Is It Hopeless? When To Give Up Trying To Get Your Ex Back. — Is It Hopeless? When To Give Up Trying To Get Your Ex Back Sadly, there are some cases where it really is a lost cause. Thankfu…


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  1. Tyjuan Mccrea says:

    Hi brad it’s a honor to watch your videos 

  2. fergo jag says:

    Brad I’m Arabian man and I like your way and advices I’ve been in a
    relationship with a beautiful girl for 2 years and she was love me but we
    had a million problem and her family hate me and my family her father said
    if he the last man in this world I’ll never let him marry my daughter (he
    means me) then she give up on me and she tell me I’m not good for her and
    she stop loving me .she started to search about new relationship and
    removed me from the Facebook what to do now I love her to death now we
    brockup for 3 days without any contacts she tell her friends that she
    forget about me and she happy now and feeling good is there any hope to get
    her back ?

  3. Edward MacNish says:

    Nice video series. Me and my ex broke up in the beginning of September ’14
    after a year. At first I did the NC after 3 weeks she did contact me and we
    hung out a few times. She didn’t want to get back together because she said
    she needed to work on herself and hoped I would be in the background. I
    then reinstated the NC and aside from me calling her on her bday and her
    texting me happy Bday(recently) there has been NC. I’m still not over her
    and wish we could get back together. Do you think it’s hopeless?
    Thank you for your time.

  4. Marina Tekish says:

    Hi, Brad! Please help. We live 1 hour apart. My situation: I dated this guy
    for 6 months,he broke up with me. When he did he said he’d like to keep
    getting to know me because he wasn’t sure. I gave him time and space he
    asked – he started texting me right away, almost every day. I took longer
    to text back. Later he started calling me once a week and ask about me, my
    life. I ended conversations first. Then he initiated catch ups. Gradually-
    each weekend. He flirted, touched etc. So this “casual dating” went for 3
    months. He gave gifts, a lot of attention. Finally I told him that we
    either part for good or get back together. He asked a week to think, came
    back and said that wants a break up but he’d like to stay friends – I’m
    important in his life. His reasoning: his feelings weren’t as strong as
    he’d like, he felt emotionally unfulfilled, but never said in what way. I
    took it sadly but rationally, then called him in “blame” phone call and
    called to apologize the next day. I also told him I am open to casually
    dating. He said we can start working towards that. Do I have a chance? What
    can I do? No contact was made from my side since then. Thank you so much!

  5. Roberto Baez says:

    Hey brad i need help. My girl broke up with me 3 weeks ago.She said i didnt
    give her the affection or the reassurance she wanted out of me.she was
    deeply into me and always made efforts for me but with certain
    circumstances affecting my life it made things negative.She broke things
    off and told me she is just not into it anymore and doesnt want to lead me
    on.But she will say this and throw shade on social media.I tried to talk
    and she wouldnt budge so I gave her two weeks and she still said she doesnt
    want to lead me on but on social media she wishes things were
    different.What can i do now and what are my chances? Help a guy out 

  6. James Caicedo says:

    Hey brad

    My ex girl friend and I were dating for 5 months and I honestly don’t know
    what went wrong. I always made sure that she knew I love her and that I
    care for her. She called me clingy when I wanted to ooVoo her or hang out
    with her because we only saw each other 3 time a month at most. I love her
    very much Brad. She already has another boyfriend as well. It eats me up
    inside. Although I’m doing my best to move on from the relationship I
    eventually want her back. For some odd reason she’s turned into this person
    that she’s not. She’s become stubborn and would curse at me when she was
    mad. I really need some advice. 

  7. Jerrono Vess says:

    Hey brad. Me and my girl has known each other since we were 13 years old.
    We dated on and off throughout our teens and we even messed around times we
    were dating other people. She claims she loved me from the first day she
    ever saw me. Well when I was 16 we weren’t together but we still messed
    around but a huge car accident happened and she was the driver and it was
    me and my cousins and another friend I. The car with her. Long story short
    my family sued her for the incident in attempt to get some money out of it
    and I went along w it at the time because they made me. She hated me for it
    and we didn’t speak or see each other for two whole years. Well two years
    later we were both 18 and I heard from a friend that she missed me so i
    contacted her and we text and spoke on the phone for days until we
    eventually met up. I always thought about her in the back my head during
    the time we didn’t speak and she claims she never forgot about me and still
    loved me. So we eventually got back together and we’re together for 2
    years. Were both 20 now. In the beginning Everything was great and I always
    showed her all my attention and told her my feelings. We pretty much were
    best friends, we told each other everything. But I later on I start showing
    ore interest in hanging out w my friends chilling with other girls and
    partying. I stopped listening to her about her feelings and I stopped
    telling her how I felt. Even through all that she still wanted to be with
    me and it was countless times were she tried to speak w me and find a
    solution to work things out and rekindle our relationship but I always just
    never took her seriously and blew her off. She even start insisting that we
    should take a break but I would always say no because I didn’t want her
    talking to another guy. Well just recently she slept with this guy at her
    job. She told me he would always flirt w her and that she found him
    attractive and kinda has a crush on him. The dudes 33 years old so I’m
    kinda intimidated. Well she confessed to sleeping w him and she told me it
    was nothing and that she wanted me back because I had stop speaking to her
    after I got the news. As much as didn’t want to I took her back because I
    just love her so much. But lately she just started acting really weird w me
    and very distant. She then confessed again that she’s still talking to him
    and that she slept w him 2 more times and said its best if we take a break.
    So 5 day went by and she contacted me asking if she has any clothing at my
    house. I said yes and she stopped by to get them. She came over and we
    chatted for a few minutes but then she just rushed out like something was
    bothering her. I’ve now realized really how much I love her and care about
    her. Jus the thought of her being w another guy sickness me. I tried
    texting her sending longed messages of how much I miss her and love her but
    she still rejected me. I tried calling but she always seems dry and just
    rushes off the phne saying that she’ll call me tomorrow but never does. I
    asked why she still seeing this guy and she told me because he makes her
    happy and shows her attention. This dude is completely not her type. She
    never has sex w guys so easily. I’m just afraid she’s moved on cuz it seems
    she wants to be with him and further things w him. She moving so fast and
    it’s unlike her. I just don’t know what to do I took her for granted and
    didn’t listen to her and I regret it so much because I love her to LIFE!
    And she’s always been crazy about me! What should I do? I really don’t want
    to let her go? Is this guy I rebound? PLEASE HELP! 

