Long Distance College Relationships

Should college students try long distance relationships? Ana Kasparian and Rick Strom of TYT University break down a College Magazine piece by a Senior at Un…

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  1. Molly Maggio says:

    I think this is really a wrong thing to recomend. love lasts …ive been in
    a long distance relationship and were only in high school, and its the
    best decision ive ever been.

  2. Cissi says:

    I held a long distance relationship for well over a year. This was when I
    was in high school…and I get bored easily. It’s NOT that hard when you
    actually care about the person. We didn’t even break up over the stress of
    long distance or changing or whatever. It was a break up that any OTHER
    relationship would have…just an annoying habit that made me miserable so
    we ended the relationship. I don’t get why people are so closed minded.

  3. Plusmin cares says:

    @MrHav1k I wish I knew more chicks like that!

  4. jemimadot says:

    I stayed with my boyfriend while I studied the yr abroad. I got back
    yesterday and things have never been better (so far, fingers crossed). It
    depends on the people.

  5. Peadar says:


  6. brenna shaye says:

    I’m in a college long distance relationship now, but just for a little bit
    longer. Yeah, the distance can be hard, but its definitely worth it if you
    actually love the person. The important thing is to realize that the other
    person will get busy, and if you’re flexible and understanding, it can

  7. nsx1com says:

    Ana just gave the worst, most ignorant advice I ever heard her say…

  8. ojisama8 says:

    I married the person I was dating in college… he was 600 miles away. We
    have been happily married for 5 years now.

  9. rottweiller1 says:

    @MrHav1k No idiot. Shes saying you should not force a long distance
    relationship, because you will regret it. Unless you really love each
    other. Then again, she didn’t say you should not have a relationship,
    PERIOD. Just not a long distance one. Nowhere in that video indicate her
    saying “Hey, just go and sleep around and have plenty of sex”… People
    like you, just hear what you want to hear.

  10. kaminoneh says:

    Thank you. Your comment has given me a huge boost of hope. :)

  11. purplebuddietia says:

    @tomdt105 How??

  12. Plusmin cares says:

    People posting about how “mature” college students can have long distance
    relationships need to stfu. I’m not against having relationships and
    getting married in the early 20s, but don’t flaunt it like you’re so wise
    and accomplished by sticking with “the one” after dating for only a few
    years. I know legitimately wise people that would suggest enjoying your
    youth and trying new things. Allot the last 50 years or so of your life to
    trying to be in long term relationships.

  13. Clanki says:

    @tytuniversity Ana my brother and his then Girlfriend were both Icelandic
    and in DIFFERENT country’s. She was in France he was in Iceland. That was
    back in 1998. Today? Married & two kids. It can work but only in about 1%
    of cases.

  14. kaminoneh says:

    WOW! Reading your post gives me hope! I’m an American girl, currently
    dating a boy from the UK. We met recently and are very much into each
    other. I went to London to visit him and he will come see me in NY. I’m
    extremely excited because he is everything I want in a man. (I know I’m
    speaking too soon, but I’ve been single for over 5 years and have weened
    out the bad fish). He seems to be just right man. And as long as he tries
    to keep up the relationship, so will I. thank you for your post.

  15. Champagne West says:

    What happened to Misty!!!????

  16. Snakekilla12 says:

    0:56 religious, traditional, etc…

  17. Eduardo Sanchez says:

    @ThorFan4Life I have been saying that about Anna since a looong time

  18. Baalthazaq says:

    I started dating a girl when I was in the UK, and she was in the US. We’ve
    been together 10 years now, married for 4. Things we did: Skype is a
    godsend. Holiday to see each other as often as possible. You go there, she
    comes here, you both go to somewhere else. She did a study abroad program
    at a different, go-to-on-weekendable uni for a while when we decided we
    liked each other enough to give it a shot. Not for everyone, but not for
    no-one either.

  19. Girlwonder says:

    @PwiththeT Good for you that’s really sweet : )

  20. lovemyverybestloving says:

    My boyfriend is working abroad for the 6 month right now, it is
    challenging, hard…to be honest it just sucks at times, but I/he still
    cares and I/he knows it is worth it. Either It works or it doesn’t.

  21. LangeTheThird says:

    Long distance relationships piss me off. =)

  22. Stamps600 says:

    Long distance relationship is where one or both people cheat while lying
    about being faithful. PLAIN AND SIMPLE I do not care what people say 9
    times out of 10 one person is cheating and the exceptions to the rule,
    prove the rule.

  23. Discord20 says:

    I pretty much agree. Different people have different relationships, but if
    you’re tying yourself to Skype every night and never going out, you’re
    never going to explore and grow as a person. If you hardly ever talk to the
    girl/boyfriend, you’re never going to maintain a relationship. 99% of the
    time, long distance couples break up in the first year, and the other one
    percent…. well… they often turn out to be really boring.

  24. Baalthazaq says:

    You’re welcome, I hope it works out for you both. :)

  25. SeriouslyPissedOff says:

    @MrHav1k Problem with being a whore? Your judgment is just consistently
    fucked up son. you need to check yourself.

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