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  1. Unapologetic Lee says:

    Kzn! That’s where I’m from! Yay! 

  2. Sandee C says:

    Wow…I guessed Africa, lol

  3. Rachel Nsi says:

    What is the Theme Song! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make a video for it!!!!!

  4. EON PaHRaye says:

    I like his outfit…. LOVE that sweater … where did he get it

  5. Nicky Horwood says:

    Wow I like in Kwa-Zulu Natal! Awesome stuff!

  6. Grace Erilibe says:

    so true on the African parents respect thingy!!!!

  7. Farhia Dualeh says:

    OMGG, I actually love you guys. . . never fail to make me laugh looool

  8. Unapologetic Lee says:

    Kzn! That’s where I’m from! Yay! 

  9. comments431 says:

    I respect the weeding

  10. Donna Ramsay says:

    Funny Michael. Patricia guys are too sweet.

  11. AfricannBaabeeess says:

    Mike is soo funny hahahaha

  12. niccetta says:

    Have you ever traveled to Barbados?

  13. Jessy Messy says:

    i guessed righttttttt lol

  14. thebigoh1 says:

    Im from Barbados !!

  15. dncgrl1 says:

    From the first few videos I watched with these two, I kept saying Mike
    sounded a bit South African. I knew it! :)

  16. AndSoWeLaughed says:

    Your hair looks lovely here!! Maybe go back to middle part? 😀

  17. Dee Stoddard says:

    I want my daughter to find love like this.

  18. Nessa0067 says:

    I love your hair!

  19. deborah beaubrun says:

    Loving Mikes shirt!

  20. Rachel Ajua says:

    omg, i guessed south africa and i was right!

  21. josefa andong ela says:

    I am from Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. I’ve been to Nigeria (Abuja)
    Once. I really love your Videos. You can’t even imagine the help you are
    spreading to the world. Keep it up. God bless you

  22. 1Cortexiphan says:

    What kind of sweater is Mike wearing? Love the elbow patch on it.

  23. hellonikky11 says:

    That is soooo true! You have to call african relatives auntie or uncle,
    never never ever just their first name.

  24. LadyA1Speaks says:

    I love the end!!!!

  25. ditree hugger says:

    I thnk you have been a player Matt….cuz you can truelly tell….

  26. miriam mathevan says:

    Hi matt, I have been dating tis guy for a while now and u know he is a
    player. But I just keep believing I can change him.. but now am in a
    position of just letting go and move on cos I just can’t do it anymore…
    he sleeps around and flirts around on every social media possible and ever
    time I confront him about it he gets so mad and walks away… he keep
    telling me that am not his god to tell him what to do.. every time we get
    into and argument or if I say or do something that he does not like he
    would just walk away.. he takes time every day to tell me how bad of a
    galfriend and I even told him that if am that bad let’s just break up and
    he would just walk away… U said in one of ur video about meeting his
    needs and am helping him in his business even tho am not getting paid for
    it… i know deep down inside of me I do truly love him but am just so
    scared that tis madness of relationship is gonna kill me… pls help

  27. sarah coffey says:

    What if you are really hot , but are worried about men that just want me
    because I look good?! I would really like to find a real man… one that
    sees my inner beauty… (;

  28. Amber Mcnew says:

    where are good places to go hang out to meet respectable man

  29. tonie groh says:

    where do i contact u because of a consultation?

  30. Tina Larsen says:

    Talk talk talk he does only reveal half…the rest he wants you to buy (but
    yes his nice)

  31. Tim Rogers says:

    Thanks, this helped alot. Although, it was my ex girlfriend who played me.
    I wanted to commit to her. I did nothing but love her, take care of her, i
    gave her attention, i was always there when she needed me. But she played
    me all along, just like shes been doing all her life. I AM the guy most
    girls look for, some people just dont appreciate. Theyre selfish. Maybe
    others can relate. 

  32. CatBuds says:

    Hi Matthew, I really enjoy all your videos and always learn something from
    them. I was wondering if you could make a video on what you touched on a
    little in this one and that was “Adding value to a man’s life”. You said
    this is what made Paul commit to a relationship because this girl found a
    way to do that for him…but how would one go about that?? I haven’t the
    slightest. That would be so great if you could shed more light on this
    aspect. Thank you for all your great insight!!! Much Love to you~ :)

  33. Sapovne says:

    As Matthew also says it, it’s the inner shift one makes that changes a
    player, not what mistakes a woman makes or not. In the case of Paul Janka,
    I am sure that the girls he was inviting over knew very well they were not
    getting a ring. What’s wrong if a woman wants to have a one night stand
    too? These double standards again… In his interview Paul Janka talks
    about bringing a guy a pie when a girl visits him. Are you kidding? Pies
    and presents would help??? What he did to make that shift in his was
    forgiving HIS MOTHER, as all players have this so called “mother-hater”
    syndrome. (Matthew, I am sure, if well-familiar with this. It’s basic
    psychology). It’s funny but my first comment to a player is (not on a
    date), “Forgive your mother and move on already!” It’s always funny to see
    the look I see. lol… 

