Love, Relationships & Soul Mates: Breaking Up

Love, Relationships & Soul Mates: Breaking Up

Relationships and Breakups. Simple questions to ask yourself before you decide to get back into a relationship that ended. Self-help Author and Life Coach Da…
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10 Responses to “Love, Relationships & Soul Mates: Breaking Up”

  1. thestars .night says:

    Truly amazing. Best advice I’ve heard, really helped me out a lot. Needed
    to hear that.

  2. tardam1 says:

    after 14 years three kids i loved everythimg bout her and our kids and
    still do she dumps me 5 weeks b-4 x-mas kicks me out and says she is seeimg
    someone oulse ..yes i worked and spoiled her all 14 years minus 2 bit here
    there both sides i miss my family

  3. MichaelsTheManKOP says:

    Hey sweet heart have you found you SOULMATE/TWINFLAME yet love or no ?

  4. bugilator says:

    @tardam1 sorry to hear about that man. i came out from a 6 yr relationship
    as well but with no kids. no marriage. but i know how you feel sucks
    i know.

  5. xcorpz says:

    dave man, you answered all my questions and you`ve told me things i noticed
    about me but i didnt know how to explain it and you actually said it. What
    about when a girl is trying to change you? because i smoke marijuana and my
    girl left me but i like to do it and its something im going to continue to

  6. arlenienj says:

    At times I feel I want to go back because it was a long marriage and its
    all I know. I had to end it because I could no longer function within the
    realm I was given by him to live in. I Dont miss the anger, control or the
    pain I suffered, walking away from a marriage of over 25 years was not
    easy. I am sure I will love someone again and it will be for real the next

  7. potatoboy666 says:

    your brilliant. thankyou so much. your the wise guy of the village. people
    will come to you from miles away to hear the wisdom.

  8. Ahbelina says:

    Well said. Thank u. especially about not repeating the same lessons. Namaste

  9. theonlyRain says:

    thank you I really needed to hear this tonight

  10. Ishant Sooden says:

    @wxqaias I Got my ex back after 2 weeks. You just need the right technique.
    Watch this to learn >>

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