  8. jenniferajf3 says:

    Hi, My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me 3 weeks ago. We still live
    together and i am planning to stay until i purchase another home and get a
    job. He says i can stay the amount of time i need and that he hopes we are
    friends forever. He broke up with me because i was controlling and jealous.
    I had no clue this was coming but i think he is pretty serious. We get
    along and still eat dinner together, talk everyday. I have 2 small children
    and he still talks about wanting to be in their lives as well. I love this
    man and he was the best thing that happened to me however he states that he
    doesn’t ever want to be in another relationship with me again. He told me
    it would be fine if i started dating other people. He says that he is not
    ready now but in the future he does hope to meet someone that will make him
    happy. Do you ever think i will have another chance with him?

    i fought constantly with him when we were together. i was going over text
    messages from months ago he would text me constantly telling me he loved me
    that i was beautiful. Yesterday when i came in, i caught him starring and
    he told me i looked amazing. He then said beautiful beautiful but crazy as
    hell. but i forgive you, and then walked away to his room and closed the

  9. iNunky says:

    Me and my ex were together 3 years, but we’re young. Her mom was very
    controlling and I was early in our relationship because I was insecure. I
    broke up with her because she very clearly wanted out of the relationship.
    2 months later she contacted me, but got upset because I was dating
    girls(she was dating too tho) I got mad and kinda blew up on her. She
    immediately jumped into a relationship and is been lil over a year, I’ve
    recently contacted her. 1 thing lead to the other we had sex, turns out her
    relationship ended a short time ago. She came by again to talk and cried
    because I came back in her life, but she doesn’t want a relationship. Also
    apparently she wasn’t at all invested in her last relationship (because it
    was a rebound). We got into an argument a few days later because this hurt
    my feelings since I wanted her back. Long story short, she’s young and
    wants to experience more of her life. She says she has love for me, loves
    me and cares for me, but feels like I’m still toxic to her due to our old
    issues. Which currently are just issues with her. What do you think? 30 day
    NC, or just drop it? 

  10. TheErmin36 says:

    Alright man, here it goes.

    My ex and I dated for 3.5 years. In the first 6 months, she got so fed up
    with me (we weren’t officially dating) she went out and slept with a guy. I
    begged for her back, got her back, life went on. Then a year in, I slept
    with someone, and so on. Up to this point… She has slept with 3 guys, and
    I have slept with 4 girls, during our 3.5 year “relationship”. It was
    generally at a time when we weren’t “together”. either way it wasn’t
    healthy. The relationship was on and off the entire time. and usually, the
    problem was, that she would be upset at me.

    Anyways… we broke up 18 days ago. She broke up with me over text. I did
    NC for 2 days because I couldn’t believe it. I started texting her,
    thinking it was our “usual” breakup, and it would just work itself out.
    Well, it turns out she was serious. she broke ALL contact with me. She has
    a completely new group of friends, which are her support, which I never
    met… This is all fine until now. I went and saw her last Friday… which
    was approximately 1.5 weeks after our breakup, because I had no way to
    contact her, and that has never happened before. She actually let me in the
    house and I let her do all the talking.

    I come to find out that 2 days after we broke up, she gave her number to
    someone, and has been on two dates. She said that he is romantic, and makes
    her happy. She said she thinks about him every night before going to sleep.
    So that was that. I left her place. I’m okay with her dating… but I don’t
    know if this is serious or not…

    She has not contacted me, and I have no idea what to do. Do I fight? Do I
    leave? Now, I’ve only told you the bad stuff that led to the breakup. I
    have over 100 pages I have done of journal-therapy, over 20 hours of
    self-directed therapy, and talked to 5 of my closest friends about this. I
    have come to the realization, that the fundamental problem in the
    relationship was that I took her for granted. I didn’t tell her I loved
    her, or that I thought she was beautiful, smart, etc. I wouldn’t hold her
    hand in public. Yet, she was MADLY in love with me.

    I realize how madly in love with me she was, and I realize how big of a
    mistake I made, because I realize that I was also very much in love with
    her. I never took love seriously… and played with her heart THE WHOLE
    TIME. Now… The good parts of the relationship… (and obviously I’d like
    to know if this is salvageable in any way.)

    What I know she loved about me. I am funny, a deep thinker, very emotional
    and open about my experiences, I have a career, I have life goals, I am
    very intelligent, and our sex life was everything we could have dreamed of.
    I am also very tall and attractive. we had the same life goals, meaning, we
    knew we wanted to get married (as soon as I could commit), we knew how many
    children we wanted, we had our finances in order, we agreed on religion
    (aka atheists), we agreed on diet and health, we agreed on what fun
    activities are, etc. So, everything was perfect, except that I was not
    ready to commit, because I was never heartbroken in my life before. Well,
    now I get it.

