Is Your Ex Dating Someone New? That Could Help You Win Them Back — How To Get Your Ex Back If They’re Dating Somebody Else Already So, I should first say that this video is mainly for those who…


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  1. aaronxen says:

    +Brad Browning I broke up with my girlfriend of 8 months about 8 weeks
    ago. I wanted her back after about 3 weeks and I messed up and pleaded and
    prodded her. She has stone walled me. Anyways now I am 1 week into no
    contact. I know that we are compatible and will be great if we start a new
    healthy relationship.
    I have a few unique concerns. My ex has a rule that she never dates an ex
    again. However when together she told me that I was the most understanding
    person she has ever been with. She also said that our relationship was more
    special than others she has had and we talked about serious life choices
    like having kids and moving in together. She is a proud woman and I’m
    afraid that she might be too stubborn to sway.
    Further my ex is bisexual and she is now dating a girl that is opposite of
    me in more than just the obvious. She has dated more guys than girls in
    the past. I am also concerned with the time of year and “no contact”
    because it is the holiday season. I keep thinking that she is going to make
    a connection with this new girl over the holidays and not far behind is her
    birthday and valentines day.
    Any advice?
    Great videos

  2. picklethekiller says:

    Hi brad, my girlfriend broke up with me less than 2 months ago. She said
    the she loves me but not “in love” with me anymore. She also said that she
    will never forget me and we kissed each other. We’ve been 4 years together
    and we really had a great relationship and had a great connection. Since
    then i’ve done no contact, improved myself by going to the gym, went out
    with friends, and i also had a job offer recently. Then today i talked to
    her on the phone because she wanted to know my big news (my job offer).
    When i told her she was really happy for me. After we did some catching up
    and then she asked me: have you met a new person? I said well not really,
    you? She said: weeeellll, yeah. We’ve been texting for 2 weeks and went to
    diner together. But i dont know him that much for now, its not official.
    And i asked her: are you in love with him? She said: no not for now. And i
    could tell that she was’nt loving him. And then she started to ask me: are
    you alright? I hope i didn’t hurt you. I said no i’m ok.

    So i hope that this is only a rebound because she moved to another man so
    fast. I really love her and i really want her back. But the fact that she
    said that she’s not in love with him right now and that they’re just
    texting and trying to know each other let me think that i could take that
    as an advantage. There’s obviously some feelings coming from her when she
    talks to me but that’s it. What can i do to attract her fast before it goes
    serious with this other guy ?

    Please help me,

  3. Gameanimedragon says:

    Hey Brad! my ex is dating with someone else now and they have going to a
    restaurang and it’s seems that my ex doesn’t want me anymore and I have not
    contact her in few days from now. So wonder is there some still chance to
    get her back even if say are with the new guy? And btw they are working in
    the same work. And it’s feels that I have lost her for good now. What
    should I do If I really want my ex back again? :( 

  4. Junior Sach says:

    Hi Brad.

    I wanted to start by saying thank you for posting these great video on
    youtube. They are very helpful and I wanted to ask you if you could help me
    with my situation.

    Me and my ex were going out for four years and we was constantly arguing
    and got into a lot of fights based on both our flaws and attitude. I
    decided that we should break up as I couldn’t take it no more. We broke up
    in September 2014 and decided to go our ways. But as time passed I started
    to realise I miss my ex so much and I really wanted her back.

    So I decided to change my whole aura about me and changed my ways to become
    a better person and a better man. I have changed my appearance also by
    going to the gym to become more healthier too. But I didn’t do this for my
    ex, I did this because I knew my old ways were not good and contributed to
    my break up with my ex.

    Further to this story, my ex texted me two weeks ago when she was on
    holiday and stated that she has forgiven me for the way I treated her in
    the past. Since then we have been speaking but today I poured my heart out
    to her and she said she doesn’t want to hurt me. I was a bit confused about
    this and I asked her what do you mean.

    She told me that she has slept with other guys whilst we have been
    seperated. My heart literally melted and I felt so weak to my bones. I
    literally cried as I didn’t think she would do that to me. So I lied out of
    pure anger and pain and said I also have done the same thing and she
    replied back with “so you know it’s nothing to worry about” I then
    explained that it wasn’t fun for me to sleep around with other girls,
    bearing in mind I’m sill lying as I’m in pain. My ex then replied that she
    is doing it out of fun.

    I’m so confused right about now as I love her to bits and I really want to
    get back together with her. What do you think is my best options? Like i
    don’t know if she is saying she slept around to hurt me or push me away.

