I’m Back! Break ups, relationships, & why I have been gone

I'm Back! Break ups, relationships, & why I have been gone

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25 Responses to “I’m Back! Break ups, relationships, & why I have been gone”

  1. V334YY says:

    Miss the brunette hair :(

  2. Stephanie Pettman says:

    really love how honest and genuine you are :)

  3. Hayitsve says:

    Maybe a boyfriend tag, vlawg

  4. Brittany Bona says:

    I’m a new viewer, and im so excited to see some new stuff from you :)

  5. Himani Wright says:

    Aww..thanks Jess! :) You are AWESOME! I can’t wait to see more of your
    videos, and get to know you more! So excited that you are going to do more
    personal videos as well xx

  6. Jessica Melody says:

    Thank you so much :) Your comment made my day! xo

  7. Jessica Melody says:

    Thanks so much! I am glad to be back as well. I am ALSO glad that you like
    my hair! It is very different, but fun and a nice change. xo

  8. Diana Ragub says:

    Ohh i am so sorry about what happened to you and your bf. I was in second
    year when my bf (then fiance) I broke up and it was really hard. But I am
    glad you bounce back. Yes, law school vlogs would be great. I can relate to
    you more because well, we both go to law school. At least I accept that
    youtube is not your whole life.

  9. Jessica Melody says:

    Yes! For sure :)

  10. S says:

    Loved the honesty in this vid

  11. Heybabez1000 says:

    youre super gorgeous! cant wait for your upcoming videos (: xo

  12. LittleDarlin24 says:

    So glad that you’re back! Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do going

  13. Brittney Love says:

    I TOTALLY feel you on the “fitting in” feeling. I am just starting my
    youtube channel, and I feel like “I will never be as good as those beauty
    gurus”, but that’s because I’m not them! Plus, if you watch them from start
    to now, they developed their personalities and found themselves over time
    too. I just figured out my editing tools, and I’m excited to see where
    everything goes. Loved this video! It’s good to know other gals feel like I
    do too. Keep up the good work:) Hugs.

  14. franfine07 says:

    I can see a bit of your personality in this video already! This makes me
    excited for the upcoming videos. Stay strong and be happy :)

  15. Jessica Melody says:

    Thank you so much! xo

  16. OblueflyO says:

    I don’t usually comment but I am so glad that you’re back! I really love
    your new hair!

  17. Jessica Melody says:

    Haha thats ok! Don’t be sorry. Going blonde is something I have wanted to
    do for ages so I just did it! Its all just hair, and life is too short to
    be worried about whether it will look ok. For now, I like it! But I agree,
    I love my dark hair too. So we will see what happens in the future, :)

  18. Jessica Melody says:

    Thank you! I agree, I think the blonde is new and fresh as well :) Just
    something different! And something I have always wanted to do. I will do a
    summer outfit and hair videos! Thank you for the request, xo.

  19. Jessica Melody says:

    Hahaha yes that happens to me all the time too. Thank you for subscribing
    and watching this video – it means a ton

  20. Guruglam b says:

    PLZZZZ do a draw my life

  21. Sonia Anunciacao says:

    how did you met your new boyfriend?

  22. Liv's Life says:

    I’m just about to launch my channel and I honestly had no idea how much
    time and effort filming & editing would take! Love your channel and glad
    you’re back 😀 Love from the UK x

  23. Sora Andrews says:

    first comment

  24. BeiFang says:

    i think dark hair suit you better~~~!!! Love you and so happy to see you

  25. Roni Tabackman says:

    I just found you and am obsessed!! I think dark hair suits you better, but
    you’re gorgeous regardless!

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