im confused whats going on with him?!?:

im confused whats going on with him?!?

my ex and i broke up a month ago. 2 weeks after we did he told me he was crazy about me and still liked me and wanted us to hang out asap.

well then he went all flirty with other girls and we stopeed talking, and then he has started textin me again, he says he hopes there is hope for us and when i come back from my summer trip he wants us to hang out asap.

but then he goes and starts bein a jerk again, and he wont reply to messages, and talks to others,

but everytime i ask him, hes like when u get back next week we are hanging out, and i really like and care about you.

he told me that again he wanted to hang out and he liked me, and only me., but then he goes a few days and dont say one word to me… its just so crazy.

i have texted him several times and asked him why hes such a jerk to me, and all he says is, its cute makin u mad, cuz when i make u mad u talk to me alot. ugh. and today he wouldnt even text me back… it made me so mad. but i mean 2 days ago he really liked me stil…

since he said that does he mean it? how can i get him to start bein nicer and flirtin like he used to.?

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  1. RV says:

    It sounds to me like there is a good chance you can get back with your ex. It will take time time and effort on your part. This site has some very helpful articles:<br/&gt;

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