How to Win Your Ex Back When They’re Seeing Someone Else! Here I talk about how to win your ex back even if they’re seeing someone else. As you’ll find, this is very common, but it’s …


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  1. semiramis says:

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  2. Shelby Rozanne says:

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    me a link to a life changing programme!

  3. William W says:

    why the hell are you advocating people infiltrate another couple? Romantic
    relationships are difficult enough without people on youtube advocating
    third parties attacking them.

    If a couple is a couple you leave them the hell alone and go find a single

    What kind of mate do you expect to have if they discard people like used
    diapers like that anyways?

    Smarten up and pair yourself off with someone who won’t use you like a
    stool in a cheap and immature game of musical chairs.

  4. amel bella says:

    what if it is not a rebound relationship, what if he’s going to get married
    with her? i feel that……..i’m so broken, i love him so much, i can not
    leave him alone, i can’t stop calling and texting but he does not care..we
    were about to get married, i can’t believe what is happening to me, i’m so

  5. Peter Alfaro says:

    Would this still apply if me and my girlfriend broke up after 4years of
    being together & after 2 weeks of being broken up, I contact and ask if we
    can work things out. She agreed , but was seeing someone already. & wanting
    to think about it , and now about a week has passed & she is still thinking
    about it . She is “confused” and doesn’t know what to do . We have been
    going out on dates & I’m fighting for her love. The thing is the reason why
    she’s confused is because I wouldn’t show her the love she’s always wanted
    and she says that this new guy shows it to her. She says he is everything
    she wants in a man, but she is willing to give me a chance to show her that
    I can be like that too. 

  6. MarekUtd says:

    Well if an ex acts like what you’re describing…WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU

  7. Monica Erter says:

    Even if your Ex won’t answer your caII, email or texts now, you’lI be
    amazed at how quickIy his/her attitude towards you changes once you Iearn
    these simple secrets.,,,Just imagine what wiIl happen when he calls YOU
    begging you to get back together because you used these simpIe

  8. fukall ofem says:

    Jumping around from relationship to relationship because they are fucked in
    the head. Stay far, far away from them.

  9. IrishCray says:

    How to get your ex back.
    DONT. you cant be with something that broke you. Move on guys its not the

  10. Mupp1t says:

    Gah damn you just gave me the best advice. I sure will follow this advice

  11. Jim Nichols says:

    Who the fuck would want them back.. they are ex’s for a reason…. 

  12. fukall ofem says:

    My wife left for another guy after 29 years and I say he can keep her. Why
    would you want anyone back after they have done that shit to you? Plenty
    more where they came from.

  13. B An says:

    Thank you!Thank you! My heart was heavy as this is exactly what is
    happening to me. I understand what he´s doing now and greatly appreciate
    your wisdom. Take care.

  14. Emmie Andersson says:

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  15. MexAztecaJal says:

    she will never take me back

  16. Davie O says:

    I’m not trying to get any ex-back…just bored and seeing the depths of
    human melancholy. This video makes ME wanna jump out my window!!lol U want
    ur ex back go meet other women. 

  17. Zeryetia says:

    Hey Ashley,
    I wonder if that also applies for me. He left me after a 1.5 year
    relationship. Apparently he stopped loving me for the 3 last months before
    he ended it completely. He started a relationship 2 days after the breakup
    and he said he fell in love her 2 years ago. (Before he knew me)
    I confronted him about it with no anger or anything but was surprised how
    much he lied to me…

  18. Mike Sampaton says:

    Watching this on Valentines Day! :)

  19. chris helmstetler says:

    well it was not fake she got married so thats what she wanted 

  20. Erin Carr says:

    What would YOU do to get your ex back?

  21. Brenna underwood says:

    I fell in love with the rebound from my last relationship and we dated 1.5
    years. Now I’m watching this video for him. #karma

  22. Aj Myers says:

    Well what if the rebound ends up really falling in love with the person..

  23. Anthony Hurtado says:

    You know your work well, my partner is seeing someone else and everything
    you said on this video is happening now. Its a rebound, she is coming to me
    telling me how great this guy is. she contacts me most of the time making
    me believe she only wants to be friends. Yet she calls, texts and continues
    to remind me she don’t know what went wrong between us.
    I was hurting until i saw this great video, you changed the way i feel,
    most importantly i don’t feel the pain as before. Thank God there are great
    people like you who do care about those many who hurt

  24. Jannah Harvey says:

    OMG THIS IS SO SCARY My ex is acting like this right now!