    Why do I want her?
    for similar reasons. She is smart, she is beautiful, She has a career and a
    savings account… with more money than I do, she has become a deep thinker
    through our relationship, etc. I am 27 and she is 24.

    So, my question is… is this a lost cause? Other than my level of
    commitment (because I met her 3.5 years ago and I wasn’t ready, and never
    realized what I had until I lost it), we had an EXCELLENT relationship.
    granted there was fights and issues, but it was MINOR compared to how hurt
    she was through it all because I didn’t commit. I would tell her time and
    time again, I would date other girls if I found them, I would hurt her by
    not complimenting her when she looked pretty, etc. I did some very
    neglectful things, bordering on emotional abuse (because it had such a huge
    impact on her).

    Thank you for your input. This is boggling my mind. I need to know if this
    is worth the fight… or if I need to move on. I don’t want to move on…
    and I have been fighting by doing all this therapy on my own/with friends.
    I have honestly figured out my mistakes… I honestly know what to
    appreciate now. I never knew these things before. BUT… she is gone.

    Could she have found a better guy than me? If so, I’ll let her go. Could
    she have completely abandoned all feelings for me? If so, I’ll let her go.
    But I think, deep down inside, even in this situation… she wants me to
    learn and come back to her, as a new man… with all of my new insights and
    realizations… and to treat her right. But I could be crazy in thinking
    that… and I need someone to set me straight.


  11. UchihaEntertainment says:

    Please answer on my situation: We’ve been for 3 years together i am 21 she
    is 19 she was my first and i was her first… Now we broke up 6 months ago
    contacted only twice during those months but lately because i am going to
    other country to possibly join the military. She contacted me apologised
    for not contacting me for that period and she is worried about me and bla
    bla that kind of stuff she now asks me to go out only 2 of us most of the
    time and this and that while she has a new boyfriend from 4-5 months. And
    they seem to be serious so far but have some issues as well.. Is it
    possible that she might still love me and want to get back with me and is
    now just checking me out because im single or its only because i might be
    leaving for very long time and shes worried about me but nothing more
    romantic and stronger? Please answer because its very important for me.

  12. heidi batbold says:

    Hi Brad,
    I really love your channel and i need an expert’s advice. I got myself into
    this twisted situation, so confused what to do next. Here is the story. Btw
    we both are 23.
    I broke up with my ex of one year 8 months ago (on June 2014). After a bad
    argument, he initiated that he needed his space so instead giving him space
    i broke up with him. We never cheated on each other, it was just silly
    little argument.
    We have been talking once in a month or two. He didn’t initiated a contact
    since September. On October even though we were broken up, he invited me to
    hang out with his dad when he was in town. I couldn’t make it, since then
    he didn’t really try to contact me at all.
    We go to same college, so i kept seeing him with a girl. ON November, in
    fear of losing him,I called him and asked him to talk to me. He ran to me
    shortly after his class and we talked for a moment. I asked him if he was
    dating anyone. He said he went on couple of dates with same person and the
    dates went weird (according to him) and he asked the same question from me.
    I said i was not dating anyone since him. I wanted to say nice things but
    he said i am gonna make emotional so i couldn’t say what i wanted to say.
    So I wrote him a handwritten 5 pages of letter. Basically, apologizing for
    my behavior and appreciating what he once used to do for me. I didn’t get a
    thank you letter or anything in that nature. So i called him, he said he
    really appreciated my letter and nothing else.
    I thought what should i do next? One day in December, before christmas, I
    grabbed my phone and called him if he can see before he leaves the town for
    Christmas. He said we both are very emotional and it wouldn’t be good idea
    if we meet up. Then i started to beg and plead (which i am extremely
    embarrassed now), that i learned a lot and basically i was a new person all
    in that nature. We talked two days. The first day, he told me that we were
    not gonna be together anymore then next day i asked him to call me and
    close the convo. He called, apologized for what he said yesterday and told
    me that he needs more time. I didn’t bother him another month.
    On January 26th, I texted him to take as much as time he needs and i’d be
    waiting for him. He called me the next day. I could not pick up because I
    was afraid of what he was gonna say. Two days later, I called him twice and
    he didn’t call me back. On February, it was getting close to V.Day, so i
    got socks from REI and wanted to send it to his house address but forgot
    the house number. So me texted him, asking his address, no response again.
    He doesn’t usually ignore me or anyone like this. He is very polite. I
    don’t know if he needs more time and I should still be waiting for him? I
    got frustrated one morning (Feb 19th) and told him that he is jerk to
    ignore me and I’m done with this. No response!
    I don’t know if i should give up already. I am thinking to send the
    crystals that he gave me once, back to him and give the socks since i got
    it for him. Should i send it back to him? It makes me miss him.

    Please Brad help!

