long heartfelt text saying that I
    was sorry if tings was going to end that way, cause I had realised that I
    was in love with him, but that it was to painfull not knowing if I would
    ever see him again, so I thanked him for the time he gave me, and wished
    him luck on his studyes. Then a week after that, after i realised how I had
    acted so needy I sent him an apology, and pleeded him to forgive me.. No
    responce to eighter. Then a few days after that I really f’ed up, when I
    had to go to the store were he works. He was there and although I didnt
    approach him I did wander around the store hoping to bump into him so i
    could saying hi, im pretty sure he saw making a compleete fool of myself

  4. Joslyn Thomas says:

    I have a serious question about the no contact period and I haven’t gotten
    Alex Carter or Michael Fiore to respond to me. Please maybe you can answer
    this question Lisa? My ex broke up with me, and after I asked him to give
    me some space so that I can start to move on, he only waited 48 hours
    before contacting me and asking me if we could talk and find a way to work
    things out. If after only 48 hours he wants to talk, should I talk to him?
    Or should I ignore and reject him for another 28 days because of the 30 day
    no contact rule? If the distancing works immediately, is it necessary to
    distance yourself for an entire month? I feel like if I give in and say
    yes, lets talk, that nothing in our relationship will actually change. And
    I feel like if I ignore him while he is clearly asking me to fix things,
    then I am going to push him away and make him start to actually move on and
    let go of our relationship. What would you recommend?

  5. CreativeLittleThings says:

    My girlfriend who I had an relationship with for a year broke up with me
    about 20 days ago.
    I have been texting her everyday asking for her to come back to me.

    Yesterday I told her that I could not just be friends with her because I
    have stronger feelings for her.
    So I told her that I will walk out of her life now and if she ever changes
    her mind, she should give me a call.
    So I basically implemented the “No-contact” strategy after 20 days.

    Is it too late or will she miss me?

  6. jeraldine mercado says:

    done the no contact rule.. no texting seeing him.. kinda moved on a bit..
    now he is visiting me in my shop this time almost 4 times…. asking hows
    everything.. touches my hair, checkin up on me. but no move yet about
    getting us back together im just confused why his doing it.. were on the
    same networking company and im one of his downline is it possible his just
    doing it becoz of our business..? im confused yesterday he slept with me,
    kiss me, and etc. i let him despite everything because i missed him and
    still love him…

  7. Shondra Foote says:

    Love this!!! :)


    What if you are trying to get back a guy who has already started going out
    with other women (older women!!!) We broke up 2 months ago. I haven’t
    contacted him in a month. What am I supposed to do?

  9. Alice Sabrina says:

    Does anyone heard of getting back after a rebound relationship or should i
    just move on now and let him see if she is worth it..? …. hints and tips
    appreciated so i can still give a shot of love to him!

  10. uppermostking02 says:

    ok great what if you work with them lol

  11. riverrat1129 says:

    ok all woman responding.. so let me ask as a guy, my wife walked out after
    15 years, her reason was simply “your Mr. negativity”.. I broke my back in
    4 places and my neck in 3 about 8 years ago and still continue to work and
    support her and her kids (not my kids).. she filed for divorce and has been
    seeing someone else. won’t talk to me and when she does, reminisces about
    things we did together or things we did. tells me she don’t care if she
    ever talks to me again but reminisces in front of the kids all the time…
    she is the one that brings a smile to my face .even now, she calms me down
    when i’m worked up and is the one that keeps my heart pumping… we have
    not talked face to face in over two months and via phone in over a
    month…. what do I do ??? 

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