Law of attraction – Get Your Ex Back So Fast

A quick advice on how to get you ex back. Its very important for us to know this element in order to strengthen…


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  6. Eric Go says:

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  7. Luz May says:

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    all these videos go on and on and on and on. GET TO THE F’in POINT

  11. Mishelle Kan says:


  12. Bryan B. Lundstrom says:

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  14. Ria Ria says:

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  19. rosalinda749 says:

    i didnt know you can get cancer from stress

  20. THzoelove says:

    I hope my ex boyfriend comes back.. we broke up almost 2 weeks ago and I
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  21. A. Galsim says:

    delusionary bull… this is VERY open ended and can become a 2 sided blade.

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  23. Sandra Flamenco says:

    i like it:)

  24. anna valle says:

    Kiss your hand 20 times say your crushes name 15 times and post this on 1
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  25. bettijuicyfruit says:

    sorry, about that i got dared to

  26. toshtao1 says:

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  27. YoBebeMama says:

    wtf is this bull?

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  29. Mariam Niaz says:

    turn the music down a little its hard to understand with loud music

  30. tabathasboo says:

    what the fuck????okay here we go lets do this scientifically…. the only
    law of attraction is based off of hormones… there are homones that a body
    detects from another person…. rthe two are attracted to eachother…. it
    sounds gay but look it up

  31. MrSuspiciousPerson says:


  32. days2eye says:

    me too..

  33. 50gorillaunit says:

    screw this video

  34. Jimmy Trofeo says:

    Lol its funny because this works 😉

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