  13. XxTaEkWonD0xX says:

    My girlfriend left me for a guy who she knows for a week, she met him via
    her niece. We were together for 5 months, we were outside, we kissed and
    she told me she loves me etc and it was true but suddenly a week after that
    she told me she loves this guy and it appears that he knows me and i know
    him, she doesn’t want to tell who. She was happy with me and I treated her
    like a queen and she knows that. She says I don’t deserve this, if she
    stays with me she will be sad and unhappy and she will think of the other
    guy. She says he makes her happy and she said she hopes that I’ll get over
    her. Now this is the second time I lose her, first time I lost her ’cause
    her uncle saw us together outside and that caused problems so she had to
    leave me. After 10 months we were back together again and now suddenly she
    loves this guy. It tears me apart I really wanted to marry her and she
    knows I’m not playing around. Can u please tell me what I can do to get her
    back if possible? :( She says she likes me and likes to see me but in a
    different way than him,she also says she feels like he is the one… And I
    really appreciate it if you can help me out, I really do! I have no one to
    cry to.. or who can support me.. She blocked me on Whatsapp and on her
    phone.. My heart is really shattered I can barely breath, I really feel
    alone and a lot of other feelings… Please give me some advice and thank

  14. bilL hopkins says:

    Hey Brad
    5 month relationship. (We’re both 50 years old) Fell deeply in love with
    each other. Had an argument centered around feelings of disrespect and
    mistrust. I was verbally brutal to her in 2 arguments. Called her the C
    word and said other things that I shouldn’t have. We’ve stayed in touch but
    I see the pain in her eyes every time she looks at me and remembers the
    things I said. (She’s VERY sensitive to verbal abusiveness)… I’ve started
    the “no contact” clock today by letting her know that I was no longer going
    to bother her because I couldn’t stand to see the pain in her eyes when she
    looks at me or kisses me.
    Since I cant take back the mean things I said and she’s so sensitive, do I
    still have a decent chance here, down the road??? Or would it be wisest to
    just let her go…

  15. ARRIE Engelbrecht says:

    Hi i need some real advicd me and my girl broke up after three years …
    she used to be the one wholl make sure i did not leave her she always asked
    that ill never leave her and told me im her world ! We grew very fond of
    eachother … but reacently se left for a gap year she didnt want to go on
    … everything went wel at the start till she started to turn cold on me
    and she just didnt make any effort to speak with me … she said shes busy
    and its the first time every she has freedom … and its not what she
    expected she said i must ow her the year she wants a student life … and
    that its not that theres any other guy ! Sumtimes she gives me mixed
    signals saying i must just give her time she misses me and our love whas
    exeptoinal .. we were a real power couple ppl looked up 2 ! And other times
    she just flat ignores me keep on going going on … but if sumthing happens
    that side she tells me bout it ..even thou she doesnt want to get back
    toghether … i jsut dont know what to do … she just texts me if it fits
    her … and usauly i was the one in chaRge with the raltoinship … i justr
    want to know how can someone change of heart so quikly … and do i ingore
    or persue her ? Love her with all my heart ..

  16. kenny leo says:

    i told her to block me since you told me to look for another girlfriend
    that she is not no longer interested to me again.we don’t communicate
    almost two weeks now.

  17. Rachael Pertuit says:

    Hey Brad,
    My ex and I started a company together. He owns all rights to it, but wants
    me to continue to work for the company. It’s just me and him. He left me a
    month ago because he found some other girl, and then proposed to her within
    8 weeks (I didn’t know they were dating 4 weeks). He met her at an event,
    and within 8 weeks proposed! I am completely devastated our 4.5yr
    relationship ended this way. He am doing everything you have said not to! I
    went on a date, and ignored him one weekend, and he was angry, but begging
    for me back. (And he has a fiancé!) He controls my phone, my payment,
    everything. I feel completely trapped. I want to work, but it hurts me
    because I’m no longer working for our future together. I enjoy the job, and
    pride myself on what I helped build. It’s not like it’s a big company. It’s
    just me and him. He moved out 4 weeks ago, and moved 2 miles down the road
    even though his new girl lives by his house in GA. My question is this
    worth it? I work because I love it, but I don’t think I can love it
    anymore. He gets so angry when I try to quit knowing he would be screwed
    without my help. I strongly feel that things would get better if I stopped
    begging etc., but really concerned I will fall into the dumping zone just
    using me for work. Please help! *Unique Situation*

  18. Sotty Edgar says:

    me and my girlfriend broke up a month ago and i haven’t stopped thinking
    about her. i went on some dates with other girls but whats funny is while i
    was on the dates with the other girls she was the one i was thinking about.
    we went out for three months until we had big fight and i wasn’t
    “communicating” the issue when i was trying to make it better. after the
    fight she became very distant. EX: she did not want to kiss or hold hands
    saying that she didn’t like doing it when people were around. about a week
    later she texted me saying she wanted to break up and that she still wanted
    to be friends and i said yes but there was alot of nc . later i overheard
    talking with a mutual friend saying that she was completely over me and
    that she had no feelings for me quote “the spark wasn’t there anymore and
    that i didn’t communicate enough”. should i lose hope and move on? i would
    really appreciate it if you replied, thanks 

  19. hea4nothin says:

    Brad PLEASE Help!

    We’ve been together for 10 years. Now out of nowhere she’s creating some
    distance since she got a state job. She stops being emotional. She’s
    telling she needs space. This distance went on for 1 1/2 month now. I try
    to express my feelings, she does feel them 1 out of 10 times. I told her I
    miss her, and she says Thanks. She stops trying to meet up period. She
    admits she’s avoiding me because she wants to grow and do what she likes.
    She tells me she doesn’t feel anything for me anymore. She tells me if I
    really care for her then to let her be free. She tells me she would still
    communicate. She tells me she also cares for me, she cares for me to
    succeed. She says she wants me to go have fun with my family and grow then
    she’ll reconsider. That’s what she says last and haven’t text or call me.

    What’s going on? I don’t want to lose her, we’ve been together for 10
    years, I’m 28, she’s 27, and why did it all crashed down?
    She’s shown she have never cheated, I never wanted to cheat on her too. We
    both give each other our (Virginity), she’s my first and I’m her first.
    She always tells me around the first couple years to never leave her. I
    told her the same. We have been good for all these years until the last 1
    1/2 month.

