Most Common “Getting Your Ex Back” Questions…ANSWERED! — Most Common “Getting Your Ex Back” Questions…ANSWERED! Here’s commonly asked question #1… “I want my ex back, but I don’t think ‘No Contact’ strategy…


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  1. Brad Browning says:

    My newest video, in which I answer 3 of the most common questions about
    breakups and getting an ex back. :-)

  2. Sherry Love Del Rosario says:

    Brad im a big fan of uuurs, u r the best coach ever, i spend almost a day
    just watching your videos, i can say its really helpful not only getting
    back my exbf,your program help me to move on and forget the past and
    realize that there’s a lot guys better than my ex,, thank u thanku, to your
    program and ofcourse to uu

  3. Γιάννης M says:

    Hello Brad and thanks a lot for the videos! How to proceed to recommunicate
    with my ex after the no contact? she gave me several signs that she might
    want to get back (messages, phonecalls, she came to me when i was going to
    donate blood, she told me that she was thinking serious of doing a tattoo
    of a draw that i hade made her when we were together) but i am afraid of
    something and i dont know what to do… i am thinking of asking her out and
    give an end to this situation cause i want to know after these three months
    if we are going to start and try again or to give a terminal cause i really
    dont want to get into a “friendzone” phase…. the only thing i am afraid
    of is the possibility to tell me that she is still not sure and that she is
    afraid… i really dont know what to do on that possibility… please help
    me! thanks again

  4. Claiezawrik aww says:

    Hi brad, it’s any chance of using my ex girlfrined, friends to get her
    back? Her frined it’s a girl too, she said we had a very nice relationship,
    but at the end we start fighting and she though it’s better for me to move
    on, but it isn’t a bad ideea if i want to get her back. How can i use her?

  5. Scarlett Chirino says:

    Hey Brad, I’m a huge fan of your. Watched all your videos and even
    purchased an Ex- factor guide. However, my situation is a bit unique. I was
    doing no contact and during so my ex blew up my phone. Asking to be
    friends. This went on for 5 days straight. Till I about had it and told
    him. ‘Listen I know how you must feel but being friends won’t be good for
    either of us. Personally I need a little bit of space and time.’ You could
    say I just cracked. So I restarted my no contact but fear that I ruined my
    chances. Have I?

  6. Maria Aguirre says:

    How do I know if my ex is using me?

  7. EL Naz says:

    thank u

  8. Rockpop Dilawar says:

    Hi Brad, what could be the best strategy if your ex dump you for someother
    guy? I and my ex dated for 11 months and she met one guy at a seminar of 5
    days and so left me for him. I begged and pleaded for two days which didnt
    work out then i went no contact, after that we had 3 times short chat for 1
    min at interval of 1 week which she had initiated. And its already 1 month

  9. Trang Tran says:

    What if ur ex starts dating her bestfriend and thinks his ‘the one’?.
    Applying the no contact rule btw.
    She needs her parents approval so they can be official. My ex and i started
    seeing each other after they did the ‘seeing each other’ too. My ex and i
    didnt work out and so she went to him. Advice? I dont think its a rebound

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