How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Make Her Fall Back In Love With You (Complete System) — Click here for a complete system on how to get your ex girlfriend back (for good). Hey guys! My name is Lisa Force and…


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  1. Lisa Force says:

    Hey guys! My name is Lisa Force and I’m a dating coaching and relationship
    expert. And this video is for GUYS ONLY. Today, I’m going to be talking
    about how to make your ex girlfriend come back to you. Yes, this is
    something that can be pretty tough depending on your situation, but if you
    use these little-known tips and tricks, I’ll guarantee you that you’ll have
    the best chance possible of getting her back….

  2. Alex Sladuranov says:

    Great video but what can I do if she already has a new bf and they are
    together from 2 and a half months …. and she seems happy with him and
    says that she has a great sexual life with him and also says that she
    thinks he is the “that perfect one guy from her dreams” :( ?! I love her so
    much but we had a broken trust 3 times in 1 year and now we are only
    friends but not close friends :/. Is there sth I can do atleast to have
    some % chance to get her back ? I really love her and care about her but
    the fact that she is with another guy is breaking my heart :'( … Please
    HELP me !!!

  3. Ravi Singh says:

    Hey thanks for your ex gf broke up wd me due to her parents
    pressure as we r frm diffrnt cast so her parents are not agreed for our
    marriage nd so she dcd to broke up me we were in 3 yr relationshp nd adult
    of 24 yrs nd independent but she told me she cnt go agnst her parents wish
    I tried my best to get her talked wd her parents but they told me it was
    her dcsn nd when I asked her she told me I tooked ths dscn I cnt hurt my
    family nd will do wht they want nd told me to remain friend only I dcd NC
    rule but she is calling me daily once in a ng8 nd text me hw r u now tell
    me what I hv to do pick her call or just ignr cnt able to find answe plz
    help me out I knw she loves me a alot she msgd me at 0200am but she cnt
    able to go agnst her family now wht should I do

  4. AnnMarie says:

    Lisa, Tom here.

    We parted 2 weeks ago. I have financial stresses. I am overwhelmed. We
    were together 1 1/2 years on and off. I am depressed. I want her to still
    be in my life to talk to. I trust her with all my secrets and such. She
    never judges me. She said she cannot do that. See, we have a strong sexual
    chemistry and she doesn’t wan to fall into friends with benefits. I am
    just not a good person to be in a relationship with now. I got evicted and
    have to move in with my friends for a while.

  5. Chef Medz says:

    Lisa, im not sure you will answer. But my ex and I broke up earlier this
    year. I was in Florida and she was in New york. Basically, she went to
    another guy as a rebound but would also text me or call me and tell me she
    misses me and loves me. Right now i am overseas and i started the no
    contact thing. she would comment on our old pics saying “I cant stop
    thinking about our NYC trip i pray that you are safe” also would DM me by
    saying Call me and I wouldnt call her and we didnt talk for 11 days. I
    called her to say goodnight and that was it. Didnt talk to her for 2 days
    and found out she got into a huge fight with her dad, and im the only one
    she would open up to about this, so we talked and she messeged me and we
    texted for a little, then i said good night, then said “Goodnight, I will
    always have love for you Ahmed, Thank you”. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? THANK YOU
    for replying back to me :-)

  6. Guy Trent says:

    What do you do if she has blocked your number and facebook, and won’t
    answer emails. And if she reconciled with her husband she was divorcing who
    she swore she would never get back together with.

  7. Andy Harding says:

    hi lisa,my girlfriend walked out 2weeks ago after 7yrs together.she barred
    my texts & e-mails,but she turned up at my place twice to collect her stuff
    and sort money out,we talked but it was a waste of time,she was very cold
    toward me then broke down and cried saying”i just wanted you to look after
    me”.since then i’m doing as you say and trying the no contact(10 days so
    far)she text me once which i ignored,but i’m struggling as i feel guilty!
    as i presume she’s hurting as much as me,and i always do the chasing and
    patch things up.but it’s never got this bad i give it the 30days
    then send the odd nice text,would it do harm to just let her know i care
    and am here for her? i’m trying to be strong but i miss her so much,she’s
    in my every thought,so there’s no chance to throw myself into anything else
    especially dating,she is the girl for me!!! i’ve lost 20lbs and still not
    sleeping properly. please give me your advice and give me some hope,thx

  8. lawrence jefferson says:


  9. DTongSports says:

    Your knowledge is very recognizable and also makes total sense! I like your
    strong approach and delivery, keep up the excellent work.

  10. Србија Србима says:

    Hey Lisa, there is only 1 problem I have with all of this. I am unsure if I
    actually want her back with me or not, what should I do? I still like her
    but the thing is I’m her 6th ex now and 5 of them (including me) lasted for
    only a month while only 1 lasted for 4 months. I am confused about what I

  11. gjonnys22 says:

    Great timing. I’ve been really depressed with suicidal thoughts lately
    after my horrible break up. Ima put your advice to work. Thank you

  12. Q Email says:

    hey lisa and my girl we never break up i was incarceration for some
    time when i got out she was already move on and got married but she still
    come around sometimes we chill here and there…can you please explain to
    me ,is that mean she want mi back? cuz im confused. 

  13. ajmal shaikh says:


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