    Now I’m not sure what’s she’s doing. But to me, I don’t want to lose her,
    I’m afraid if time goes by, another guy will get to her. I Love/Like/Miss
    her so much.

  20. MotaEdits says:

    Hi brad,basically my girlfriend broked up with me about a month and half
    ago (the reason was that i called her a slut* after several stupid fights.I
    really regret it it came out of me like this and I texted her that.since
    then i tried to get forgiven, brought her flowers and did a surprise with
    the school secretary but she said that she doesnt want to know more about
    me. then I tried to once contact her in real life to talk 5minutes with her
    but she declined. Since that I’ve done the No contact, its been like 2
    weeks so far, and 2 days ago, she asked to her friend which, I’m in contact
    with her , that if my dad is okay ( he was at the hospital).Also yesterday
    at school she gived my friend the bracelet that ive given her and a ring.
    Then once i arrived home, I opened the box that she had putted the stuff on
    it and I saw her ring *not the one thay i gaved her*( basically she had
    bought in the summer a kind of engaging ring that was one for male (me) one
    for women (her). So i opened the box and saw her ring then i texted her *kinda
    breaked the no contact* asked her : why did u gave me ur ring and she
    repplied that she didnt ment to and it was a mistake and she wants it back.
    I have always hope in her because beside seeing me as a bad boy I was
    really nice to her and so she was. Ps we go to the same school and when we
    see each other but from far away. I dont know why but she looks at me as if
    she still loves me. Alot of my friends tell me to give up but it’s hard for
    me since she’s my first girlfriend. By the way, I’m 17 and she is 16. I
    know she might not want to get back with me but I’d really appreciate if
    she forgives me since Ive done something really bad and I regret it. Please
    help me out 

  21. DJ Dru Nyce SSD says:

    Hey Brad, I recently went through a breakup with my ex who is actually the
    mom of my 2 year old son. Through our 4 year relationship we’ve had a few
    physical and verbal fights. All-in-all the GOOD outweighs the BAD. Only
    thing is, recently she told me she had sexual relations with another man &
    we had a physical fight again which lead to me getting arrested & her
    putting a restraining order on me. Now the order is off, she told me to
    give her space & time and we’ll see what happens after that. Is there hope
    for this relationship or should I move on???

  22. ARRIE Engelbrecht says:

    Thank you brad … she calles me …. and se text me all the time sending
    picuters of what shes doing … she says she thinks bout me all the time
    and misses me … and still wants to get back togher at the end of the year
    …. she says she just needs time to enjoy this year and have freedom …
    so ill just go no contact so shell have a life without me …. thank you
    for the reply means alot

  23. Hailey Edenstrom says:

    My ex and I have been broken up for about 3 weeks now, and I would have
    never seen it coming at all. We were together for 2 great years and the
    relationship was so great and things were going so smoothly and then out of
    no where he claims that we are at different points in our lives and that he
    thinks it would be the best for the both us if we just moved on. I’ve been
    so heartbroken and I’ve avoided talking to him with the exception of having
    to go to his uncle’s funeral about a week ago. When I went to his funeral,
    my ex went to incredible lengths to avoid me and he wouldn’t even look In
    my direction. It kind of made me lose hope in ever getting back together,
    but I still care about him and I miss him. Later that night I texted him
    and told him about how sorry I was for his loss and he just kept thanking
    me over and over for being there. So I’m kind of confused on what he wants.
    I just want him back though. I haven’t talked to him since. I just dont
    understand cause everything was so great and we were both crazy about each
    other and then he breaks up with me out of no where and its weird not
    talking to him everyday. He lives about 30 minutes away from me.

  24. Tavanah Benjamin says:

    hi brad hopefully you get back to me. me and my ex was together for a long
    time we have both had partners before but we was each others first love, he
    went through rough patch in his life which made him stress a lot then he
    started to become snappy towards me which I could handle but irritated me
    at the same time he started to forget to reply to my messages which isn’t
    like him we argued from time to time about it his priorities went a bit
    side ways anyways we broke up after a big argument we still converse and we
    saw each other the night before valentines day he came to see me to spend
    time with me but the problem is, is that he says he doesn’t know whether he
    wants a relationship with me anymore and he has no idea why also he says he
    has unconditional love for me but I’m not sure if he is in love with me I
    try and try with him and the things that bugged me before he carries on
    doing I don’t even think he notices that he does it now but I love him with
    all my heart and I want him to love me again does he still love me ? is
    there hope ?

  25. kenny leo says:

    please i have tried to get my girlfriend back but she harding to her
    heart.i don’t know what i did to my girlfriend she said is not interested
    to me again.she said she don’t want to sex that she want it after marriage
    but she came to my house and she spent a night with me and i didn’t have
    sex with her.and next week we should meet but she said she is not
    interested to me again that am not the kind of man she wanted,i pleading
    with her she said no and i love her so much.what can i do to get her back

  26. Shacoy King says:

    Hey Brad, long story short I was in a very fast, but very caring three
    month long distance relationship (500 miles apart.) The word “love” was
    used often, but actually meant something between us. I live in Texas, and
    she lives in Missouri. It’s a hour flight from each other. Around about the
    middle of December my ex gf told me of a opportunity for her to move to
    Florida (a state she enjoys,) and move away from her small town in MO; she
    said she would be moving around February. I must also say she has stated
    many times she prefers the country over the city life any day.