    Could you please provide me some help Brad?

    Thank you. 

  5. TheOnlyGHero09 says:

    Me and my ex broke about a month ago and he is already seeing someone new
    even after he told me that he just wanted to focus and that I would be
    really hard to get over. He said that he wouldn’t be finding any other
    girls until he got his grades up but is still doing horribly in school and
    even worse it’s like he makes an account not to look at me even though I’m
    pretty sure he knows I’m there like he feels guilty or really just wants me
    to be invisible. He gave me his number when we broke up (he was getting a
    new phone) and said that we could keep in touch which I knew was pathetic
    but he sounded genuine at the time so I didn’t care. When we were on the
    phone I congratulated him on his new girl and when I asked him what he
    liked about her he never came up with a real reason, but loved everything
    about me when we were together. I was the first girlfriend introduced to
    his friends and they love me and we actually developed our own friendships.
    They say he was really into me and that he is a jerk for leaving me, but I
    don’t even know what to think anymore. I don’t think inquiring myself is
    the best, plus he might lie to me again. I want either one of two options.
    1. I want him back
    2. Closure so I can move on with my life and see him without loosing my
    appetite out of grief.
    Please reply and tell me what to do.

  6. Jeniah Williams says:

    Hey Brad , i’ve been dating this guy for about 6 months in this period of
    time we got serious & I was initially the one to end the relationship due
    to frequent arguments/disagreements , the very next day he told a friend of
    mines that he really misses me and she proceed to tell him that I was happy
    & that I was better off without him (which is not entirely true) and I
    guess he felt that he shouldn’t try to fix things which is exactly what I
    hoped he would do , because I do miss him and all I really needed was a
    little space but now I regret ending it because I didn’t mean for that to
    happen… genuinely I was really happy & I found out 2 days later he
    started dating someone else , what should I do ?

  7. cole morales says:

    Me and my ex broke up about a month ago, I had done the begging and
    pleading with her, and I regret it deeply because now she hates me and
    doesn’t want me to speak with her, the reason we broke up was because she
    had feeling for this guy and felt as thought being in a relationship with
    me was wrong while having these feelings for him, so fast forwarding her
    hating me and not wanting to talk to me, I talked to her ex mainly said hi
    can I ask you something, after that he told her I messaged him and she is
    now currently furious, but Ik somewhere she still cares or I strongly
    believe she does, they are not together yet and shes very clingy and he
    lives 4 hours away so something tells me it wont work but but even so shes
    in college and has many options now, so how is it I care repair this and
    hopefully get her back?

  8. Leslie Rabay says:

    Well im haveing problem with my ex i had dance yesterday on 16 and he went
    so my friend were hangning and he came to me to dance he did but he dance
    with me for two songs. It kind od felt werid but I dont know what to do
    while a hour pass i saw him dance with othere girls i got jelouse. But i
    want him back what can I do get him attion to me, please help!

  9. Joel Tobar says:

    Hi what do you suggest about a relationship where a kid is involved we
    dated for nine years a year and a half ago our daughter was born and these
    past two months hes been planning on moving out… He finally found a spot
    and IS moving out. I don’t want to lose him but he said I couldn’t make him
    happy but still loves me and that maybe with space we can grow and maybe
    come back with each other as better people. I think it’s a bunch of bs I
    think he wants to date and is using me as a call back plan.

  10. kim shady says:

    I been pleading and begging since years to be with me,we’ve had break ups
    and patch ups many times ,but now it’s been 16 days and I met her three
    days back (cried) but she didn’t care and was busy in an amusing park with
    her friends and now out with family to other city for one month, I want her
    to miss me back :( and love me. Temme what should I do,
    P.s:-I was always dominating with her

  11. KaPi CoRn says:

    what if you’re the rebound, but you both developed strong feelings for
    eachother until she got back with her ex (now current bf) of 2.5 years?

  12. CuteCalum says:

    Me and my girlfriend were dating for 3 years and 6 months, she broke up
    with me just under a month ago. The reason was that we were both neglecting
    the relationship and were not getting on for personal reasons outside of
    the relationship and not communicating them out properly to one another.
    A week after the break up she told me she likes another guy, a week after
    that she told me they both like each other. They aren’t dating yet I don’t
    think. I was wondering what I should do. The guy that she likes is a nice
    guy and I can see why she would want him over me to be honest. I was
    wondering if this is really a rebound? 

