MW3 Commentary – How to get your ex-girlfriend back (advice)

Nothing works 100% of the time, but it’s worth a shot. Twitter:


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  1. XxBuCNaStYxX13 says:

    haha i did all the things you said not to do! oh by the way im online at
    5:40 lol

  2. Looktowardsthesky says:

    Haha that’s called being mature and in love do u think so? I know guys like
    us who have wives deal with alot of their stuff but like me look at the
    good time we have and put all that bs to the side Idk but u know what I
    mean Bro? Its different haven a wife haha @leadxguitarist

  3. SlyDessertFox says:

    lol at the dead guy floating over the steps. =P

  4. SeriousDrama says:

    @TCGxMerk3d Once a cheater always a cheater..NO, she’s no good.

  5. Demon D Harris says:

    So true, i’ve had problems with break ups, im very timid, not “Good with
    the gurls” :/ i’ve been happy with a girl before but i havent found “the

  6. SeriousDrama says:

    @williamsdenzel39 whats your email address.?

  7. SeriousDrama says:

    @majorpayne41510 That’s a topic I know all to well 😀

  8. itsJayCeh says:

    yo serious i swear i did that wen she broke up wit me and i was like yea
    sure no problem then 1 week later she wanted me even more lol i swear XD

  9. Zarkotic says:

    Hey Randy! Remember me? Haha I finally got a PVR and I am starting to post
    some console gameplay! It’s really fun! Anyway, nice video!

  10. SeriousDrama says:

    @HaxorkidProductions YES I will…..GREAT idea, I have a lot to say about
    that shit..

  11. xLeinonen says:

    @SeriousDrama Haha, I meant that dead body which was “chilling” on the air
    😀 Sorry for my English if that didn’t make any sense 😀

  12. HaxorkidProductions says:

    can you do one like “what if your wife had a lot of “GUY” friends?”

  13. codmw2ownzbum says:

    funny how you said the same advice as my mom and i didnt listen to her :( i
    wish u made this vid earlier thanks for future advice drama <3 keep em
    rolling no homo

  14. SeriousDrama says:

    @ncgatorbait So funny that u said that…I was thinking the same thing. I
    need to get a life.

  15. Denzel Williams says:

    how do i kno if i got money for the tournament cuz i won the xbox 1

  16. dunden22 says:

    girls: want what they can’t have, like confident men, like strong men. If
    you’re trying to get a girl back, you want to make it seem like you’re fine
    without her. When i say they “want what they can’t have” that doesn’t mean
    be an ass and say “you have no chance in hell” i mean play it cool. One of
    the most important things when you get your girlfriend back is the kiss. If
    you’re timid, you’re gone. Now, don’t assault her or anything, but take
    control. Most girls like that. Good luck to all :)

  17. SeriousDrama says:

    @syed326091 I guess we all can relate :) Thanks for using one of my comms
    on your channel. I was totally awesome of you and one day I hope to return
    the favor..just let me get a few more subs so it will worth your while.

  18. Looktowardsthesky says:

    Haha I agree with lead guitarist

  19. SeriousDrama says:

    @xLeinonen Oh..the one above the stairs..Gotcha :)

  20. Boogster0196 says:

    lol they are your ex for a reason :) lol but nice commentary and nice
    seeing a different side of drama, different commentaries, you are venturing

  21. ThatOrdinaryKj says:

    great commentary!

  22. majorpayne41510 says:

    this video will definitely help the young teenage boys (young adults) out.
    Now…topic about hoes lol

  23. Looktowardsthesky says:

    But yes like lead guitarist said great comm man ur stuff is always great!

  24. ZzCompetitive says:

    If I want to ask a girl out for prom and I’m kinda nervous. How should I
    ask her out? I wanna steal her heart. I know that kinda sounds chessy, but
    What should I do? please make a video about this or just reply to my
    comment if you happen to see it. Thanks<3

  25. VisibilityX says:

    Telling us some good ole fashion advice. Some people need this type of
    advice and your their to provide it for them. Good stuff. LIKED!

  26. Paulo Own says:

    Thats so true, confidence is the most important, to get and keep a girl!
    Ive learned with my mistakes too! :)

  27. rondre3000 says:

    This is exactly what I was talking about in my tweet this evening… I
    didn’t even watch the gameplay the first time around. :)

  28. Re4mplifiedGaming says:

    100% agree with you man

  29. Bobby Boberto says:

    this was a sick commentary!

  30. SeriousDrama says:

    @TheHirushja Oops, yes it’s post patch. I got this gameplay on 2/1/12.

  31. Spathik + says:

    Wow Drama, this is exactly what I needed right now. I am having
    relationship problems right now and you actually gave me some good advice!
    This actually cheered me up a bit! Haha, keep up the relationship topics!

  32. MKilla206 says:

    definitely gonna try this out! awesome gameplay and commentary, keep it up

  33. syed326091 says:

    Haha this is soo amazing Drama, I can relate to some of the stuff you said.

  34. Hipknarkill says:

    Lol make me a sandwich before you go woman!

  35. dveil69 says:

    Thanks…. When I saw the link all I thought you wanted was a view. Then I
    watched the video and learned your not really like this. Thnaks, man. But
    Im going with the fact that I’ll find a better girlfriend.

  36. Denzel Williams says:


  37. bestintheboro says:

    I totally agree with that. It’s one of those things in life that most
    people have to learn the hard way. That’s why my motto is Keep It Moving.
    That’s the thing about life is you have to be willing to keep going despite
    what happens.

  38. VampMelody says:

    LOL @ the end. It sounded like a bunch of chipmunks playing with pavelows
    and reapers

  39. KhumboHD says:


  40. SeriousDrama says:

    @xQuikz If it doesn’t work, come back and dislike this video :)

  41. SeriousDrama says:

    @xLeinonen I know..campers :)

  42. xLeinonen says:

    4:26 You said “play cool”. Well, that guy was totally playing cool there,
    just chilling out.

  43. Anthony Pagani says:

    hi my girlfriend dumped with me a month ago and i tried talking to her
    about it a couple times since then because she wasnt really clear about why
    it wasnt working out. I asked her if she still liked me and she couldnt
    give me a straight answer. So i said is that a no? and she said yeah…im
    sorry. I havent talked to her in almost 2 weeks. I know she broke up with
    me because i wasnt affectionate towards her even though i wanted to be.
    Even though she lost her feelings for me, can i get her back?

  44. WTFareYouSaying says:

    I like it.

  45. KamiKazie44 says:

    LOL – I always pretend – Always agree with them.. If they break up with
    me.. I’m like.. Okay that’s cool – They get all messed up thinking lol –

  46. Looktowardsthesky says:

    Haha bro my exs are nothing but crazy @leadxguitarist

  47. JohnnDomm says:

    i knew exactly where you were going with this commentary as soon as you
    started. great advice, i can say from experience this has worked for me
    multiple times. :)

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