    Anyways, half way through December she feared the pain she would feel from
    prolonging things until the time she found out for sure if she would be
    moving or not, and broke things off with me… I accepted that, and slowly
    began moving on. Unfortunately two days later she initiates contact with me
    by saying “I miss you,” then we began calling, sleeping on the phone, and
    texting just as we used to do before she cut things off. This lasted for a
    little while…

    Around the 4th of January she became very cold, texting back hours later,
    would call me, but wouldn’t take my calls. She even went as far as letting
    all my calls go to voicemail late at night so I would assume she was
    asleep, but we followed each other on Instagram, and I could see her
    activity (likes, and follows.) Her activity proves she was actually awake
    and simply ignoring my calls/texts late at night because she was liking
    other people’s photos around the times I tried reaching out to her.

    A couple of days ago I told her even if she moved that wouldn’t be a
    problem for me because I could always just buy a ticket and fly her to
    Texas (with me) from time to time. She replied by saying she doesn’t feel
    comfortable with me spending money on tickets for her, and that she would
    be babysitting there, and wouldn’t be able to do that all the time. I told
    her that I didn’t mind waiting for her until she had time to visit, because
    I saw the relationship as a “…investment for something better to come,
    and the distance would only be temporary.” She seemed to listen to me, but
    after a few more days of excuses to why she couldn’t text me back, I
    realized based off her Instagram activity she liked one guys photos
    particularly, a guy that lived in Florida, and even commented on his
    physical appeal. He has as also liked some of her pictures, but from what I
    can tell, he has many women doing this towards his photos. I thought this
    was interesting because this same guy actually lives on campus at a
    university that is about a hour from where she will be staying in Florida.
    Granted I do like the pictures of women I think are attractive (usually
    famous,) and would leave a occasional “she’s hot” comment so I didn’t
    really think she was doing anything, but something could happen because
    they will be local to each other.

    After finding out that she liked this guys photos I went through a week, or
    two week period of no contact and dating; I went out got numbers, went on
    dates, hung out with girls and overall did my thing, but during that time I
    noticed I couldn’t really focus on those women because I was still
    emotionally invested in my current ex. Literally the dates were fun for
    them, but for me, I felt guilty when they would try to kiss me, even if it
    were on the cheek… I even pushed away attempts they initiated for hand
    holding, and general affection while at the movie theatre. It Just didn’t
    feel right even though I was newly single. I reached out to her after the
    no contact I initiated and she seemed to miss me, but kept pushing that we
    can’t work due to the circumstances, but I told her I make decent money.
    and with me only taking online classes in college, the occasional plane
    ticket here and there wouldn’t hurt my wallet. Things ended again with me
    saying that I would be “giving up on her.” She didn’t reply.

    So with all of this said, in your professional opinion should I simply give
    up on this woman and move on with my life? I must say I haven’t met her,
    but have established a emotional connection that is much stronger, and
    caring than all of my past physical relationships… Also it isn’t hard for
    me to find another girl, but I don’t want to because I still feel connected
    to her even though we were only in the relationship for a matter of months.
    And on a side note it’s only been two days or so since I told her I was
    “…giving up on her.”

    What do you think I should do?


  27. jed daguisonan says:

    Brad, I seek to send you private message. I wanna share something about my
    relationship , maybe it’s kinda unusual thing. Help me to decide

  28. Neel Morar says:

    Hi Brad

    I hope you can advise me.. I was seeing someone who is divorced with
    kids…. Everything was good we went out on dates I never met her kids
    though we had our up and down days like where she walked away and we got
    back together…. It is now been a year since we last spoke Ive heard that
    she is now seeing old guy friends… I still do love her even though it has
    been a year but feel like all hope is lost… I would like to get her back
    but everyone says I should forget it because she does not speak to me
    doesnt want to be friends etc…. what is your take on it

  29. bullshitxo says:

    I can’t get over my ex. Its been a year now. The break up wasnt to
    dramatic, it was just at the time we couldnt hang often and i regret it so
    much.i should of gone out of my way just to see him. he now has a
    girlfriend, but it doesnt seem like hes very interested in her. i feel like
    hes just dating her to say hes dating somebody. his best friend likes me
    and we are best friends and told me he thinks my ex still has feelings for
    me because since his bestfriend likes me he tells him im gonna break his
    heart like i did to him and im just gonna hurt him, etc etc. my ex always
    tries to ruin future relationships as if he doesnt want to see me with
    anybody else.. me and his friend were a thing at one point and he started
    treating his friend like shit and putting him down constantly when he heard
    me and him were talking. I don’t have feelings for his friend no longer but
    it made me kind of happy knowing my ex talks about me, even if it might not
    be in the positive way. he has to be thinking about me right? I don’t know
    why i’m into him because hes hurt me so much but i cant move on or love
    another. i dont have that amazing feeling you get when the person you love
    texts you n you nearly throw you phone across the room with excitement. im
    waiting for him to randomly text me one day telling me he misses me and how
    he messed up. months and months go on and nothing happens. i cant wait for
    the summer, thats when i see him most because i’ll be looking cute asf and
    maybe then he’ll finally think im beautiful again. I just want him to love
    me the way i love him. I remember we had those “I love you more” battles. I
    guess it was true when i said i love you more. I dont know, I know i need
    to move on but i cant. i got alot better throughout the months but still
    have those nights i break down and cry thinking about what went wrong. I
    miss him. I want him to miss me too.

