Leven Rambin’s First Relationship Was Ruined By Conan

Leven Rambin's First Relationship Was Ruined By Conan

Leven was dating a comedy nerd who was obsessed with Conan, so Leven got the short shrift. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official Y…
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25 Responses to “Leven Rambin’s First Relationship Was Ruined By Conan”

  1. MrTedMcForehead says:

    His ”rawr” is amazing, whoa.

  2. Riley Inks says:

    She just won the post-relationship propaganda war with one vicious stroke
    (and did it with a smile), just drove a final stake in the heart of some
    poor bastard whose side of the story no one will hear. And she turned his
    idol against him to boot. Brutal.

  3. Vizio L says:

    She’s 24 but looks 35!

  4. Mikie Lee says:

    I could see her playing Sonya Blade in a Mortal kombat revamp.

  5. Fred Flintstone says:

    I wanna pop that pimple really badly.

  6. steven sparkz says:

    wow her face looks like shes 40

  7. Marcus Amyotte says:

    I date the hottest woman in the world, but I still masturbate and think of
    Conan. Lol, love that guy. 

  8. KCRyder says:

    who in the bluest of blue hells is Leven Rambin?

  9. m obi says:

    fuck the advertising 

  10. MrTamendez says:

    “What the hell!” Oh man Conan’s reaction was priceless.

  11. Cocoabytes says:

    She is kinda a bitch for doing this.

  12. DickHead69able says:

    She has nice big titties

  13. STEVE P says:

    that’s a very beautiful dress she’s wearing

  14. Treha1da says:

    Who is Leven Ramblin ?

  15. Dominic Campbell says:

    He makes a good point at the end, though. If a guy is with her, and
    thinking about another dude, something is wrong with that picture.

  16. rheem1975 says:

    She practically grew up on the soap All My Children, she played Jackson
    Montgomery’s autistic daughter Lily.

  17. Soulstorm Gaming says:

    I went to St. Francis Episcopal in Houston Texas with her from kindergarten
    to 8th. She was caught kissing a boy in the halls in 8th grade. Scandalous.
    True story.

  18. Chad M says:

    The fappening

  19. JudgeDredd35 says:

    Leven rambin is so pretty!!!!

  20. L3ndzo83 says:

    ”any guy that’s with you and thinking about me, is a fool” wow conan
    scored in this one, i wouldn’t be surprised if they ”kept contact” after
    this one

  21. Abbe M says:

    what a whore slag

  22. Johanna Stein says:

    She is the district one tribute glimmer and in Percy Jackson sea of
    monsters, she is Clarisse

  23. AL Gore says:

    Shes a man, baby

  24. anthony12156 says:

    kinda looks like iggy azalea

  25. Adrian Rhodes says:

    I want one…

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