Long Distance Relationship Advice: Romantic Text Messages (Part 1)

Long Distance Relationship Advice: Romantic Text Messages (Part 1)

For more long distance relationship advice or advice on sending romantic text messages click here: Are you …
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Harry Styles S3X TEXTING Taylor Swift – REKINDLE ROMANCE? As per reports Harry co-wrote the song “Something Great” for One Direction’s latest album, Midnight…
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14 Responses to “Long Distance Relationship Advice: Romantic Text Messages (Part 1)”

  1. moretothemusic says:

    It looks like a lot of Directioners hate the idea of Harry Styles & Taylor
    Swift coming together….

  2. Elly Haniz says:

    I dont ship Haylor either X(

  3. DirectionerSquishyAddict says:

    I dont ship haylor x(

  4. brianna horen says:

    What the ! … this better not be true ! -,-
    ill go crazy they don’t look good together tbh , & i’m directioner ill go
    crazy on taylor .

  5. Chelsea Mendez says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! But yes at the same time because I want Harry to be
    happy. And a anyways btw anything I say won’t change his mind. It’s not
    like he’s reading them. As much as my brother teases me with Haylor written
    on a piece of paper when I come back from school, IIIIIIIII kind of
    $hiiiiiiippppp them. Just because I think they kind of look great together.
    Kind of! If you couldn’t already tell but I’m a Directioner. Well more
    Harry Styler! But I still love all the boys!!

  6. Abigail Holderby says:

    I think niall and Taylor would be better

  7. jason chaing says:

    No she my

  8. Noor Alsahily says:

    No never in melion years 

  9. Melisa Berisha says:

    No never

  10. Elly Haniz says:

    Yup most of us dont like it…

  11. Mrsreemarocks says:

    Yes I think it would be nice for Taylor to get back with Harry they are
    good together. But my friends who are directioners really hate Harry dating
    Taylor I am a Swiftie fan I think Taylor Looksis good with Harr

  12. moretothemusic says:

    Harry Styles SEX TEXTING Taylor Swift… Is this For REAL?!?!?!?

  13. happy hopee says:

    Pobre chica la esta engañando porq el tipo es gay se le nota jajaja 

  14. Angelic ibay says:

    Never ever will I like this. ill never in the world accept or ship haylor
    even if it is the last thing i have to do on this earth or in my life. Can
    people get rid of the Haylor stuff? not to be too rude or anything….

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