Make Your Ex Fall In Love With You With This

How do you make your ex fall back in love with you and want to be with you? Even if you’re in a long distance relationship, they’re seeing someone else or th…


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  1. Emmie Andersson says:

    +Elissa>>>This will make any man feel so in love with
    you, that he will get obsessive thoughts about you all the time.<<<<

  2. Lillie Brett says:

    Thanks Ashley for your helpful tips :)

  3. Bandar Beebs says:

    My ex broke up with me 1 maybe 2 weeks ago bc she felt sorry for what she
    did to me and I dont want her to feel sorry I jus want her back but the
    problem she is with that girl now and she loves her so much—I made a huge
    mistake when I tokd her that ger gf is ugly she told me to fuck off and
    never talk to her I was pissed and said ok I will never talk to u but I
    cant stop talking to her ,,, yes im that soft person — I want to say hey
    or something but u cant ,,,,, I want it so bad *her name is Jenna Karter
    and I met her on kik if u can help me then kik her jennakarter and my kik
    is disaqua plz 

  4. shrestha mars says:

    Peoples emotions into money

  5. Ranjit seth says:

    hey there, My and my wife are living separated since last 8 months now. I
    am living in different country , she / me never communicated since this
    long. prior to this we had broken up 2 years ago (for 3 months) and I went
    back to her.. I don’t know what to do now as I cannot move on. I just want
    to know if a women discards his husband for this long… what does that
    mean.. she really want to move on and not to be disturbed… I need this
    clarity so I can decide something … anyone ?

  6. Stefanus Boenaidi says:

    Thanks Ashley, this is the 3rd day after I broke up. Hope I can make her
    miss me again. Around 14:00 you said they do not just want someone who
    would do everything for them. I think this is my biggest mistake. I lost my
    mom when I was Kid. Her parents divorced when she was a teenager. Me & Her
    same as a first child we act almost similar with autonomy but with
    different way especially me with Men Power Lol…

  7. Carlos Sanchez says:

    Fix your issues the reason why they left you is cuz your messed up and
    depend on someone to make u happy, when in fact you should be happy with or
    without someone! 

  8. Jaycob Maxton says:

    if you want to get your ex back without begging or pleading ; then you need
    to take a look at this

  9. Zachery McLean says:

    Ashley.. you do make a good video and a good advice. But your only problem
    is you TALK TOO MUCH. I almost fell asleep after the 5 mins of your
    ranting. Like i said you do give good advice but maybe next time just go
    straight to the point. Cos sometimes you tend to be repetitive.. and we
    already got your point. 

  10. Far East Angler says:

    Why would you want her back?
    It’s like beating a dead horse if it didn’t work the first time around.
    Move on and find someone more compatible with you and the love will follow

  11. SidneyXda says:

    I need your advise :(

  12. DuranBmx says:

    this is an Asian Woman with an Australian accent.
    never thought there was a such a thing as a perfect woman 

  13. danny acosta says:

    We’ve been together 21yrs and have to kids together. But recently decied
    she didnt wnt the relationship jst friends. Is there still a chance to get
    back wht we lost.

  14. alexes yan says:

    Going through a really tough break up right now, my ex basically left me
    after a few rough patches. Long distance is hard. I really hope this advice
    helps. Focus on myself now. God this is so hard.

  15. Diego Cumplido says:

    this was super helpful, thanks!

  16. AllIsRelative100 says:

    *you don’t have to do such crazy things to win her back **+cray1081**.That*
    *was really ridiculous! haha. What you really need to do is just to have
    *intimate boosting text and make her minds incorporate all the happy
    *you have when you were still together. Believe me, she will come back.*

  17. Damion Harper says:

    Outstanding video! Its nice to be in a soft mood because its a beautiful
    attractive woman communicating this great information across. I find that
    when watching a strong Alpha dude communicating information it puts me in a
    strong alpha mood which feels different than a soft relaxing mood as if we
    were communicating over tea. So thanks for your great info Ashley!