  13. Caden Lim says:

    Hi brad,
    I just found out that my ex has a new boyfriend. It has only been 6 weeks
    since our break up and she has found someone new fairly quickly. I’m not
    sure if this is counted as a rebound relationship as she as known him for
    almost a year.
    I didn’t like the guy because they were constantly texting when we were
    together and even though I didn’t like the fact that they texted alot I
    never stopped her from doing so, mainly because I didnt want to be the jerk
    that doesn’t allow my girlfriend(at that time) to have other friends.
    Since the break up, it’s obvious that they got closer and closer since I
    was already out of the picture. I am at a lost of what to do. 

  14. evisulee1 says:

    hi brad i was with my ex for 8 years we broke up last december so a year
    ago now, I carried on living in the house while it was going through sale
    which went through in may this year, that was the last time i text her/seen
    her i wished her good luck with everything she does in the future and she
    said the same and take care. There has been no contact since, but i have
    heard she has been tagged with someone she works with on facebook in photos
    and had been on holiday with him, I think somthing had been going on while
    we was together with this coworker and they have been together more or less
    since we broke up, I cant believe she could have moved on so quickly, do
    you think that its not a rebound relationship with them too, he is
    completely opposite to me? Thanks

  15. Leo Sadnonstop says:

    Me and my ex girlfriend were dating for 1 years and 8 month, she broke up
    with me less than a month ago she really love me before then after she
    found a new job she still love me but I am not there for her and a new guy
    step in and get her back. The reason is that I am not there when she need
    me. I was studying for my exam the most important in my life. Then we broke
    up at first I play cool then I stared to miss her a lot and find her it was
    too late she said she didn’t love me anymore in fact that she found a new
    guy and she like that guy.
    I asked her is there any chance we get back together she said no, i asked
    her will she love me anymore she said no, I asked did she even think about
    us when we are still together she said no. she even said that the new guy
    is cute everything about him is cute. I really want her back. Is it rebound
    can I get her back?

  16. Claire Davies says:

    Hi Brad, My ex broke up with me in June and seems to have gone back to his
    ex. I don’t know if she was the reason for the breakup or if they just
    ended up back in touch. He got with her about a month after we broke up in
    July but continued speaking to me on and off. At the beginning of Sept he
    tried to come back to me, we were in touch over the course of a week (this
    is long distance) and after a Skype call he said he was so happy we sorting
    things out and I had no idea how I made him feel. We were supposed to meet
    up but ended up having and argument during which I became angry about him
    running around with his ex. In response to this he told me he felt it
    couldn’t work between us as I would always bring this up and I obviously
    didn’t feel the way that he did. I asked him to take a few days to calm
    down and to get in touch if he would still like to meet – a few days later
    he messaged me saying he was going to “leave me a alone and let me get on
    with my life” and was “sorry he didn’t fight for me”. I just accepted this
    and wished him well, thinking if I continued to play it cool he would be
    back. A month went by and I text him – it appeared he had deleted my
    details in a bid to move on and was resistant to me speaking to him. A few
    weeks later I ended up texting him again saying i missed him and his
    response to this was that he felt the same way and he kicked himself
    everyday that things went wrong between us, he kept saying”you are so
    gorgeous, I can’t believe I let you get away”. A month has gone by and I
    have heard nothing but found out last weekend that he is back with his ex
    for definite. He made the two of them his profile picture on Facebook. I
    really don’t get it, why would he say those things to me while he was with
    her? I’m wondering if it will last between them, but i know I can’t wait
    around and should live my own life. Do you think the door is firmly closed?
    I’m very confused. I’m still close friends with his family and I know they
    are devastated about this and would rather him be with me than her.

  17. joe hill says:

    Hi Brad my Ex girlfriend broke up with me a month ago, she cheated on me
    with this guy about 5 months ago and was in a relationship with him at the
    same time as me she decided when i find out that she never wanted him and i
    decided to move in to her home we had a great relationship but then a month
    ago she asked me to leave and now shes with him again she has said she is
    single but i have seen proof she dont stop lying to me and has a past of
    cheating on her boyfriends i do know she loves me i mean she got my name
    tattooed on her wrist and has said she wont be removing it i have tried the
    no contact rule but keep failing and contacting her and i have noticed she
    is not messaging back as much as she did but i feel from tomorrow day one
    of no contact i will follow your advice for 30 days to see if she contacts
    me she said she wants to remain friends but i said no because it will hurt
    me seeing her with her boyfriend please can you help with any advice of
    what i should do as i love her a lot. thanks Brad :)