  25. sportyruss says:

    This happened to me, but I was the guy being used as the rebound! :( Oh,
    and she did go back to her ex!

  26. paul paquette says:

    women’s emotion not logic 

  27. SmiteKite says:

    what do you mean with ‘interfere with their issues’

  28. Areti Kalogirou says:

    i still love my ex boyfriend but here and 7 months he has another
    relationship with tha same girl but he jelaus when i’m with another
    guys…please help :/

  29. Jake Tinez says:


  30. maxwellfd says:

    If they are in a relationship, stay the hell away. If they aren’t, still
    don’t go anywhere near them. Period. In my experience, exs always come
    back, but are you willing to put your life on hold to wait. I never did.
    You shouldn’t either. 

  31. Bobby Petrovic says:

    OMG! u r a genius. very smart. Great advice. Everything u said, is exactly
    happening to me with my ex. She turned so cold and I did nothing. All for
    the reasons u said and the resulting situation is exactly what u said in
    this video and other videos also.

  32. Mark Edward Bautista says:

    I need your help for now i dont know what to do i need advice am now in
    rebound relationship

  33. 88riddlemethis says:

    What do you say to your ex when she does come running to you telling she
    misses you and what not. You can’t just push her away that’s going to make
    it seem like you don’t care anymore and it’s going to drive her into the
    arm of her new bf.

  34. sefjung99 says:

    Best video ever. Alhamdulillah

  35. OpTic Vaporrr says:

    Ive been talking to this girl for like a month and she got mad all of a
    sudden and said that it was pretty much over. Only a day later and I get
    the lovely site of them kissing and in a relationship status on fb. Its
    only been a day since they started dating but it makes me so mad that she
    would do this. Please, anyone give me some tips. This really sucks.

  36. Gregory Harper says:

    this helps me feel better a lot to hear you say this. thank you!

  37. steelydon19 says:

    Wrong! If your ex is seeing someone else- beyond your morals, ethics and
    personal style needing work, he or she is likely fiercely loyal and
    appreciative, grateful to the cleanup woman or man whom he or she is
    currently with, their having helped the ex to have healed, grown and loved
    again, not to mention that (I’m only speaking from my slight experience) I,
    as a man, never want the complication of my feelings and my life’s course
    to involve two women interested in relationship with me at one time. (I
    don’t refer to threesomes, as different. It’s not my sort of fantasy
    anyway. I’m more of a “Veronica, or Betty?” sort of questioner, or “Ginger,
    or Mary Ann?” I go for Betty and for Mary Ann, but my truest crush is Daria
    Morgendorfer- yes, a cartoon character! ) Instead of poaching or bird
    dogging to get an ex back, women and men should accept that two others’
    lives and happiness ought to remain unmolested. Move on, and best of all,
    wish the ex and his or her current loved one your best, if you’re sincere
    about caring about others. If you just want him or her for yourself, get
    looking and hunt or be hunted by someone new or unattached old flame who’ll
    appreciate you for yourself (and who may eat up your style, your looks,
    anything exterior about you.) Don’t poach or bird dog. Only scum do this,
    and the consequences can be dire, even deadly.

  38. George Estremera says:

    So much of this shit does sound too much like my ex. They’re still together
    after about half a year, but anyhow, he and I do have some things in

  39. tj partin says:

    What if a child is involved? Bc she left with our daughter with this guy
    who I thought was my friend. Mid 30’s guy married/ divorced has 4 kids he
    doesn’t raise. Lived on my couch for 2 1/2 months. She changed her number
    and deleted her fb. It’s been a month now. 

  40. fokinmatt says:

    This is true… Now what if they had BPD 6 years down the road and have a
    kids that’s a year old

  41. George Estremera says:

    Sometimes my ex talked about getting back together, but it’s just talk so

  42. teetoo labalaba says:

    if a girl let’s call her D breaks up with a guy and the guys is dating
    another girl who is as attractive and or even slightly less attractive
    ,then D has no chance to get the guy back unless the 2nd girl turns out to
    be a complete psycho.

  43. Bryan Flores says:

    I just realized i was a rebound…. 

  44. Sophie Charette says:

    does this count even if he said he didn’t care about you over a big

  45. yehudz says:

    What if it’s not a rebound? let’s say we been broken up for 1 month or so,
    and now she’s dating, does it still count as a rebound or not? and what can
    i do in that case?

  46. joe black says:

    your hot can i get your number?

  47. Gareth Rollason says:

    I was the rebound! I did get some pussy though so not all that bad.

  48. nichole Roberts says:


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