  30. Austen Azevedo says:

    Hey brad,
    So my girlfriend of 1 year and I broke up 2 weeks ago. I felt like she was
    pushing me away saying she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be with me anymore
    or if we were right for each other and I said I didn’t think we should wear
    our promise rings until things get better. We fought a lot over nothing and
    i would accuse her of things and snap at her and I was verbally abusive to
    her saying mean things. She is very sensitive. But I left her house that
    night because she was saying those things and hurting me. So she felt I
    broke up with her (her mom said she called crying that i had broken up with
    her) and that I didn’t want our rings at all. That’s not how I meant it, I
    only meant for the time being. Short story is I called her a day later and
    said I was sorry for everything I ever did and could change and be the guy
    she fell in love with. She wouldn’t give me the chance said she would have
    to think. She got mad over a girl commenting to me on social media and me
    replying. Blocked me on all social media. We had talked about 4 times
    throughout the 2 weeks. Me initiating 90% of the time. yesterday said it
    was over for good and she was done. I asked for another chance she said
    “nothing was changing her mind” and I asked if this was forever she said
    pretty much she can’t see us working out and doesn’t want to be romantic
    with me anymore. She said me asking her for a chance and talking was making
    her not want me more. She said she doesn’t love me anymore. She said she
    loved me more than anything the day after we broke up. At the end of the
    condo I said I was done chasing her and didn’t want to be friends, only
    lovers. Now it’s really final. No chances. I want her back so badly. She is
    the one. What do I do from here. Please help. I thought her and I had very
    deep roots so did her parents. Please help Brad. Thanks

  31. Spencer Augustine says:

    We were each other’s first love, but last few months were plagued with
    bitterness (I was hurt and kept a grudge). She told me she stopped loving
    me because of all of the fights, and it’s been a month since we last spoke
    (I tried talking to her for 4 days). Any hope? I love her

  32. Michelle Lee says:

    Hi Brad, My ex broke up with me only 3 days ago after an 8 month

    Throughout December I was away overseas for one month for with my family
    vacation. All seemed fine with him whilst I was away and we maintained
    daily contact via text.

    However when I got back he immediately changed and started distancing me.
    After 3 times of seeing him, he called me and said he wasn’t happy whilst I
    was away and broke up with me.

    He said he’d been harbouring feelings for his ex who left him and it wasn’t
    fair to lead me on anymore and pretend to be there for me (they broke up
    about 1 year ago after a 4 year relationship). He said he wasn’t sure if he
    was ready for a relationship when he met me but his friend told him to give
    it a try and see where it led, but 8 months on wanted to end it due to how
    he felt.

    I asked if he was still in touch with her, and he said yes now and again. I
    do not know what the extent of their contact is. I wonder if there is more
    to the story that happened whilst I was away.

    I miss him dearly. With this situation in mind is it worth trying your tips
    to get him back or should I just move on if he is still harbouring feelings
    for his ex? Thank you!

  33. Phyllis Francis says:

    Hey Brad, I have a friend that was in a relationship with a guy but they
    were on and off for 4 years. The guy broke up with her just recently
    because he feels as if she is somewhat lazy and they both become complacent
    in the relationship after a while. The guy clearly loves her and she the
    guy but he is going through alot of issues outside of the relationship and
    is questioning life and himself. I feel as if he is projecting this on his
    relationship with my friend and i’m not sure if she should give up on him
    or give him the space he needs to figure things out? Thank you !

  34. Mad Scorpio says:

    Brad, I’m trying to keep this sort, my situations very unique. I dated a
    girl for a few months, nothing official but we cared about each other a
    lot. I was controlling and had serious trust issues from bad previous
    relationships. She was hesitant to be anything official. She heard rumors
    that were not true from a friend of hers, she distanced herself. I acted
    crazy trying to explain myself as she ignored me, and she ended things and
    never spoke me. I waited a month and tried bringing her flowers at work,
    she flipped out, didn’t take the flowers. My friend tried to speak to her
    and straighten out the confusion of the rumor, however she had informed him
    that she looked my record up and was alarmed at certain restraining orders
    she found. They were from when I was younger, they were totally unfair and
    I did not do anything wrong. She naturally assumed they were for bothering
    girls, so she correlated this with the way I was acting. She has not spoken
    to me since in almost a year. I’ve tried calling, leaving messages,
    voicemails, ive even had my family attempt to talk to her, and even spoke
    to her mother about it. Her Mother basically said that “If she doesn’t want
    to speak I should leave her alone”. Some of my friends believe she will
    speak to me over time (as i’ve never given up trying to prove myself), but
    I myself don’t know what to think. I’ve never cared about someone’s opinion
    as much as I care of hers, and although I’m fine with not being together, I
    feel horrible that she has such a terrible and incorrect opinion of me,
    although I can understand logically how she can see me as such. I’m stuck.

  35. heidi batbold says:

    BTW i commented about my situation on November and you told me to take an
    action.Otherwise it will be too late. So I wrote him a letter

  36. Simon Thunberg says:

    Hi Brad!
    My name is Simon and I’m from Sweden. I have your book and its really help
    Heres my case

    Me and my girl was together for like 1 year and then for like 2 weeks ago
    we broke up. She said that she still wants to be with me and she love me
    but she don’t think its a good idea for us to be together because we
    started early to have small fights and she said that want to go through
    this all the time. Its started after 6 months when we started to have small
    fights. I have beg and plead but she’s like: Idont want to be tighter with
    you, we don’t fit, we just fight, you need to accept this if you want to be
    friends with me, and stuff like that. So now to my question. Do YOU really
    think I have a good chance to win her back? Im on my 1 “No contact day” And
    i feel that it won’t work. What do you think?

    Good day!