  18. branman63 says:

    Hey Brad, so here’s my situation. I did the no contact rule with my ex and
    it has been about a month and a few days. But today I found out she is
    dating someone. I did the no contact rule because she was really mad at me.
    But what really hurts me is that two weeks into the no contact rule, we saw
    each other at a party and she approached me. But I didn’t give her any
    attention cause I wanted to follow through with the no contact rule. I am
    just kinda shocked. We built up so many memories. Even though we dated
    twice each time lasting a month, we talked for about 2 and a half years and
    during that time we liked each other on and off. We had so many good times,
    and honestly I still find myself missing her and thinking about her. Its
    depressing. Is this a rebound relationship? Is it possible she couls have
    took it as if im not interested in her? Thanks

  19. Luis Pompas says:

    since we were kids we were dating…. 2 years after I went to an orfanage
    and I stopped talking to her…. I kept going with my life and she with
    hers… another year later I found out that she was dating another guy….
    I got so mad about it,,,, I fighted him and she broked up with that stupid.
    Then we started talking and met a few times… We laught we kissed and then
    I only saw her 3 yeras later, knowing that she was dating with another guy
    for 2 years after I stopped talking to her…. we met at the New Years Eve
    and talked about what had happened to us, why worent we together??? her
    boyfriend showed up to her house and we stopped. We only talked one year
    later wen she called me on private asking about how many other girls did I
    saw since we broke up… Like i had already moved on but the moment I knew
    it was her i remembered the time we date, all the good moments we had and i
    missed her again… 6 months passed…. And today I called her…. I opened
    my heart and we talked…. she keept saying “Why only now??” I told her
    that only today I realized how much I want her… One hour after talking I
    got home and she calls me saying that is boyfrind wanted to talk with me…
    we talked by the phone and we met in front of my house… I told them i
    would stop talking with her cause I respected their relationship, but after
    I went back home and her boyfrind dropped her home she called me with the
    same questions…. i just told her that i was going to move on and if she
    wanted to be with me or him its was her decision, after all i just want her
    to be happy. 😀 Truth is I still love her and I want her by my side. What
    should i do…. Tell me….. 

  20. Michael Reid says:

    hi! i had a 4 year relationship but things got bad and she dump me! we’ve
    bin apart for 2 years now and she now has a new guy that she sleeps with i
    don’t know how long its bin going on but she says that she misses male
    company and that she is only wasting time and also not ready to get back
    into a relationship,but do you think it was wrong of me to tell her how i
    still feel after 2 years only to get rejected???

  21. Llama Lyfe says:

    Im a highschool student, My ex and i were dating for almost a year now (9
    months) We had an on and off relationship. When we broke up i begged her
    but she refused so i let flow. I dated someone but i still like her so
    much. She now is dating someone new. So we broke up Aug and now its
    november. Shes also really cold with me. What should i do to get her back,
    or i dont have no chance? Ive also said that i dont care if shes dating
    someone else, to her thats how i found out she was dating someone else.
    Please answer, because i still think about her like crazy. I cry alot of
    the times.

  22. ricardomavs817 says:

    My ex broke up with me about 7 months ago now. But I’ve been having the
    hardest time ever trying to get over her. I work a nromal min-fri schedule,
    and the problem is we work at the same company so I see her everyday. She
    just started seeing someone else I’m assuming two weeks ago at the
    earliest. Any advice? Ps. She said she didn’t want a relationship three
    weeks ago and now this surprise came up and she doesn’t admit it but makes
    it clear that she doesn’t want to loose me completely as a friend :/
    Thanks I hope you’re still active on here.

  23. sam noi says:

    me and my ex broke up 2 months ago, she apparently started dating a guy
    about 2-3 weeks after we broke up. this guy is the one guy she told me
    never to worry about because he is her best friend and she dosent feel
    nothing for him, yet they were going to prom together. my ex and i were
    together for 8 months and we told each other that we wouldnt break up any
    time soon but she left me because i had trust issues with her and that guy,
    she also had other problems with family, job, school which caused extra
    problems in our relationship.

    this relationship is a rebound, well its what i believe! she has been with
    the guy for 5 weeks now but its not on Facebook and she never told me even
    though she knows i’m aware.

    can i get my ex back?

