Is Passion Overrated? From Matthew Hussey & Get The Guy

For more on my Retreat programs, click here: Let me tell you why passion is overrated. To clarify this: INITI…
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25 Responses to “Is Passion Overrated? From Matthew Hussey & Get The Guy”

  1. Tiffany Steinhilber says:

    i needed this so much today…I just may have to “borrow” a quote you said
    in there “don’t over value initial passion, value enduring investment”.
    Makes perfect sense!

  2. Andisnooks80 says:

    Can’t stop watching these. So informative. 

  3. Suzanna Kiraly says:

    This is insightful. Thanks. What about chemistry?

  4. Helena Monique Clarke says:

    Too true. Guys who show too much enthusiasm right off in my opinion are
    obviously probably pretty shallow and only interested in some element of
    how you look. Trust me…wait to judge until you hear the things that often
    come out of my mouth. What’s even worse is that having a chest means you
    attract ”breast men”…notoriously the brainiest of the bunch.

  5. Gina Moffit says:

    I knew this was going to be fantastic.

  6. young-joo Shin says:

    You are good..god, I wish I have known you 4 months ago..haha..^^

  7. Lovely24by7 says:

    I love you

  8. richa patel says:

    Soo.. True…

  9. Riss Rose says:

    you sound identical to andrew garfield

  10. fergoesdayton says:

    I think novelty is overrated and influence is underrated. Novelty comes
    cheap. Anyone can create something different, but what’s important is
    that those differences have a significant effect on any system.

  11. Daesjia says:

    This video isn’t good for my martyr complex. /joke lmao

  12. Kate S says:

    +Matthew Hussey please upload more career advice. I love it and it
    motivates me to be successful like you :) 

  13. Savannah C says:

    very good, I used to believe in that fast passion, and of course, I learned
    with suffer, because he is out there having “passion” all over again, and
    again. Passion means suffering….

  14. Brenda Charles says:

    At first I was sceptical of your view on passion, but once you’ve started
    developing your argument I found it really wise and helpful. Thanks xx

  15. Breeny Lee says:

    This is great Matthew! 

  16. Sarah Sophia says:

    this was one of your best vides i have watched ( i watched like ten)

  17. HYPNOYOU EllieBrown says:


  18. Michelle Israel says:

    Amen Brother The First thing I’v agreed with, from you, in a while. 

  19. KATE KALUNGA says:

    Great video!! Everyone REALLY needs to see this. I’m always wary of guys
    who exhibit unearned passion.. Guys like that tend to lose the passion
    quickly (disappearing acts) and as soon as someone presumably better
    catches their eye.

  20. Nathalie Adriana says:

    You are incredibly hot… 

  21. Marissa Lluch says:

    Excellent distinction. Thank you!

  22. TheTraceReview says:

    Matt, can you do a video on age difference in relationships? I am 42 and a
    guy that is 33 asked me out. I am hesitant because of the age difference.
    Thank you :)

  23. Sayuuri Akimoto says:

    Thanks Matthew! I have been looking for ‘passion’ in my life for a really
    long time and still can’t understand what is passion and where is it come
    from. But just because of your video, I’m really clear now, for my long
    term future. Thank you very much!!!

  24. ditree hugger says:

    Matt calm…down…. baby

  25. okashi10 says:

    You are so wise.

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