male relationship advice :s?:

male relationship advice :s?

Hey! so yes, this is a good ol’ question on relationship advice.

I’m dating, i guess, a man who lives in LA. I live in San francisco finishing up my last year of college. He still has a few more years of school and a job lined up for him down there. We talk on the phone everyday. We say I love you. We visit each other semi-often. we’ve had an intense whirlwind of a relationship for 3 months now.

I- am a romantic. I would love to be in a relationship with him. But he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. He feels like being facebook official and the whole relationship thing is somewhat immature. Yet he calls me his girlfriend to his family. not (?) with his friends? I haven’t been around him and his friends really so i dont really know.

I myself- logically- am too busy for a relationship. Too much on my plate. But I would still be in one with him if he asked me. He’s never had a real girlfriend before. I, have had previous relationships.

He forgets about me on the weekends as he is super busy. but then is genuinely wrapped up in me on the weekdays. He’s not emotionally supportive of me, but he tries. And he IS improving. I’m not just saying that to kid myself- there would be no point in doing that now.

Our connection is deep, profound, exhilarating, and incredible. The last thing i want is to give up something like that. He pushes me to be strong. and a better person. and to feel things more and appreciate my life more. he tons exponentially more for me that my last serious relationship of 3 years EVER did for me. But he checks out. and I emotionally cant deal with it.

He’s an aries. I’m a Leo.

This relationship causes me SO much anxiety. but what im getting out of it is SO MUCH MORE than anything else ive ever experienced. Should I drop it if he’s just not into committing? since he’s not committing and becoming more and more less committing, does this mean I’m just not good enough for him?

Thanks! :) i really appreciate your input

*NOTE- I’ve already told him these things. his response was that he wasn’t sure if he could be what I WANT him to be. :/ that one was really tough to hear :s

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