Ian Somerhalder Wants In On “50 Shades” Film | Interview | On Air With Ryan Seacrest

“SUBSCRIBE: Would “”Vampire Diaries”” hottie Ian Somerhalder make the perfect Christian Grey in the forthcoming “”50 Shades of Grey”” m…
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25 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder Wants In On “50 Shades” Film | Interview | On Air With Ryan Seacrest”

  1. catalina ordono says:

    he really is Christian Grey!!! i love him!

  2. luana gilbert says:
  3. CantoneseAnimes says:

    I love Ian as an actor, but he wouldn’t be my first choice if it comes to
    Christian Grey. I imagine someone like Matt Bomer when I read the book, but
    since he didn’t want to role, which is quite sad, Ian would be my second
    choice. Because even if he is not the perfect Christian he still could be a
    Christian. He would be so much better than the actor now…well, I will
    stick to the books ;)

  4. Christina StillDirty says:

    God…Christian Grey EXISTS!!!!

  5. SWorldStyle says:


  6. Adriana Reyes says:

    I’m sticking to the BOOKS! Forget the movie, such a damn huge
    disappointment! E.L has lost her mind to have not chosen him twice!!!!!!

  7. Khawla hammami says:

    The movie will totally suck, Jamie Doran is not hot enough to be Christian,
    and Ian is like “wooooow” like he’s so goddman sexy. and Dakota Johnson
    seems too old to be that sweet little innocent Anastasia.

  8. Lina Monaco says:

    arghh im so annoyed he didnt get it he would be perfect for the role!

  9. KoolGaal says:

    Ian is the perfect Damon. Matt Bomer would be the perfect Christian Grey.

  10. Neshi Thavarasa says:

    He wanted too, but he had problems, so he couldn’t. 

  11. Megan Brown says:

    so gutted he isn’t Christian so so gutted:(
    Ian, you can be my Christian Grey
    P.S Jamie aint got nothing on you babyyyy

  12. chyanne miguel says:

    I think he would be much better for christian grey then the guy who
    actually got casted for that role

  13. Rita Carreon says:

    Movie would definitely rock if Ian got the role!sad

  14. Pattie B says:

    yes….oh ….YES!

  15. Lore Carrero says:

    It is a shame that he wont be Christian Grey =(, for me he is just him, not
    less or more..

  16. Zenobia Joyner says:

    I believe they made the right choice with Jamie dornan playing this
    role. he’s amazing for this character.

  17. Fazillahnor Ab Rahim says:

    Yup. He is the best option.

  18. biancnick1 says:

    he would be soooooo amazing

  19. nona kpopfan says:


  20. The Vampire Diaries USA says:

    Ian Somerhalder

  21. Adriana Reyes says:

    Why didn’t he get the role?! It’s crazy he has Christian Gray written all
    over his face!!!!! He’s perfect for the role ugh it drives me insane cause
    he didn’t get it.. Makes me not want to even see the movie.

  22. sue Last says:

    totally should b him!!

  23. Arianne Cruz says:

    Ian should’ve been Christian Grey. -.- 

  24. charlieriverpheonix says:

    It would not be amazing, Ian is not allowed to be that horrible Christian
    guy(even though he is not doing it) but just no..

  25. NYKOLE2123 says:

    can we riot… I want Ian…. this other guy isn’t hot enough to be

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