  34. atnipjoe says:

    Women tend to make men players my ex wife did to me after 9 years she
    showed up one day and told me she wanted an open marriage I told her there
    was no way in hell we ended up in a fight which led to a separation which
    lead to divorce well after all that I gave up on women as far as trust
    they’re not worth my time I get what I need and I move on I put myself
    first now I’m not wasting anymore time it’s going to take a woman that
    wants to prove herself to me but I haven’t found one women today just don’t
    fill the role that they’re supposed to they use men 

  35. KRL82 says:

    Hi Matthew, I appreciate your tips and I think my problem might be I don’t
    challenge myself enough. I’m dating and don’t know if I’m scared to go
    with someone better because they might be smarter and I might feel less of
    a person or don’t want to be challenged and it’s easier to go for the nice
    guy as they say. Most of them keep telling me they have bad luck in
    relationships and that’s a turn off for me. I’m nice but I want someone
    who is confident. 

  36. dina sallam says:

    i need your help i’m in love with someone and he don`t want to get into
    relationship in the same time he want me to be with him only and never talk
    to someone else i always take care of him and call him i told him that i am
    in love with him and he never answer he said to me that we will never be
    together coz he is not the type of boys who get married or love he loves
    talking and seeing me but i need a real relationship how can i do this 

  37. Anna Massek says:

    forget the players. Don”t waste your life with them

  38. Anoushka saha says:

    hey wat m supposed to do if hez lik yeah i like u, and les flirt, but no
    further. just dat. i mean hez just not evn interested in physical needs. nd
    i knw he is not interested in ny1 else either. hez just one of the good
    guys but still “plz no commitments” type. i mean i want him to confess he
    likes me way more dan dat. loves me as a matter of fact. but i knw he jst
    wont want commitment

  39. Amel Bensekkouma says:

    He is right!! I won a player’s heart! :) :) add that value women!!!! Show
    what YOU can contribute to the relationship rather than being a whinny baby
    asking for charming, tall, smart, funny, gentleman, sweet, generous,

    Matthew open a school or institute ” The Life Academy”

    Wala ishi 

  40. venuspsychic says:

    i should send my customers to you :-)

  41. Jin H. Ngan says:

    Hm…I am afraid of players. 

  42. Musha Christensen says:

    Hello, I like some of your video’s and I think you help allot with useful
    information, But this one, I’m afraid is wrong theory :-(, you must
    interview like a 1000 man as “player type” to build your theory, not just
    based on one person. And Why the women make mistake not this guy you
    interview!! I know one’s a man is a player, he will always be like this.
    From my life experience here is a story, I knew a guy at my work who have a
    girlfriend and still in 10 years, but he always plays around and try to
    attract every beautiful women in the company, specially the new women’ who
    dos not know him yet, he think he got the whole package as a man, and he
    see him self as “sultan” and all women as his “Harem” ! the players dos not
    see the different between women because they don’t give them a chance and
    they break many women’s heart on the way,until they find a women they fall
    in love with them and get them, then and they get board and they start to
    play a gain. They need to fulfill there ego all the time!! that was only
    one story and don’t let get started because I have allot similar story’s.
    It’s love, chemistry, thing’s in common that bring to people together,
    because when 2 people in love and love each other they don’t care about
    anything else, only one thing is to be together. 

  43. Sapovne says:

    What if i don’t (never) met/attracted a man I really like and am compatible
    to. Please address this some time.

  44. Ebuteishe says:

    You keep talking about adding value to the other person’s life. But how can
    you really do that?

  45. banestyrelsen says:

    Fuck off.

  46. Anne Black says:

    We should give such a guy something other women did not have, which is…?
    Sorry, I find the video a little bit confusing. I can only guess that it’s
    all about being a woman of high value whose life is so interesting that a
    man wants to be a part of it. She’s not suppose try to change him but only
    show him that she is very valuable as a person and she knows that if it’s
    not with THIS particular guy- it’s still ok – she is so good that she will
    find someone worthy of her eventually. Am I wrong?

  47. TheWayside123 says:

    I really miss my ex and I try so hard to make him jealous and he got back
    with his ex and this really hurt me but I pretend it doesn’t I can tell he
    gets really mad when I flirt with his friends and I always catch him
    staring at me and he is always checking me out and I see his gf is noticing
    to how do I get him to date me again but know I can love without him

  48. RehAdventures says:

    Wow, people spend $800 to $900 bucks on this guy? You may call me a
    dabbler, but seriously, I rather be single than broke.

  49. RehAdventures says:

    Yes, although all that money does not go to him exactly, they are still
    spending that money to go hang out with him. 800 to 900 bucks are still
    leaving their wallets.

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