If You Want To Get Your Ex Back, Don’t Do These 3 Things!

If You Want To Get Your Ex Back, Don’t Do These 3 Things! Are you calling your ex non stop? Are you texting your ex all …


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  1. fisbazcan says:

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  2. Daniel Mcdonagh says:

    Bullshit this dont work I swear the woman in this video was in the film

  3. nothadnotbad says:

    when a girl says goodbye….she means it!

  4. Paul Leckner says:

    Do I want her back knowing why she left me? H-ll no! The b*tch is crazy! 

  5. Helga Sunterk says:

    Get Your Ex Back Fast!

  6. jet alarcon says:

    @AteGuy *yeah.. Me too. I was skeptical on purchasing that program cause
    there are lots of scammed program in the net. I took a bit on it. And thank
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  7. lucy miz says:

    hey yeah it works and supaflyboyzz69 iv got some advice for u just ask her
    make her tell u whats up and if she is cheeting just brake up with her
    that might be the hardest thing to do but its the right thing

  8. Brent Monroe says:

    how could you fix the problem if they wont talk to you
    that is the problem
    they just disappeared
    and wont have an open honest conversation

  9. Barbara Moi says:

    Get Your X

  10. sunil sai says:

    you look like a real angel darling! i found “relationships for dummies” a
    interesting free android app by lokesh with advice

  11. Mike Divine says:

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  12. ramona hurley says:

    if she never did that i might have given in even if it wasn’t what i
    wanted. so u r right on that 1. the other thing is, i agree with u.
    sometimes its just a break, u need time to think about what you want. most
    of the time i went back so yeah, its true. i would like to say that
    sometimes you have to face reality, the ex might just want to stay an ex
    like i do. so everyone has to take that into accountability. but i do agree
    that you should try to see what happens before giving up alt together.

  13. Eddie Ford says:

    Any advice on how to deal with a wife who is going through a midlife crisis
    and says she needs to find herself? Or that, she has been a husband and
    mother for so long she no longer has an identity?

  14. alltelman5 says:

    There’s no doubt your definatley hurt, I have felt exactly what your
    feeling, it’s confusing and we guys are trying to logically ” fix’ the
    problem but with a mentally unstable woman, YOU CAN’T. They don’t even see
    it from your perspective even as logical as it is. I don’t agree with this
    woman in this video telling guys to act like it doesnt bother you, OMG if
    you do, your girl is gonna see all the weakness, yes show you care but only
    to a point, then back off. Its in her court then.

  15. SilentJay67 says:


  16. adeyemi paul says:

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  17. Rose McLain says:

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  18. alltelman5 says:

    Win the mega millions lottery and you’ll have to get a restraining order on
    your ex to keep them away, lol

  19. 98CiViC0301 says:

    so how should i go about it if its been a month and it just got worse and
    now she aint even texting me and i would like to talk to her she dont even
    text me now. Havent seen her in a week she didnt even see me on her
    birthday. I dont want to lose her but i feel like i pushed her away with
    all the begging and crying.i was gonna try showing her it doesnt bother me
    but im clueless on what i should do?

  20. vickdolo says:

    It’s a mans turn now. WOW this seems to be a little intense. For what it’s
    worth, I believe that men feel that they can’t please women because the
    rules always change, One minute she is feeling this the next that feeling
    has totally changed but she refuses to let the man in on the change
    therefore she feels that he can’t meet her needs when she never voiced
    them. Sound complicated, because it is.

  21. Havaseet2 says:

    Fuuuuuuuck herrrrrrrr!!! Let the bitch go…There’s lots of good pussy in
    the world…

  22. lilanque says:

    21 to 30 days to get my ex back. Don’t believe you. How can this possibly

  23. ramona hurley says:

    i’m on the other end. i left but it was still a hard decision and hard to
    get over. My ex did the whole jumping into another relationship, i knew it
    was for my benefit but after a couple of weeks i wasn’t so sure. i was
    really hurt that she moved on so fast. though i knew it was a rebound girl
    i began to not be so sure. but then she started calling, beging me back,
    knocking on my door. it was enough for me to say pshhh i knew it. my
    hartache stopped and gave me strength to continue on leaving.

  24. alltelman5 says:

    I really feel for you cause for us guys, we actually get hurt more deeper
    when a breakup happens, women can easily move on more than us guys. Your
    girl apparently doesn’t really love you or she has found another guy, I
    know this is hard for you cause i’ve been in your shoes but you have to
    leave her alone at this point. Your acting on your desperation and she
    knows it. She knows your hurting and she doesnt care. Right now, its too
    soon to get her back, give her some time ok? Good luck.


    this stuff didnt work ! thanks !!! now i lost my job, my apt and blew
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    end of me so sayes the dealer who wants to cut me off

  26. Romance Rewind says:

    I hope this video has helped some of you to getting your ex back!

  27. kristopher zildjian says:

    i have an ex bf i met him on a chatroom i fall inlove with him but its so
    complicated now evenn if we wants to get back. i wish i could turn back

  28. Syed Salman says:

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