  24. John Gutierrez says:

    The girl I love broke up with me in September and now she’s dating another
    guy. This other guy happens to be an ex of hers from about 5yrs ago. This
    is her first love. My ex and her sister tell me that he is annoying at
    times and that he is the complete opposite of me. I can use some help in
    trying to get her back. 

  25. streetmaster100 says:

    Just trying to get more insight.
    My ex & I were living together until 6 months ago when she moved out siting
    distance to work being the reason. (yeah right)
    3 months later she broke up with me. Could this have been enough time for
    her to distance herself emotionally & prepare herself for the breakup &
    healing? We had an 18 month relationship.
    Also, she has been with the rebound for 8-9 weeks now.
    Please help

  26. Salena Arcilesi says:

    Hi Brad great video and really enjoyed it, I am in so much emotional pain I
    was with my ex for 10 years and we have two children with him. I suffered a
    really painful breakup five months ago and he found someone new and is in
    love with her he said that he was over this relationship many years ago and
    it was a lot of pain and I’m feeling really bad and wondering if there’s
    any possibility to get him back and if

  27. Eddie Trinidad says:

    So how do I play my cards right to get her back if she’s with the rebound?

  28. Nina Ricci says:

    Hi Brad, I dated this guy for 9 months, its been a year now since we broke
    up. If he started dating her 4 – 5 months after it, it still can be a

  29. Abhishek Soni says:

    Hey Brad, I am really going through a tough time because my ex gf is now
    with someone else, she came in an unconditional relationship with him after
    a month, I dont know what to do, I am worried about myself because I can’t
    live a day without her, please guide me

  30. Adan Reyes says:

    Hey brad my exgirlfriend broke up w me 9 months ago i saw her a
    couple of times after the brake up and every time she would see
    me she would cry. last time she texted me was for my birthday
    september 19 ever since then i havent talk to her but i just
    found out that she is seeing someone else. i know she still
    has feelings for me like me for her. Thank you for all you help

  31. Alexa J says:

    My ex and I dated for about 10 months. One day one of his friends who
    didn’t really like me told him that I had kissed one of his friends the day
    before. My ex then told me about it and just wouldn’t believe me when I
    said it didn’t happen. About an hour after we broke up one of my friends
    told me that he was already dating someone else. I don’t want to get back
    together with him. I just want to get over him. HELP!?!?

  32. Creo Eclipse says:

    hey my ex broke up with me a week ago and now shes with another guy that
    she said no to before i asked her out. but now i kinda showed depression
    for that sake today and i want to know how to take that back so she wont
    know im down about the break up. Also i think we are friends though im not
    really sure but if you have advice it will help me so much plz :(

  33. Jessica Smith says:

    Hey Brad,I need your help on this.. okay so I’m 13 years old and my ex Ryan
    is 14 he broke up with me like a few weeks ago and I’m still kinda sad over
    it because I had so much love for him and he did too, he said sorry a lot
    so I have a new boyfriend and he has a new girlfriend but when Ryan broke
    up with me he had a new girlfriend like 2 days after and her name is
    keirsten I want Ryan back because he was the best boyfriend I ever had and
    I still love him so How can I tell him that I still love him and How can I
    get Ryan back? Please help 

  34. branman63 says:

    Hey Brad thanks for the advice i just wanted to add on. But anyways whats
    even worse is that they are neighbors. Did she get over me? Its just so
    confusing though cause shes showed interest but now shes dating another kid
    who is her neighbor. Should I do the no contact rule again for another 30
    days? It really sucks cause im ready to talk after no contact and I find
    out to see she is dating someone else. 

  35. James Bartelt says:

    My ex broke up with me about 4 months ago and I have found out she is
    seeing someone new. I have a feeling she started talking to this new guy
    about 2 months after we broke up but I’m not sure. We were together for
    two years. I’m not sure if this is a rebound or if it is actually
    something more?

  36. Darien Glemza says:

    Thanks for telling me that, my ex is the ex of a friend of mine. They broke
    up because he liked someone else for a short time and she liked me at the
    same moment. Right when he told her that he didn’t really like that girl,
    she broke up with me. So, I’m the rebound for my ex and now she’s dating my
    friend again. She has been displaying all the different signs of affection
    for him and I didn’t even realize it until now. Its impossible for me to
    get her back. So I thank you for the advice on trying to get my ex back,
    but it didn’t work for me. It told me that she never liked me from the

