Is it true or not, how to find love?:

Is it true or not, how to find love?

is it true that love comes to those who do not seek or look for it?,
i recently got out of a relationship not to long ago, and i feel as if after her, i cant seem to find anyone who is interested in me. i think i’m looking too much. i just don’t like the feeling of being lonely when it comes to a romantic partner. other than that everything else in my life is wonderful. i have taken time for myself seeing as we ended our relationship a month ago and it still feels like yesterday. when it happened i didn’t think i’d be able to find anyone else, like i wasn’t good enough, but i know better than that, for i know i’m deserving of love and i am a good guy even though she always made me feel less of a person and wasn’t worth having. but anyways, does love come to those who don’t look for it, or is it just the opposite? i understand this is a matter of opinion, so what do you think?

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  1. James W says:

    Just don’t expect it dude. I know how you feel, and the more serious you were about this chick, the harder it is to get over, and the longer it’ll take.
    Often meeting new partners is the best way to get over a break up.. But not always what people want to do..
    I personally have found love to just appear when you least expect it, but you can help yourself by being in a position to meet new people. Like going out to new places and talking to people, getting more involved with people. Real love needs some foundation, like a friendship before the love starts, and so making new friends is always a good way.
    Most of all, you need to start loving yourself more, because you will instantly become more attractive to those around you.

    Best of luck mate.<br/>
    James W

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