Love Came Down – Kari Jobe – Where I Find You Faixa 10 do Album Where I Find You da Kari Jobe Todos os direitos reservados a Kari. Track 10 Album Where I Find You …

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50 Responses to “Love Came Down – Kari Jobe – Where I Find You”

  1. Lorin Olsen says:

    *The real meaning of Christmas: our chains are broken.*

  2. Miguel Velazco says:

    Angie Miller brought me here, and to hear all this entire album. I’m loving

  3. Bryan Bueno says:

    This is the One Greatest Songs I can Listen too for a Whole Week.. Feel
    like to dance with a partner.. Jesus has given his love to us and
    when his Love is pour on you; it would truly make you want to serve him by
    showing his love to others and tell them that this is the love that Jesus
    has for us all for who follow him..All I am is All I have that is Yours

  4. caleb purvis says:

    love this song :)

  5. roschelle aguiling says:

    Let’s remember God’s goodness in our life. Everything happens for a reason.

  6. Natalia Bloch says:

    love this

  7. Sunshine Evans says:

    I absolutely love this worship song by Kari Jobe :) I absolutely love it:)

  8. Jimmy Mocelus says:

    Beautiful song!!!!

  9. dayanne sousa says:


  10. Chapel Flock Jukebox says:


  11. Donna Hager says:

    Jesus holds you in the palm of His hand. When He saves us He KEEPS us! We
    are forever His!



  13. The Bridegroom's Voice says:

    Merry #Christmas! We Lift Our Hands In Faith As WE Remind Ourselves That
    YOU, Love Of Jesus Came Down #TWorship

  14. ခ်စ္သူ ႀကီး says:

  15. Ashley Beasley says:


  16. Xahymarie Cardalda says:
  17. melanie banaag says:
  18. Sunshine Evans says:

    I do not own this video but may it be a blessing in your walk with CHRIST!!

  19. Príncess Momo says:

    Jesus Christ, where You are is where I belong. I’ll always be Yours no
    matter the trials and tribulations. I am Yours Lord…

  20. Cynthia Franco says:

    Jesus, I am Yours

  21. bibi keyla says:

    Eu amo muito a voz dela é muito linda quando eu ouvi a musica dela you are
    for mi eu me apaixonei por todas eu amo demais ela ..

  22. MrNewsFeeder says:

    I thought that Angie Miller on AI sang this song in a better version. She
    deserves to go all the way. And did anyone else notice Angie looks like
    Miley Cyrus before she cut her hair???

  23. Blake Purcell says:

    Wow soooo magical..beautiful song.

  24. bcarr1234 says:

    Everyone should check out the original writer of the song from

  25. bazzingaification says:


  26. Manuel S says:


  27. thebeastlacey says:

    I’ve grown up loving Rock n Roll and still do. But, there’s nothing better
    than this right here! I’ll take Lou, Luther, Al Green anyday over any rock
    , hands down!

  28. terry bristow big t says:

    Never!! I’m not bragging on my self baby,,,,,,

  29. Manuel S says:


  30. dorthe monty says:

    Lou. GET IT ON. Love you.

  31. MP SLICK says:

    The late LOU RAWLS could sing!!!!!!! :O

  32. Tommy Donato says:

    Excellent! It’s live also. Singers today cannot achieve doing a live
    vocal successfully.

  33. Jairo Abrão de Almeida Almeida says:

    Sensacional interpretação ! Gostei 

  34. John Waud says:

    Great singer lovely turn

  35. janio kazama ジャニオ風間 says:

    you never find another love like mine LOU RAWLS

  36. John Smith says:

    That guy at 2:50 is hot!!!

  37. Nora Johnson says:

    Lou was sooo great!!! RIP…..

  38. Colin Summerson says:

    Heaven, thank you :-)

  39. rodolfo roberto ramirez fuentes says:


  40. MALPWOP says:


  41. Charles Larkin says:

    A master. 39 people don’t like music. 

  42. Manoochehr Dadashzadeh says:

    we love you.

  43. Weydson C. Oliveira says:

    this song is very beautiful, amazing, unforgetable…

  44. Anthony Neves says:


  45. Bob teebee says:


  46. mark heckel says:

    yeh baby

  47. Sebastian Di Lorenzo says:

    one of a kind singer of all time. what a great voice !

  48. Oscarina Cruzata says:


  49. Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa says:


  50. Graça Rodrigues says:

    Que voz !!! Lamento tanto nos deixou em 2006. Muito linda a voz de Lou

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