  37. mrchinee25 says:

    hey Brad, any help or advice would really be grateful. i had this girl as
    my friend for 4yrs going on 5 in february next yr…we have done
    everything together as a couple should but i was immature and foolish and
    didnt give her the title of being personal My girlfriend. i love her and we
    fell out many times but always got back and reconciled. but this time she
    is completely fed up of waiting on me and has left and says that its final
    and she does not love and that i should move on. we have been through alot
    and were best friends. i really love her and want her back but i think she
    also has someone new she’s talking to because they are giving her the
    “queen” treatment and she says i am not capable of treating her like that.
    i take full resposibility for everything and she is right and i’m wrong but
    i want her back and want to settle with her and make her mine. i told her i
    was waiting till her bday which is the 11th Nov to ask her to be mine. i
    did the no contact sort of for 2 weeks when she told me to she wants
    nothing with me, today she called me upset because my mom called her and
    said she should talk to me and well she made it clear again that she is
    happy and maybe have someone else. she even posted herself with a big
    bouquet of flowers from the person on whats app. help me bro. i live in the
    caribbean and dont hav means to purchase your guide. please help me! thanks
    for the help…please respond, P.S. i know im stupid and a fool, similar
    stuff like this happened with us before and we both had no contact with
    each other in the past but somehow we got back as good friends. i want to
    make her my girl but i think she is really serious now

  38. Brayden Dunstan says:

    Hi Brad, I just found out that my ex has moved on to someone within a
    matter of days after we broke up. She is someone she has met through her
    friends before we broke up. Im not to sure on whether or not this means it
    is or isn’t a rebound relationship. Its really hard as i know that if given
    another chance our relationship will have greater success

  39. sdv73168 says:

    Hey Brad, i need your help real bad. My ex girlfriend and i broke up about
    6 months ago after a 2 year relationship. 3 weeks after our breakup she
    starts seeing some guy who treats her like crap, controls who she’s friends
    with on facebook and is batshit crazy jealous of any guy who even dares to
    talk to her, especially me. So if this is a rebound relationship that she’s
    in why is she still with him after all these months?
    She tells me she’s confused, that he sometimes scares her with his
    jealously. He went crazy a few times when he saw my texts on her phone, she
    actually told me he’s a lunatic and not normal, yet she’s still with him.
    Btw, he keeps taking her phone away from her to check if i or anybody else
    is texting her. I want her back so bad i would die for her but now she’s
    ignoring my texts. What can i possible do to win her over this idiot she’s
    seeing? I have been drowning in depression ever since we broke up. Please
    please help!!!

  40. matthew klein says:

    Hey brad I love your videos here is my problem my ex and I were together
    for six years and we have two babies together on September 17 my girlfriend
    kicked me out because my other ex girlfriend added me on Facebook and she
    got mad but anyway we talk on and off about are babies she tells me to
    sleep over so I did five nights in a row everything was going good but I
    found out she’s talking to Another guy and he comes over her house and he
    sleeps her bed last night she texts me asking if I would bring her some
    food I agreed at first then one of my friends showed me a picture of the
    guy in her bed I just don’t get her she said she wants to work on the
    family but still has this guy come over and she calls him babe but there
    not dating idk what to please help in anyway thank you

  41. pazoqenne says:

    Hey Brad, i was with my girl for 2 years and 7 months, but one day we broke
    up and she went with a guy so i went with a girl a fee months, after having
    sex with thia girl, my ex came back to me but she had asked me if i had sex
    with that girl, so i said no, but after a few months she found out, n she
    ended up bfeaking up with me, i didnt know what to do so i started sending
    her flowers and gifts but she was just being mean to me, till i found out
    she was talking to another guy i stopped sending her all the gifts, i
    havent talked to her like for a month already, and the only thing i know is
    that she is “in love” already but she was only seen this guy one time, and
    they’re going to see each other again soon, and i dont know what to do
    because its driving me crazy because i miss her, please help

  42. alfredo garibay says:

    Currently shes with a guy ,and well i was shoked when i found out ,yes i
    was devastated and i wanted to caller but i kept my cool and acted like i
    was okay . But its been about a month now i think and i dont know how she
    acts with him in person ,from what i see on social media .he looks for her
    most of the time . Idk if shes using him as a rebound or if she does
    actually like him ,but the over thinking its getting to me especially this
    time of year .we dated about 1yr2months . Despite hiw i feel about it im
    hesitant about texting her a simple hey idk. Could you help?

  43. Drake De Suniga says:

    Now, she already has a boyfriend and I think she’s happy with him, we were
    for 4 years can i still steal her back?

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