Jealous- Overcome Jealousy In 7 Easy Steps Overcome Jealousy in 7 Easy Steps by relationship coaches Susie & Otto Collins. Get rid of jealousy, stop being jealous and hel…
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  1. maria cristina solorzano says:

    thanks for the advice I hope I can make it because I’m too much jealous to
    my husband sometimes I want to die because I feel he want the sexy lady
    because he always looking the lady pretty with big butt and boobs I told
    to him its better you married to the pretty and sexy lady because I feel
    jealous I want to take out but its hard, anyway I will do your advice
    .thank you..

  2. prash jadhav says:

    Hey , ummmm, i m in a relationship and its completing a year nw, i think i
    am possessive about my girlfriend, she shares evrything with me bt still i
    get jealous when she is talking with someone else , people say that i am
    over possesive, i wanted to rid of this problem, plzz cn u advice…

  3. TheYayaNet says:

    really helpful! thanks so much! 

  4. Jefry Andradr says:

    Tbh this has helped me a lot .. 

  5. SurfingTangents says:

    Fab upload Susie & Otto!

  6. farris fuead says:

    hey guys,, urmm,, i just wanted to ask on your opinion,
    well,,me and my gf are getting along,,but we don’t get to see each other
    but when i heard, she was going to a reunion with guys n girls etc. in
    other words,,
    i don’t like other guys getting close since it’s so long i even met her in
    is this type of jealosy normal? please and thank you for your time

  7. kkkkkkkkkk955 says:

    Hi Susie and Otto, can you give me some advice, please? I feel jealous when
    my bf watches porn because from my perspective, porn is filmed at the angle
    where they just focus on the female 95% of the time and that makes me feel
    like the watchers are imagining having intercourse with that actress. I
    don’t know how to let it not bother me. :(

  8. Tracy Ellen Bernotas says:


  9. Roosta131 says:

    its not that easy……………….

  10. Susie, Otto Collins says:

    @jannajhee If you have low self esteem, start to take steps to boost your
    confidence & treat yourself with more respect. You can do this one
    decision, one moment at a time. If you are with the wrong person, get clear
    about what that means to you. Ask yourself- “Is it wise for me to stay in
    this relationship?” Honor what your answer is. Best Wishes, Susie and Otto

  11. Susie, Otto Collins says:

    13lackuJidowCA: The most important thing is for you to pause when your
    jealousy comes up and get clear. Get clear by questioning your thoughts. In
    the moment, ask yourself “Do I really know it’s true that she’s happier
    with these other guys?” When you do talk with her about this, focus on
    observable behaviors (how does she flirt?) & create agreements with her
    that will strengthen trust. The more you calm down, the easier you’ll see
    what truly needs addressed. Best Wishes, Susie and Otto

  12. Susie, Otto Collins says:

    It’s so important for you to keep reminding yourself of the facts now and
    notice it when you are reacting to your current boyfriend from the past &
    what your ex did. This can be a challenge but when you really question your
    thoughts and look at facts, then you know when you truly should be
    suspicious and when all is well. When you feel triggered, tell your
    partner, “I feel jealous and know this is about the past.” Do this without
    accusing. Ask him for support & love. Best to you, Susie & Otto.

  13. metalgrl210 says:

    There is nothing wrong with you. Don’t be so quick to blame yourself for
    being jealous. There is a man out there that doesn’t like porn and won’t
    disrespect you.

  14. castro5661 says:

    this video is really great..i just hope its not too late to apply these
    methods to save the one i love..iv commited to getting rid of jealousy and
    now i have a guide to do it…im just praying its not too late…

  15. Susie, Otto Collins says:

    Merali Jimenez: The more you can slow down & really listen to your thoughts
    the better. This is where your power is. For the moment, pay most of your
    attention to what YOU are thinking about and how YOU react when certain
    things happen in your relationship. Breathe, calm down and get clear. What
    are the facts? What do you really need right now (it’s not always what you
    think)? Do this internal work first and then you’re less likely to be
    controlled by your jealousy. Best to you, Susie & Otto

  16. Deepali Lathe says:

    Hey Susie and otto, Thanks fr uploading d video..I feel helpless for my
    emotions.. I love him N i knw he too loves me a lot..Bt m afraid of losing
    him..I jus cnt accept things goin agnst me..Ds derives me crazy I m
    desprtly tryn to change ds attitude bt jealosy is dificult to control..
    help me.. :(

  17. Ashley Renee says:

    once upon a time i dating a guy who have plenty of affairs and was honest
    who said. yeah i had the affairs. he even went into grat detail about how
    he got away with it. two facebooks. call her while i was sleeping. it was a
    lng distance relatinship and now i am insecure. i have been dating my
    boyfriend of the present for two years and i am stilll haunted by this. i
    dont know how to stop it. it still hurts. im afraid.. when i am honest
    about it. he takes it as an accusation… help.

  18. Rajesh Kumar says:

    This is the best piece of advice in all of youtube. thanks guys!

  19. AreWeFamousNow says:

    @bleachboy64 i feel ya man… any tips on how to get over that?

  20. Sogalov Gee says:

    It builds like a mold, collecting bad energy throughout your day. It’s not
    them you have a problem with but your own mind. Nobody holds monogamy as a
    virtue anymore, To say you have ownership of another person is wrong. It’s
    the connection that they can’t find in anyone else, that’s what keeps them
    with you. Sex is sex, love is a long term goal. If she/he loves someone
    else more than you, it’s because of time. Time is a matter of perspective,
    Use it to do what’s right.

  21. Susie, Otto Collins says:

    fairymairah: It sounds like you might have old emotional wounds from the
    past. Take the time to heal and make completions with the past. This will
    allow you to be fully present with the person you have a crush on or are
    with and will decrease the likelihood that you’ll be triggered and jealous.
    Remember to breathe and take it one moment at a time. Best Wishes, Susie
    and Otto

  22. wool2430 says:

    I’m always worried about the ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend. they just had
    their communication back and that girl is waaay beautiful than I am.. i
    don’t know i think im insecure or something.. i dont know. how do i deal
    with this?

  23. Daniel Avila says:

    really is cuz bearly yesterday i realize i do have a big problem with that
    i almost totally lost my girlfriend because i havent been able to get over
    something that happen 10 months ago so i really need help!

  24. Jasmin Apolant says:

    thank you :-)

  25. Daniel Avila says:

    are you still going throught that ??

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