Magic text techniques to get your ex back

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  1. David Norden says:

    texting is the new love note

  2. gilligin132 says:

    Anyone know those 3 magic texts?

  3. Norden Five says:

    This is the new love note for those wanting to bet back together, see my
    channel for detailed modules of the text your ex back system.

  4. Luz May says:

    Why your ex will NEVER come back…?

  5. Charlotte Cruz says:

    I love you Mike for all your positive vibes, you saved my relationship even
    if it was not my fault !

  6. TheNocompriendo says:

    +Marcos e Belutti *She dumped me 2days ago and do you*
    *really think it would worked just by that? I hope you are right. :(*
    *Anyway, thanks for sharing that program! Im about to read its guide*
    and hopefully it will worked this time. Ive read its testimonials_
    *and reviews and Im excited to it..* ^__^

  7. Savanna Carteq says:

    Best video!

  8. Gwen Nileste says:

    Best video!

  9. Alfred Kohen says:

    Hi All
    To return back to your ex, proven a great program.
    I definitely recommend that you review. ..
    This program is both for male and females.. 

  10. charice obama says:

    @Mickey *The techniques in this site are so simple ANY woman/man can use
    them to get astonishing results in shockingly little time. Just imagine
    what will happen when he/she calls YOU begging you to get back together
    because you used these simple techniques*

  11. mobileappcreator says:

    Nice video this guy is really convincing . I am sure his course can give me
    some good insights about texting

  12. naoomy mmy says:

    yea and am upset!!!

  13. David Norden says:

    Don’t forget, the only thing you risk is saving your relation in exchange
    for a small fee and some time to understand the system.

  14. Howtoget Yourexback says:

    The human psychology still amazes me, this is way more profound that it
    looks, this process of curiosity, and remembrance of happy moment and
    future projection and appreciation seems a solid method, of course if there
    are things troubling your ex, you will have to be able to determine what is
    exactly the problem to address it and come to a new agreement before being
    able to go further in your relation

  15. Zach Miller says:

    what some ppeople don’t know is that sending texts like he says to a girl
    you’ve barely gone out with can easily scare her away and make you look
    desperate, use words wisely my friends!

  16. DiceWarwick says:

    if you can win a woman over with a text, women are idiots.

  17. lucasscott458 says:

    i dont get why this says, to get your ex back. the examples he gave are if
    you are in a relationship

  18. Tiesha Mack says:

    @DIceWarwick its not just the fact that you could win a women over with a
    text it is what you say in that text that makes her feel she is important
    and so on to you. Texting is powerful when you know how to use it and what
    to say you can not just go and say any old thing just having a guy speak
    from his heart is awsome a lot of men can’t or just won’t because they
    think it is cheesy or weak but its not.

  19. teetoo labalaba says:

    D then started to spread nasty rumours about me but J just ignored them. D
    confirmed what i strongly suspected that she was superfically charming but
    was selfish and manipulative and completely without scruples. i eventually
    married J and we are so happy. to all guys , a woman’s looks will fade but
    her character is for life. to both gals and guys , treat your partner with
    respect and do not play games. be honest and considerate. make effort to
    keep thing romantic. God bless.

  20. KnowMeansYes says:

    @DiceWarwick Women aren’t idiots, they just have different needs then men
    do. For women it is important to feel connected and that you are thinking
    about her. That is the message she gets. It is not so much what the text
    says but that it conveys this message.

  21. thefreeflowification says:

    What a con artist.

  22. Howtoget Yourexback says:

    This seems a serious course on how to text your ex back

  23. lifeslegund says:

    its not about fixing your relationship. Its about creating and reinventing
    a better relationship. Its sort of like restarting but with the same
    person. Besides if you really loved the person you would give up just like

  24. teetoo labalaba says:

    i met J. J was slightly less attractive than D but she was honest and
    sincere and we had much in common too. we started dating and things were
    going well. D then called up saying she wanted to meet and talk . i said
    NO. i said even if J was not in the picture i would not want to date you
    again. D then started texting me things like” had dinner with a friend and
    passed your fav pasta place.” and ” caught that movie RRR on tv and
    remembered how you laughed at that scene” i just ignored them.

  25. mosihasteen says:

    This has nothing to do with getting your ex back.

  26. Danny Diamondstein says:

    Creating intimacy is easy with this method when you listen to this charming
    guy, what is easy is that even if you are shy, this can work

  27. StinaTheBizzare says:

    How do I get my ex back when he’s stubborn? he broke up with me over a
    silly little argument that he started and before we were really close.
    Bugging him makes him angry, but I’m scared if I don’t talk he’ll forget
    me. He’s grieving over it: how do I get him back?

  28. David Norden says:

    Any relationship is recoverable (even when your partner has moved on) but,
    in your case you did well to breakup since the relation was abusive. it is
    nearly impossible to find correct advice to avoid making a fool of yourself
    and risk making the situation worse. In the above guide (link in
    description) they have presented the information so it is easy to follow,
    practical and actually simple. Anything can be achieved and I can say, you
    can get what you look for when you work hard for it.

  29. John Thomas says:

    We all communicate today with technology. So the thought of sending a text
    to a loved one is something that we all do. There are many things that we
    should not say. Michael tips are gold.

  30. DiceWarwick says:

    @KnowMeansYes True, but I can send a girl a text as I look at porn, as I
    sit one the toilet, as I send another girl the same text. You can feel
    happy as you can be with a text, but for a guy it has little value unless
    we do it ourselves as men. that’s why women who are won over by a text are
    idiots, because the guy doesn’t even have to try, he doesn’t even have to

  31. boneTHUGS111 says:

    haha thats so true you hit the nail on the head

  32. bzness says:

    Uhhh what was the third one?

  33. Elkartos says:

    Load of shit

  34. TACTICIAN4009 says:

    it worked !

  35. fnju89 says:

    my hemroid is now purple with bright green spots.

  36. c838383 says:

    I really like The Rachael Ray Show, this guy seems the real deal and his
    site is great when i visit the link below the video , I really understand
    know why so many people are texting

  37. Joakim YesMan says:

    did you upload this with a roaster?

  38. Polarbomb15 says:

    I don’t really think this would work on your ex. Maybe with your
    girlfriend, but not your ex girlfriend

  39. Rachel C says:

    There is no such magic text that can fix the problem that renders the end
    of your relationship. Like my ex broke up with me because of long distance
    (i’m in NYC and he’s in MO) and his insane work schedule (he works 100
    hours a week). How could text msgs fix that?!

  40. Stufftough says:

    Can it teach me to get a girl who’s a little famous to text me back?

  41. ComedicInstincts says:

    You uploaded the wrong video. This has nothing to do with getting your ex
    back, it’s about maintaining the romance in your EXISTING relationship. Doh!

  42. teetoo labalaba says:

    i was dating this girl D who was pretty and fun and found that we shared
    common interests in many things. we became an item and i fell in love. 1
    year into the relationship she told me out of the blue that when she was
    dating me she just ended a 3 year relationship. she did not say she wanted
    to see other people directly. i felt betrayed and was very angry. i tried
    to carry on as normal but things just felt different. D broke up with me a
    few weeks later saying i was not supportive.

  43. Lola Areviewx says:

    Happy Valentine Michael, I really enjoy your videos and the other videos
    and tips you gave me when I subscribed to your newsletter on your site
    (link in description below the video), keep up the good work, always
    wondered why my relations don’t stand long LOL

  44. Lola Areviewx says:

    My phone is buzzing, this works

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