  18. Oleksii Mitiaiev says:

    Well, after I’ve watched this video I realized that basically you are not
    able to do anything in order to return your ex. Ashley could have done this
    video way shorter.
    the main idea is “if it is your’s, then it will come back to you, but if
    not then just learn from your mistakes”… 

  19. inthepeaceofthenight says:

    ps if there are actually guys here looking for advice, guys seriously there
    are other women out there who no doubt will be a better match for you. if
    your ex left you, she doesnt feel she needs or wants you, and you dont need
    that. go to some websites for pickup artists and take at least a few tips
    on getting a new woman. ladies you dont need this advice since its in most
    of your magazines anyway. seriously, if someone broke up wtih you, you dont
    need them, move on.

  20. Hardc0r3Pandaa says:

    So, the real question is, how can I get Mrs. Kay :P

  21. Mich Washington says:

    Are you British & Asian?

  22. Giovanni Esteban says:

    Really helpfully honestly helped me ass soon as I was done watching 

  23. Gabriela Chavez says:

    I met this guy on kik named paulino but people call him pauly but we broke
    up cuz he kissed a hoe i thought he was different from all the other guys
    but i was wrong can someone help his kik name paulie

  24. Virksin says:

    I do not get it 

  25. S.Ngamkholund Haokip says:

    nice advice….interesting!

  26. Myopic Myopia says:

    lot of babbling, please get to the point, wait was is the point lol

  27. MexAztecaJal says:

    im so sad…. she found some one better…. and im just alone

  28. JC Aguilar says:

    By far one of the best videos on this topic….thank you….you really
    nailed it.

  29. SupaFlyBoyZz699 says:

    Oh god if im Kay bf, i just feel free to be myself, simply cuz what ever im
    attempt to do she already know in advance :) KAKA

  30. Qais Heriman says:

    How am i suppose to get my ex back ive been try everything but she still
    cant acceot me i ask her by saying should i move on and she said so whts
    that suppose to mesn? I need help pls txt me trough my facebook qis herimn
    II urgent and importnt

  31. 0Wolfboy says:

    I was dumped a day ago and I got an urge to beg her to not leave me. But
    begging never gets respect from a woman, so I have to repair the big hole
    myself. I noticed that most social networkers try to impress people and
    their exes. I was like that in the past but noticed that it never works for
    me. I think people can see if somebody is sincere.

  32. Giovanni Esteban says:

    Fuck bitches get money

  33. VibratoryExistence says:

    Ex’s are ex’s for a reason!! If it didn’t work out the first time, unless
    the thing(s) that caused it to not work out have been dealt with &
    resolved, the reason(s) someone became your ex are still there. To go back
    to something like that seems to be tomfoolery to me…like you’re stuck in
    the past, unable to let go and move on and embrace forward momentum w/out
    that person. I say again….if the reason(s) your ex became your ex have
    NOT been dealt with and/or resolved, to go back to that person or to want
    that person is just asking for more heartache. An emotionally mature person
    would not consider an ex in most cases. And you damn sure can’t “make” an
    ex fall back in love with you. Ex’s are ex’s for a reason people.

  34. blkghostxx says:

    If I had a girlfriend like you I would never go back to my ex 

  35. inthepeaceofthenight says:

    the reason your ex broke up with you is because he does not want you in his
    life anymore. respect his wishes and carry on. look for a better mutual
    match and stop being so goddamn conniving.

  36. K Theo says:

    how do we send in a question?

  37. w23857980 says:

    play hard to get doesn’t work.

  38. gblueslover2 says:

    #1 way to win him back : Win the Super Powerball Lotto.
    #2 Encourage him to go out with other women, Tell him that turns you on.


  39. joseph mccann says:

    Ashley Kay is the name of the girl I’m trying to get back D;

  40. Gabrielle Katelyn says:

    Hi All.
    If you want to return back to your ex, I would like to suggest you a great
    program. Please review, I highly recommend it. In the end, you will be
    successful. Happiness awaits you. This program is both for male and
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  41. warcrix hiddight says:

    thank you u open my eyes

  42. Christin Hazon says:

    Much better than Kevin The Break Up Doctor. I bought his stuff & it was
    trash. He wouldn’t even give me a refund even though he said he would in
    his ads. Ashley Kays advice is much better. Helped a lot!

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