  37. Rhia Mclysaght says:

    Hi Brad,
    Me and my ex were together for 5 months and the first 3 and a half months
    were amazing! But around 4 months into the relationship he upset me by
    saying that another girl was better looking than me, of course I asked the
    question “do you even care anymore?” And he simply said I don’t know. He
    was ending it and I got very upset ( this was face to face) he said he’d
    think about it that he wasn’t sure, he thought about it and we were back
    together the next day, but things were different after that, I think he got
    back with me out of pity. Also his best friend broke up with his girlfriend
    and was constantly asking my ex to go out with him, and my ex chose him
    over me, which caused me to get clingy as he was getting distant. On
    Christmas Day I was looking at snapchat and saw the girl we were arguing
    over in his best friends, I was a little drunk and I called him upset. He
    got irritated and told me to enjoy the rest of my night, and that he’d see
    me the day after Stephens day. I had his snapchat password and I logged in
    because I was worried about the girl. I saw the last message he left her
    which said “I don’t know I’m sick of being in a relationship but I’ll feel
    guilty” he wrote to me later that day saying it was true and he couldn’t do
    it anymore, I tried making him feel guilty but after 20 minutes I gave up

    Sorry for this being so long haha, anyway , I haven’t contacted him since
    the breakup which was 2 weeks ago, and from mutual friends I heard he
    doesn’t was a relationship at all at the moment. I know he lost interest in
    me and I’m wondering if there’s any chance of me winning it back. He’s not
    a nasty person, and I just feel like he was influenced by his friend. I
    really care about him and would do anything to get him back! Please I need
    your advice 

  38. jenny14 says:

    Hi brad. My ex were together for almost 8 years..our last four years was on
    and off. He broke up with last feb 3 2015. He told me he was tired. He told
    me I’m materialistic, lack of understanding about his job, I’m always in
    control. He tried to accept that flaws of mine but he told me he really
    can’t. He gave me so many chances but he told me that I’m just good for how
    many months. I begged so many times but he told me he loves me but it
    wasn’t enough to give me another chance and he told me he never coming back
    again. What should i do brad? I really love him please help me.

  39. bijou iesha says:

    Hello Brad,
    I would like to start off by thanking you.Your videos has helped me a lot.
    I started a relationship with my ex boyfriend last April we broke up around
    September he left me to go out with this other girl at the beginning I
    didn’t take it good than I started talking to other guys and watching your
    video and did the no contact and he came back saying he misses me wants me
    back and everything was good but I’d still get mad because he haven’t broke
    up with the girl he left me for he used to always tell me to just live
    everything would be fine but it’s bigger than me I just couldn’t accept
    that but at the same time I wasn’t strong enough to avoid his hugs and
    kisses I would see him at school everyday therefore he had the best of both
    worlds… So we would just never get to a conclusion and I feel like if I
    would’ve been less paranoid and listened to him we would’ve been together
    by now, I mean I already had him back he admitted and I blew it… These
    days I wanted to start the no contact rule again but I would text him or
    reply to his msg after 3 days it’s really hard. Till yesterday I wished him
    happy new years and he shut me off…. My only question is what did I do
    wrong he came back ….will the no contact role work again. I really love
    him I would do anything to have him back.

  40. James Caicedo says:

    Also she left me for a guy who does drugs and drinks and does a lot of bad
    stuff. She told me she was IN LOVE with me but I guess it was a lot of talk
    and no action

  41. Sidonia Wilferth says:

    Hi Brad, My Ex and I split 6 weeks ago, we lived together and I broke the
    trust (no I didn’t cheat). We still have contact mostly via text and
    occasionally we just hang out together. My Ex says he has “Good Sid” days
    and “Bad Sid” moments where he thinks about what I have done. I am trying
    to win back his trust and him, however is reluctant (which I can
    understand), I am considering the “no contact rule”, do you think that will
    help me in getting him back, or should I just walk away? Thank you for any
    insight that you can give to me.

  42. priscilla Audrey portillo-carreon says:

    My ex and I were together for 3 years and I cheated on him one night and I
    told him and he broke up with me I’ve tried to get back with him it’s been
    5 months but he keeps telling me to just move on that he’s not coming back.
    Idk what to do I don’t want to move on. 

  43. Joshua Ford says:

    Hey Brad, my ex and I broke up a little over a month ago we still keep in
    contact and still hang out. It is both of our decisions to keep in contact.
    She has a new bf and she started staying the night with him before they
    started dating. But she will talk to me still while he is around him. I
    need advice please.

  44. Xingi Cho says:

    Hi Brad..

    I just broke up from my 13 years of relationship. He was cheating on me for
    the past 5 years and i never knew about it, until few weeks back. He says
    he doesn’t want to lose me, nor he can leave the other gal, so, i dumped
    him instead. And now i really want to get over this sudden emotional
    turnover. He was my first ever BF, so its getting more hard for me to bear
    the betrayal.. I’m just lost and hurt.. :'( 

  45. Fallafel Tomatoe says:

    I think my situation is almost hopeless. We dated 2 years and she started
    seeing one of her friends less than a week after we broke up (not while we
    were dating but very shortly after we broke up). They have everything in
    common and I always thought they would make a good couple. She doesn’t try
    to contact me and when I’ve reached out to her she’s ignored me many times
    and others, when she answered and we chatted a bit, she told me to stop
    trying to contact her for a month or two. I have stopped since then btw. We
    were best friends and meant a lot to each other, I just don’t feel ready to
    completely give up yet, but I think I have to because she seems to have
    moved on already. We broke up about two months ago and she said she wanted
    to be friends again at some point in the future but to give her space for

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